This is a list of Cornish (largely from the Penzance area) who came to Akron, Ohio during the 1910 time period to work in the five major rubber factories in town. Most of the names were obtained from naturalization records or marriage documents in Summit County Court House and birth and death records.

Posted by Linda Mann CFHS#09757 to CORNISH-GEN-L from 21 Sept to 29 Oct 2002.

Last name: First Name Birth or baptism year:
        Ship: Port: Year:
        Other lines divided to reduce width.

ADSON, Cyril James Webster b. 1894 Penzance, Cornwall

ASTON, James b.1880 Weanesday, Eng.
        wife; Martha Knight
        son; Stanley b. 1905, Ada, 1913.
        Campania-Liverpool to New York.

ANDREW, Wilfred b. Penzance 1897
        wife; Philomene Hilt b. Ohio
        child; Jean b. 1925, and Helen b. 1926
        ship; Pittsburgh-Liverpool to New York 1927.

BANFIELD, Howard b. Lelant, Cornwall 1893
        wife; Annie White b. 1896 Newlyn West
        children; Douglas b. 1922
        Mauretania Southamton to New York 1920.

BAUGHMAN, Minnie Trewern Baxter b. Newlyn, Cornwall 1914
        husband; Russell b. 1911 Barberton, Ohio
        child: Nancy b. 1940 Ohio
        ship Samaria 1923

BOLITHO, Alfred Henry b. 1887 Germains Cornwall
        Adnatic to New York 1909 

BOLITHO, Frederick b. 1890 Plymouth
        wife; Laura b. Cury Helston 1892
        daug; Pearl and Eileen
        ship; Berengaria Southampton to New York 1923.

BLEWETT, Henry Love b. 1876 Cornwall
        ship; Philidelphia 

BLEWETT, Micheal b. 1876 Newlyn
        wife; Phillis Harvey Richards b. Feb 16, 1882 England
        parents; James Richards and Phyllis Harvey on death notice of
                P.H.R. Nov 1, 1972 Akron Ohio
        ship; Ultoania 

BLEWETT, Thomas Batten b. 1883 Newlyn Cornwall
        wife; Minnie b. Newlyn
        ship; Philidelphia

BEARE, Beatrice b. 1899 Penzance Cornwall
        husband; Charles W. Cornish b. New Jersey 

BEARE, William John b. 1876 Gulval, Penzance
        wife; Mary Eliz. Boase b. Penzance 1874
        children; (6)
        ship; St. Paul Southampton to New York 1912.

BENNETT, John b. 1917 St. Ives,
        wife; Eliz. Jane b. 1894 Ludgvan, Cornwall
        children; Iris and Elizabeth
        ship; Maunitania to New York .

BIRCH, Richard John b. 1906 Penzance Cornwall
        wife; Ione b. Tenn.
        ship; St. Paul to New York 1910.

BODINAR, John b. May 3 1886 Mousehole,
        wife; Janie b. Marietta, Ohio
        ship; Cedric, Liverpool to New York 1907.

BRYANT, Henry b. 1898 St. Ives
        ship; Adriatic, Southampton to New York 1920.

CARTER, Justinian b. 1870 Cornwall wife; Ellen
        ship; to New York 1906 

CATTRAN, Charles b. Sept. 27, 1900 Newlyn West, Cornwall
        ship; Baltic, Liverpool to N.Y. 1916.

CATTRAN, Charles Henry b. 1889 Mousehole, Cornwall
        ship; St. Paul to New York 1907.

CATTRAN, John Bryant b. 1890 Newlyn West, Cornwall
        wife; Edith b. Pendeen 1891
        child; Frank b. 1917, Alice b.. 1928
        ship; thru Boston, Mass. 1911.

CATTREN, Llewellyn b. 1887 Mousehole
        ship; Saxonia thru Boston, Mass. 1909.

CATTRAN, Phillip Henry b. 1881 Penzance
        wife; Mary Ann b. 1875 Penzance
        children; Violet, Phillip.
        ship; into New York 1910.

CATTRAN, Richard b. 1889 Newlyn, Cornwall
        ship; Saxonia Liverpool to Boston, Mass. 1910.

