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Monday, 10 Jan


FRANCIS–HEDDON—At St. Ives, January 6, Capt. W. Francis to Miss Annie Heddon, both of St Ives.


LEVELL—At Ilkley, Yorkshire, December 26, the Rev. Alfred Levell, Wesleyan minister (superintendent of St. Ives circuit, Cornwall), aged 54.


Penzance—Arrest of Deserter—Pr. James Henry White, who deserted from the 32nd Regiment, at Dublin, in 1885, was on Wednesday last, arrested at Penzance, in which town he had been residing for a long time. He is a native of Helston and his arrest was the result of the bragging of a drunk acquaintance.

Thursday, 13 Jan


ROSE—At Penzance, January 8, the wife of Mr. William H. Rose, general merchant, of a daughter.


FRIGGENS–DYMOND—At Penzance, January 8, Mr. Frederick Friggens to Miss Prudence Jane Dymond, both of St. Just.

PAYNTER–HOLLOW—At Hea, Madron, January 11, Mr. William Oliver Paynter to Mrs. Mary Hollow, both of St. Ives.

REID–CUNNACK—At the residence of the bride’s parents, November 26, by the Rev. H. Howell, of Christ Church, G. Moore Reid, M.D., Castlemaine, Victoria, to Elizabeth, only daughter of Geo. Cannack, of Castlemaine, formerly of Penzance.

WILLIAMS–SIMS—At Penzance, January 8, Mr. James Williams, jun., to Miss Mary Sims, both of Ludgvan.


CURNOW—At Newlyn West, January 6, Mary, wife of Mr. Thomas Curnow, market gardener, aged 35.

EDMONDS—At Penzance, January (2 or 8?), Mr. Joseph Edmonds, painter, aged 75.

JOHNSTON—At Bath, January 10, Mrs. Johnston, of Marlborough Buildings, Bath, relict of Dr. Johnston, and second daughter of the late Mr. Joseph Carne, F.R.S., of Penzance.

NICHOLLS—At Steet-an-nowan, Newlyn, January 10, Isabella, wife of Mr. Stephen Nicholls, aged 68.

PEYCHOT—At Penzance, January 4, Mary Elizabeth, wife of Mr. Barnarde Peychot, R.N., aged 30.

RICH—At Gulval Churchtown, January 8, Mr. James Rich, aged 55.

RICHARDS—At Penzance, January 7, Elizabeth Richards, aged 78.

ROWE—At Penzance, January 9, Mr. John Rowe, aged 61.

TREWHELLA—At Chyandour, Penzance, January 11, Mr. James G. Trewhella, aged 78.

TOY—At Queen’s-road, Notting-hill, London, January 8, Mr. Henry Toy, aged 85; for upwards of 30 years in the employ of the Penzance Gas Company.


St. Ives—Death of The Rev. A. Levell, of St Ives—On Sunday two sermons were preached in the Wesleyan Chapel by the Rev. George Fryar, of St. Just. The services were in connection with the death of the Rev. Alfred Levell, the superintendent, Mr. Fryar having spent several years with the deceased in India. In the morning Mr. Fryar preached from the 11th verse of the 5th chapter of James. In the evening the services were conducted by the Rev. J. Eycott, brother-in-law of the deceased, and a very appropriate sermon was again preached by Mr. Fryar, his text being taken from Romans viii, 28. The choir sang suitable hymns and the organist, Mr. J. Jenkyn, also played the Dead March in ‘Saul.’ The services were most impressive.

Monday, 17 Jan


BATTEN—At 49, Beaumont-street, Wimpole-street, Cavendish-square, London, January 13, Joseph Childs Batten (of the firm of R.W. Childs and Batten, solicitors), second son of the late John Batten, Esq., banker and merchant, of Penzance, aged 44.

OSBORNE—At Canon’s-town, Ludgvan, January 12, Frederick, son of Mr. Naboth Osborne, veterinary, aged 15.


Accident to Mr. T. Cornish—Mr. T. Cornish, the Town Clerk of Penzance, met with a somewhat serious accident on Monday at his residence. He was sitting in a patent chair, out of which he was suddenly precipitated, falling with his head on the corner of the table, and sustaining an ugly cut. It is to be hoped, however, that he will speedily recover from the result of the accident.

