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West Penwith Resources

West Penwith is the western-most tip of Cornwall in Britain incorporating fourteen ancient parishes. The site contains resources suitable for genealogists and local historians.

The RENOWDEN Family—One Name Study

Updated 14 Apr 2006

A genealogical study of the family, including the spelling variations RENODEN, TRENOWDEN and TRENORDEN which are still in use plus many others that are not. The update is a while ago—not because work has stopped but the software I used to update the online copy has stopped working.

Order of the Bath

…the Blog.

Miscellaneous Pages

An assortment of pages which don’t fit any other category, but mostly related to Genealogy

[Off Site]St. Matthew’s Church, Kingsdown

Our parish church.

[Off Site]Chandos Neighbourhood Association

Our neighbourhood.

The [Off Site]Cornwall Online Census Project [BACK ONLINE !!!]

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