CATTRAN, William b. 1888 Newlyn West, Cornwall
        ship; Iceland Liverpool to Boston, Mass. 1911.

CLARKE, John Samuel b. St. Just
        wife; Alice Dora James b. Penzance 1905
        ship; to New York 1926.

CLIFT, Edward Mathew b. 1912 Cornwall
        wife; Margaret Gilbert Vingo Blewett
        child; Millicent b. 1913. 

CLIFT, Florance b. Mousehole1895
        husband; John T. Wallis b. 1887 Mousehole

COLLINS, Alfred b. 1893 Sithians, Cornwall
        wife; Ivy b. England
        child; Clarence b. 1921 Eng.
        Windsor from Cananda D & W Ferry. 

CORNISH, Thomas John William 1892 b. London England
        ship; New York to Boston, Mass.

CORNISH, Charles W. b. Patterson, New Jersey
        wife; Beatrice M. Beare b. Penzance 1899 

COTTON, Charles b. Newlyn Cornwall July 1890
        Canadian Pacific Railroad, Toronto Canada, Buffalo 1919.

COTTON, Harold b. Penzance 29 June 1897
        thru; Toronto Canada, Buffalo Nov. 29th 1918.

COUCH, John Uren b. 1900 St. Ives
        ship; SS Lapland Southampton to New York 1919.

COUCH, John Uren b. 1870 St. Ives
        wife; Catherine Bryant (deceased) b. St. Ives 1871
        children; Catherine b. 1898, John b. 1900, Mary b. 1903, and Margaretta b. 1909.
        ship; Bristol England to Sault St. Marie, Michigan 1913 Canadian Northern Railway

COUCH, Edward b. 1884 St. Ives Eng.
        wife; Viola Jarvis b.1898 Canada
        ship; to New York 1909.

COUCH, Catherine Wedge b. 1898 St. Ives
        husband; Arthur Ellis b. 1901 Scilly Isles, Cornwall
        child; Kathryn b. 1929 and Ruth b. 1933 Akron, Ohio
        ship; Caronia Liverpool to New York 1920.

COWLEY, Beatrice Whitefield Blight b. 1898 St. Austell, Cornwall
        husband; John Henry Cowley b. 1895 St. Austell
        children; female b. 1913 Eng. Elsa b. 1917 Akron, John b. 1919 Akron
        ship; St. Paul Liverpool to New York.

COWLEY, Clifford b. 1904 St. Austell Cornwall
        wife; Mary b. 1904
        child; Clifford b. 1924 Akron, Ohio
        ship; Southampton to New York 1920.

CROCKER, William Thomas b. 1881 Penzance
        wife; Jane Hooper b. 1890 Newlyn West
        children; William, Jane b. 1917, Barbara, and Pruedence b. 1918.
        ship; Saxonia Liverpool to Boston, Mass. 1907.

CROTHERS, Joseph Martin b. Camborne, Cornwall Sept. 6, 1895
        ship; Olympic Southampton to New York 1920.

CURNOW, Beatrice Maud born Camborne 1885
        husband; Garnett
        ship; Leviathan Southampton to New York 1923

CURNOW, Clarice A. b.1907 Camborne, Cornwall
        husband; Lester C. Welsh b. Marrietta, Ohio 

CURNOW, Constantine J. b. Cornwall
        wife; Jennie b. Ontario 

CURNOW, Dorthy b.1927 England
        husband; Richard Wayne Neider b. Akron Ohio 

CURNOW, Garnett b. 1885 Sithians
        wife; Beatrice b. Camborne 1885
        children; Clarice, Garnett
        ship; Baltic Liverpool to New York 1923

CURNOW, Harry b. 1907 Cornwall
        wife; Helen Reumah McGrath 

CURNOW, Jacob Trythal b. 1872 Penzance
        wife; Lillian Pearce b. Newlyn 1874
        children; Harry b. 1907, Jack b. 1908
        Campania Liverpool to New York 1902.

DALE, Walter Howard b. England
        thru Boston, Mass.

DENTON, Joesph b.1896 Marazion, Cornwall
        wife; Emma b. Pittsburg, Pa.
        childern; Pat, Joe
        ship; Adriatic Liverpool thru Boston, Mass. 1923

DENTON, William b. 1895 Marazion d. 1982 Akron,
        wife; Glady Hugh ( second wife; Phillis May Hamilton) b. 1900 England
        children; Thomas b. 1921, Violet b. 1922, Ronald, Kenneth,
        (second wife's children; Donnell and Robert)
        ship; Carmania Liverpool to New York 1919.

DUNGEY, Agnes Ann b. Sennen, Cornwall Aug 21, 1864
        husband; deceased
        son; John b. Jan 4, 1896
        ship; Imperator Southampton to New York 1920.

DUNGEY, John Wilfred Thomas b. 1896 St. Just
        wife; Ida b. 1895 Ohio
        children; Johnb. 1919, Harold b. 1920, Anita b. 1922, Allen b. 1924
        ship; Philadelphia Southampton to New York 1914..

ELLIS, Arthur Trevelyan b. 1901 Scilly Isles, Cornwall
        wife; Catherine Wedge Couch b. 1898 St. Ives,
        Children; Kathryn b. 1929, Ruth b. 1932, Viola b. 1923, Joyce b. 1927, Bessie b. 1925
        ship; Mauretania Southampton to New York 1920.

ELLIS, Ellen Augusta b. 1877 Scilly Isles, S. Marys
        husband; Arthur b. 1877 Marizion Cornwall
        children Arthu b. 1901 , Roderick b. 1905, Sylvia b. 1912
        ship; Adriatic Southampton to New York 1920.

ELLIS, Roderick Henry Ellis, b.1905 Scilly Isles St. Marysdale
        wife; Annie Elizabeth Nicklin b.1910 Akron
        child; Miriam Joan b. 1931 Akron, Ohio Patricia Lavern b. 1933
        ship; Adriatic Southampton to New York 1920. 

ELLIS, William Charles b. 1887 St. Just
        wife; Gitana Rosalin b. 1890 Eng.
        children; Charles, Raymond.

FEWINS, Ernest John b. St. Austell Cornwall 4 Oct. 1891
        wife; Genieva b. England
        ship; Adraitic Southampton to N.Y. 1920.

FLOYD, James Richard b. 1895 Penzance Cornwall
        ship; Baltic Liverpool to New York 1913.

FOOTE, Owen Henry b.1893 Trewartha England
        wife; Gladys b.1892 St. Austell
        ship; Orduna Southampton to New York 1923.

FRIGGENS, Reginald C. b. 1896 Penzance
        wife; Edith b. 1906 Dundee Scotland
        child; Hope

GEORGE, Richard b. 1868 Mammouth, England
        wife; Minnie b. Virginia b. 1895 Mountain Grove, Va.
        children; Bessie b. 1896, Pearl b. 1899, Clyde b. 1901 Minnie b. 1911.
        ship; Brittanic Liverpool to New York 1887.

GEORGE, Ada, b.1883 Mousehole
        husband: Arthur Pender b. Mousehole
        child; William H b. 1913, James b. 1917, Arthur b. 1918, Marjorie b. 1920,
        ship; St. Paul Southampton to New York 1912.

GILES, Charles b. 1878 St. Columbia, Eng.
        wife; Edith Florance Jeffery b. 1879 Penzance
        child; Mona Edith b. 1906 Heamoor, Cornwall
        her ship over; Majestic Southampton to New York 1913.

GILL, John b. Exeter England 1859
        wife; Hannah b. 1864 England
        children; George b. 1889, Edith b. 1891, William b. 1892
        ship; from Liverpool thru Detroit, Michigan Lake Shore R.R.1890.

GOLDSWORTHY, James Henry Bryan 1890 Liverpool, England
        wife; Edith b 1904 . Falmouth, Eng
        child; Marjorie b. 1922 Patricia b. 1926
        ship; Mauretania Liverpool to New York 1927

GRADY, Laura Ellen b. 1889 Newlyn Cornwall
        husband; Samuel Jenkin Harvey b. 1884
        child; Doris Mary Harvey b. 1916 Akron Ohio.

GREEN, Charles b. Newlyn West Cornwall 12 July 1895
        ship Adriatic, Southampton to N.Y. 1920.

GREGORY, Frederick Cecil b. 1896 Hayle Cornwall
        wife; Minnie Taylor b. 1897 Marazion
        children; Iris, Walter b. 1925
        ship; Olympic Southampton to New York 1920.

GRENFELL, Pascoe b. 1890 St. Just
        wife; Elizabeth Annie. Triggs b. 1895 Newlyn
        child; Martha b. 1927 , Percy b. 1931, Ellen b. 1929
        ship; Caronia Liverpool to New York 1913.

GRENFELL, Frederick James b. 1899 Penzance
        married; Nellie Denton
        ship; New York Liverpool to New York 1916.

GRENFELL, Susan A. b. Cornwall 1864 died Akron Ohio 1922 

GRIFFITH, Frederick Charles b.1897 Bendigo Aus.
        wife Nellie Denton b. 1898 Penzance
        children; Joan.

GRIFFITH, John Edwin Ellis 

GWENNAP, Nellie Maud b. 1896 Newlyn Cornwall
        husband; Edwin Simmon b. West Virginia 

HAMBLY, George Charles b. 1889 Penzance
        wife; Nellie Hocking 1891 b. Penzance Cornwall 

HARVEY, Andrew b. 1880 Newlyn
        wife; Mary b. 1883 England
        ship; Majestic Southampton to New York 1912.

HARVEY, Charles b. 1907 Newlyn
        ship; Olympic 1926.

HARVEY, Edward Cotten b. 1873 Newlyn
        ship; Mauretania to New York.

HARVEY, James Thomas b. 1887 Churchtown, Cornwall
        wife; Irene b. Cornwall
        thru New York 1926.

HARVEY, Joesph Robert b. 1885 Penzance
        wife; Elizabeth (or Eliza Ethel) b. 1887 Penzance
        child; Beatrice b. 1911
        port of entry Philadephia, Pa. 1907 ship; Merion 

HARVEY, Samuel Jenkin b. 1884 Newlyn
        wife; Laura Grady b. 1889 Newlyn
        child; Doris b. 1916, Lorene.

HARVEY, Samuel b. 1887 Newlyn Cornwall
        wife; Catherine b. 1886 England
        children; Samuel b. 1913, Georgina b. 1916, Roy b. 1920
        ship; Mauretania Liverpool to New York 1919.

HARVEY Thomas Wallis b. 1862 Mousehole
        wife; Mary b. 1865 Paul Newlyn
        children; Thomas b. 1902 ,Mary b. 1903
        ship; Teutonic Southampton to New York 1910.

HARVEY, Thomas b. Newlyn Cornwall 18 Oct. 1888
        FH& R Railroad Toronto Canada port of Buffalo 1919.

HARVEY, Thomas Cattran b. 1893 Newlyn West, Cornwall
        wife; Beatrice b. 1890 England
        child; Roger b. 1928
        ship; Homeric into New York 1922. 

HAROLD, Joesph b. Penzance
        wife; Clara Marie b. USA
        ship; Majestic to New York 1911.

HARRIS, James George b. 1905 Tredegar, England
        ship; Mauretania Southampton to New York 1929.

HARRIS, William Frederick b. 1908 Redruth, Cornwall
        wife; Lucy Zaida 1914
        child; William, Freda, Blance.

HARRIS, James Francis b. 1897 Marazion
        wife; Lena Rowe b. 1889 Butte, Montana
        child; George b. 1922, Gloria b. 1926
        ship; Baltic Liverpool to New York 1920.

HARRIS, George Frederick b. 1899 Marazion
        wife; Doris Wills b. 1900 England
        ship; Adriatic Southampton to New York 1919.

HARRIS, Lancelot William H. b.1894 Marazion Cornwall
        wife; Rosa J. Long b.1898 Milton, Pa.
        ship; Olympic Southampton to New York 1913.

HARRIS, Robert Osborne, b. b. 1892 Marazion
        wife; Lulu Francis b. 1898 Barbarton, Ohio
        ship; Majestic Southampton to New York 1912.

HAYDON, William John b. Silverton England
        wife; Annie Margaret b. Newlyn 1897
        child; Dennis b. 1921 Wales
        ship; Mauretania Southampton to New York 1925.

HESLOP, Clarice Ella b. 1889 Penzance
        husband; Robert Gardener Heslop b. 1890 Scotland
        child; Richard b. 1921 Rosyth, Scotland.
        ship; Cameronia from Glasgow, Scotland to New York 1925.

HEWITT, William James b. 1880 Newquay, Cornwall
        ship; Teutonic Liverpool to New York 1902.

HICHENS, William Trahair b. Newlyn Cornwall 1 Aug 1881
        ship; Olympic Southampton to N.Y. 1914.

HITCHEN, George Henry b. 1887 Sowerby Bridge, England
        wife; Frances b. 1893

HITCHEN, Herbert b. 1896 England
        vessel; Royal George thru New York 1920

HITCHEN, James b. 1888 England
        thru New York 1920.

HITCHEN, Natthan b. 1884 England
        thru New York 1906.

HITCHENS, Richard Cotton b. 1895 Penzance b.
        wife; Margaret Grace May or Day b. 1900 Pendeen
        child; Richard b. 1927
        ship; from Southampton to New York 1909 

HITCHENS, Richard Norris b. 1882 W. England
        thru New York 1910.

HOARE, Abednego b. 1902 Newlyn
        wife; Hilda Magenau b. Akron Ohio 1908
        ship; Andania Liverpool to New York 1923.

HOARE, James Bodinar b.1908 Paul Penzance Cornwall
        wife; Mildred Showwalter b. 1917 Cambridge Ohio

HOARE, Percy b. 1895 Newlyn
        wife; Eva Youngman 1892 Stanton, Pa.
        ship; St. Louis thru Buffalo New York via Halifax, Canada.

HOARE, Richard Mann b. 1893 Newlyn
        wife; Emma Coombs b. USA
        child; Rose b. 1947
        ship; Philadelphia Southampton to New York 1914.

HOARE, William Harris b. 1889 Newlyn
        wife; Ellen Jane Hosking b. 1892 St. Just, Cornwall
        children; William b. 1913, Nora b. 1912
        ship; Majestic Southampton to New York 1917.

HOARE, William Harris b. 1913
        wife; Dorthy Spidle b. 1915 Holidaysburg, Pa.
        children; William b. 1932, John b. 1945, Diane b. 1943, Lavonna b. 1939
        ship; Majestic Southampton to New York 1917.

HOCKING, Charles Henry b. 1884 Penzance
        wife; Catherine b. 1886 West Virginia
        ship; Mauretania Southampton to New York 1920.

HOCKING, Edwin b. 1899 Penzance Cornwall
        ship; Lapland Liverpool to New York 1016.

HOCKING, Elizabeth b. 1860 Cornwall
        ship; over on Titanic 1912 arrived New York on Campania.

HOCKING, Sidney b. 1884 Penzance
        wife; Susan Ellen Hosking b. 1884 Penzance
        child; Gertrude, Edna b. 1923.

HOCKING, William John b Nov. 1 1888 St. Ives
        wife; Florance Grenfell b. 1889 Penzance
        children ;Audrey, John b. 1921 , Irene b. 1914.
        ship; Empress of Iceland Liverpool to Duluth, Minnesota 1907.

HOLLOW, George b. 1863 Penzance
        wife; Elizabeth Major b. 1863 Penzance,
        children; Elizabeth b. 1882, Lillian b., Walter b. 1887,
                Mabel b. 1889, Leonard b. 1895,and Percy b. 1900
        ship; Lusitania Liverpool to New York 1907.

HOLLOW, Percy b. 1900 Penzance
        wife; Mary Bryant Couch b. 1903 St. Ives Cornwall
        child; Kenneth Robert b. 1931, Betty Jean b. 1931
        ship; Caronia Liverpool to New York 1920.

HOLLOW, Walter, b. 1887 Penzance
        wife; Daisy Bishop b. 1887 London
        children; Edna b. 1909, Irene b. 1909, Gladys b. 1912, Gwendelyn b. 1910
        ship; New York Southampton to New York 1904.

HOLLOW, William George b. 1883 Penzance
        wife; Maggie Uren b. 1886
        child; Clarence b. 1915 , Mildred b. 1913
        ship; Oceanic Southampton to New York 1911.

HOLMAN, Harriet b. 1902 Camborne
        husband; Robert Hoskin b. 1899 St. Stephen, England
        ship; Leviathan Southampton to New York 1924.

HOLMAN, Richard James b. 1898 Camborne
        Liverpool to Buffalo, New York 1920 Michigan Central R. R.

HOOPER, Alexander Scott b. Oldham England
        wife; Mary Elizabeth b. England
        child; Evelyn, Rosolie.

HOOPER, William b. 1896 Newlyn
        ship; Lapland Southampton to New York 1920.

HOSKIN, John b. 1870 Mousehole
        wife; Annie b. 1873 Belfast Ireland
        ship; St. Louis to New York 1905.

HOSKIN, William Robert b. 1907 St. Stevens England
        wife; Harriet b. 1902 Camborne
        ship; Leviathan Southampton to New York 1924.

HUMPHREYS, William Arnold b. 1902 Newlyn
        ship; Olympic Southampton to New York 1925.

HUTCHINS, John Truscott b. 1888 Penzance
        wife; Phillis May b. Tipton, England
        child; Harold b. 1923, Reginald b. 1920, John b. 1926
        ship; Cedric Liverpool to New York 1919.

JACO, John b. 1884 Cornwall died 1918 Akron Ohio

JAMES, Alice b. 1905 Heamoor, Penzance
        husband; Samuel Clarke b. 1903 St. Just Cornwall

JAMES, Elizabeth Laity, b. 1882 Penzance
        husband; Charles Thomas James b. 1881
        Doris b. 1905, Gladys b. 1920,Betty b. 1916, Clifford b. 1909
        ship; Majestic Southampton to New York 1925.

JAMES, Janie b. 1896 Redruth
        husband; John James b. 1893 Illogan, Redruth
        child; John b. 1923
        ship; Aquitania Southampton to New York 1920.
        Johns ship over Lapland Southampton to N.Y. 1920 b. Illogan Cornwall

JAMES, Jethro b. 1888 St. Keverne, Cornwall
        ship; Olympic Southamtpn to New York 1910.

JAMES, Susan b. 1914 Penzance
        husband; Paul Richard Kemp b. 1887 Penzance
        child; Richard P. Kemp

JAMES, Thomas Charles Trembath b. 1881 England
        wife; Lillie Elizabeth Laity
        child; Clifford b. 1909, Betty 1916, Alice b. 1905, Gladys b. 1920, Lillie
        ship; St Paul Southamton to Liverpool 1923.

JAMES, William Arthur b. 1896 Penzance
        ship; Olympic Southampton to New York 1920.

JAMES, William John b. Newlyn West 30 Oct 1893
        Grand Trunk Railroad
        port; of Detroit, Michigan 1919.

JEFFERY, Elizabeth Ellen b. 1866 Penzance
        husband; Richard Mann b. 1867 Newlyn Cornwall
        children; Sidney, Robert, John, Richard, Mary, Katherine,
                Beatrice, Phillip, Elizabeth.

JEFFERY, Jane Tregurtha b. 1888 Penzance
        husband; James Matthew Jeffery b. 1889 Penzance
        child; Joseph b. 1909, Annie b. 1910, James b. 1913,
                Lois b. 1914, and Charles Hosking b. 1917
        ship; Majestic Southampton to New York 1911.

JEFFERY, Joesph b.
        wife; second Isbella Whitcomb 

JEFFERY, Mary Angwin b. 1908 Newlyn
        husbands; Matthew Graham and John Woolcock
        child; Janet

JEFFERY, Phillip Henry b. 1881
        wife; Mary Ann b. England
        children; Violet, and Phillip
        ship; New York Southampton to New York 1910.

JEFFERY, Richard b. 1886 Newlyn
        wife; Polly Trewern b. 1885 Sheffield, England
        child; William b. 1906, Mary b.Angwin b. 1908, Florence b. 1911,
                and Polly b. 1920
        ship; New York to Southampton to New York 1920
        Samaria (Pollys ship) Liverpool to Boston, Mass 1923.

JEFFERY, William James b. 1906 Newlyn
        wife; Helen Maxemovich 

JENKINS, Bertha b.1897 England
        married; Walter Wigginton b. England
        child; Grace, Clayton b. Akron.

JENKINS, James b. 1897 Newlyn West 

JENKINS, Thomas James b. 1901 Camborne
        wife; Collida b.1901 Canada
        child; name not clear in Akron 1923
        ship; Lapland Southampton to New York 1920.

JENKINS, William Henry b. 1873 Penzance
        wife; Martha b. 1873 Truro Cornwall
        child; Mervyn b. 1908 Penzance
        ship; Philadelphia Southampton to New York 1912.

JENNINGS, William b. Penzance 30 June 1881
        wife; Sarah b. Eng.
        ship; Oceanic, Liverpool to New York 1914.

JOHNS, Harry b. St. Just Cornwall 2 July 1889
        from Victoria Barracks Calgary, Canadian Pacific to Sweet Grass Montana 1919.

JOHNS, James Henry b. St. Just 27 April 1894
        wife; Mary Ann b. Eng.
        ship; St. Paul, Southampton to New York 1920.

JOHNS, Joseph Henry b. 1898 Mousehole
        wife; Norah b. 1897 Cornwall
        child; Joseph b. 1923 Cornwall
        ship; Majestic Southampton to New York 1923.

KELYNACK, John b. 1895 Cornwall died 1915 Akron Ohio

KEMP, Paul Richard b. 1887 Penzance
        wife; Susan James b. 1888 Newlyn
        child; Richard b. 1914
        ship; Celtic Liverpool to New York 1910.

KEMP,Ray b. 1915 Cornwall

KEMP, Thomas Hy. b. 1892 Newlyn West
        wife; Amelia Wallis b. 1893 Newlyn
        children; Thomas b. 1915, Mary b. 1921, Phillip b. 1924,
                Kenneth b. 1938, John b. 1928
        ship; Mauretania Southampton to New York 1920
        Amelia 's ship; Aquantic 1922.

LAWRY, Henry b. Penzance 6 Aug. 1892 Toronto Canada
        T.H.C.B. Railroad..

LAWRY, John b. Madron Cornwall 24 Dec. 1897
        ship; Adriatic, Southampton to N.Y. 1921.

LAWRY, Nicholas Thomas b. 1880 St. Just Cornwall
        wife; Bertha Warren b. 1894 Paul Cornwall
        children; (3)
        ship; to Boston, Mass 1913
        Bertha's ship; Cymric Liverpool to Boston, Mass 1913

LEAN, Frances b. 1888 St. Austell
        wife; Melinda b. 1889 St. Austell
        child; Dorthy b. 1916, Gerald b. 1919
        ship; Ocenaic Southampton to New York 1914.

LEDDRA, Hetty Jeffery b. 1894 Penzance
        husband; George Leddra b. 1891 St. Ives
        children; Elsie b. 1918, Esther b. 1921
        ship; Mauretania to New York 1920
        George's ship; Orduna Liverpool to N.Y. 1919.

LEGGO, William Thomas Gourdie b. 1882 Madron Cornwall
        wife; Gertrude Curnow b.1884 Cornwall
        child; Ursula b. 1912
        ship; Cedric Liverpool to New York 1911.

LUTEY, Ethel b. 1894 Cornwall England
        married; James Richards b. 1891 Cornwall
        child; James Kenneth b. 1918.

LUTEY, Harry b. Cornwall 1863 died Akron 1914 

MADDERN, Gordon b. 1889 Mousehole
        wife; Elizabeth b. Ireland

MAJOR, John b. 1858 Penzance
        wife; Sara Vivian Williams b. 1861 Perranuthnoe, Cornwall
        ship; Philedelphia Southampton to New York 1910.

MANN, Beatrice Maud b. 1907 Newlyn
        husband; Clifford Baer b. 1904 Michigan
        child; Donnelly, Shirley, June.

MANN, Benjamin Pentreath b. 1849 Newlyn Cornwall died 1907 Akron Ohio

MANN, Edward b. 1893 Penzance
        wife; Elizabeth Mary Jenkins b. 1894 England
        ship; Mauretania Southampton to New York 1919.

MANN, Emma Jane b. 1879 Penzance Cornwall
        husband; Sylvester S. Cashen b. 1877 (deceased) Ohio
        ship; Aquitania Southampton to New York 1927.

MANN, John Richard b. 1899 Newlyn
        wife; Edith Hutchens b. 1906 Colorado
        children; John b. 1924, Malcolm b. 1932, Lavonne b. 1923, David b. 1943
        ship; Oceanic Southampton to New York 1913.

MANN, Katherine b. 1905 Newlyn
        husbands; Richard Hoare b. Newlyn and Ray Dorris b. Michigan

MANN, Rebecca b. 1864 Newlyn
        husband; William Harris Hoare b. 1855 Ladock Cornwall
        children; Richard, Percy, and William, Richard, Abednego, Mabel, 

MANN, Rebbeca b. 1893 Newlyn
        husband; Wilfred Cox b. Michigan
        child; Shelia

MANN, Richard b. 1896 Newlyn
        wife; Florance Lamb b. 1899 Cardiff, Wales
        children; Richard b. 1918, Barbara b. 1920
        ship; Oceanic Southampton to New York 1913.

MANN, Richard Hy. b. 1867 Newlyn
        wife; Elizabeth Ellen Jeffery b. 1866 Penzance
        children; John b. 1899, Richard b. 1896, William b. 1898,
                Katherine b. 1905, Beatrice b. 1907, Sidney b. 1900,
                Rebecca b. 1893, Phillip b. 1892.
        ship; Celtic Liverpool to New York 1910.

MANN, Robert William b. 1898 Newlyn
        wife; Edna Platt b. 1904 Akron Ohio
        children; Robert b. 1920, Morris b. 1922, Marilyn
        ship; Oceanic Southampton to New York 1913.

MANN, Sidney Vibert b. 1900 Newlyn
        wife; Ruby Dorris b. 1904 Louisiana
        child; Sidney, Jimmie

MANN, William b. 1896 Penzance
        wife; Grace b. England 

MATTA, John Wood b. 1889 St. Austell Cornwall
        wife; Elsie May Fewins b. England
        child; Constance May 1915 Akron, Ohio
        ship; Majestic Southampton to New York 1913.

MATTHEWS, George Wetheral b. Penzance Cornwall 31 July 1901
        ship; Imperator, Southampton to N.Y.1921.

        wife; Elizabeth 

MATTHEWS, Ronald b. 1912 Falmouth
        wife; Ailene Ruth Cope b. Akron, Ohio
        children; Thomas, Jeff.
        ship; Mauretania Southampton to New York 1930.

MICHELL, James Kelynack b. 1887 Newlyn West Cornwall
        wife; Elizabeth b. England
        Grand Funk Railroad Chatham Canada to Detroit, Michigan 1915.

MITCHELL, Bertie b. Penzance Cornwall 5 July 1898
        ship; Philadelphia, Southampton to N.Y. 1920.

MITCHELL, Ellen, b. 1906 Newlyn West
        husband; William Oates b. 1896 Newlyn West
        child; William Ernest, Charles, and Ellen Jane.

MITCHELL, John b. Newlyn: Cornwall 30 Oct 1893
        Toronto, Canada 1919

MITCHELL, Walter b. 1909 Newlyn, Cornwall
        wife; Margaretta (or Margaret) Couch b. 1909 St. Ives
        children; Walter b. 1933, Richard b. 1938
        ship; Olympic Southampton to New York 1921.

MITCHELL, Walter Noy, b. 1883 Penzance
        wife; Jane Pearce b. 1876 Newlyn West
        children; Ellen b. 1906, Walter b. 1909, Charles Pearce b. 1915
        ship; Mauretania Southampton to New York 1920
        Jane's ship; Olympic in 1921.