Penzance—Death of A Penzance Lady At Bath—Mrs. Johnson, of Marlborough buildings, Bath, second daughter of the late Mr. Joseph Carne, F.R.S., of Penzance, and widow of Dr. Johnstone, of Edinburgh and Bath, died at the latter place on Monday, in her 74th year. Dr. Johnson died about seven years ago at Bath. He never practised, but was known in literary circles. His latest work was a collection of old and new translations of Hadrian’s celebrated address to his soul. Mrs. Johnston inherited from her father considerable landed property in the neighbourhood of Penzance, and was interested in the well being in the town and district. [Note—3 spellings of the surname in one article]

Thursday, 20 Jan


WARREN—At Madron, January 12, the wife of Mr. Charles Warren, of a son—since dead.


BOND–SILLY—At Christ Church, Constantinople, December 28, Stephen John, eldest son of Mr. Richard Bond, late of Penzance, to Clara, third daughter of the late Edward Charles Silly, of Constantinople.


CURNOW—At the Stennack, St. Ives, January 13, Mr. Robert Curnow, aged 68.

GRENFELL—At Penzance, January 15, Miss Emma Grenfell, aged 22.

NICHOLLS—At Chysauster, Guival, January 13, Mr. James Nicholls, farmer, aged 75.

OLDS—At Wherrytown, Madron, January 16, Mr. John Thomas Olds, miller, aged 29.

PROWSE—At Newtown, St. Buryan, January 15, Mr. Joseph Prowse, blacksmith, aged 21.

RICH—At St. Ives, January 12, Mary, wife of Mr. James Rich, baker, aged 53.

WILLIAMS—At Newlyn, January 15, Elizabeth, relict of Mr. Joseph Williams, aged 71.

WILLIAMS—At Penzance, January 14, Elizabeth Jane, wife of Mr. George Williams, aged 3(or 8?)1.


Re George Bryant, St. Ives—In this case the official Receiver made application for an order on George Warren, of St. Ives, to pay the value of five gurries [hand barrows for carrying fish], which were supplied to him by the bankrupt shortly before he filed his petition. Mr. Warren, Mr. Jenkins stated, accepted the goods in payment of a debt which Bryant owed him, and the case was, therefore, one of preference. … The Official Receiver said he did all he could to avoid bringing Mr. Warren to the Court, but he eventually became so rude that he had no alternative but to do so.—An order for payment of the £2 10s. was made.

Monday, 24 Jan


MITCHELL—At Newlyn West, January 19, Betsy, wife of Mr. Matthew Mitchell, formerly landlord of the Bird-in-Hand, Sancreed, aged 58.


Stealing A Pair Of Boots—Alfred Godolphin, a young man of 25, a driver, and a native of Falmouth, was chargd at Penzance, on Friday, before Messrs. Wellington Dale (Mayor), F. Boase, and R.R. Victor, magistrates, with the theft of a pair of boots, the property of Mr. Henry Champion, of the Causeway-head Livery Stables. Godolphin has a wife and three children, and his odd jobs of cabbing, &c., have yielded him of late 8s. a week. He took these boots and sold them first for 5s. to Mr. Berryman, a miner, but could not wait until Saturday for the money, and sold them, with Mr. Berryman’s assent, a second time for 2s.—The bench took a merciful view of the case, and fined him 10s only and costs.

Penzance—Accident At Penzance—As Edwin Tredwin, a porter, window-cleaner, &c., was descending the stone steps at the rear of Morrab House, Penzance, on Wednesday morning, he unfortunately slipped, and broke his leg in two places.

Thursday, 27 Jan


CORIN—At the Farmers Arms Inn, Causewayhead, Penzance, January 23, the wife of Mr. Jacob Corin, of a son.


CURNOW—At Pembroke Cot, Newlyn West, January 26, Mr. Wm. Curnow, market gardener and botanist.

EDDY—At Penzance, January 23, Mrs. Ann Eddy, aged 59.

GARTRELL—At Mousehole, January 18, Ann, relict of Mr. Benjamin Gartrell, farmer, aged 75.

HARVEY—At Lelant, January 18, Mr. John Harvey, aged 53.

MARTIN—At Pleasant Valley, Luzerne County, Pennsylvania, January 1[1?], John Martin, late of Towednack, aged [?].

PELLEW—At Penzance, January 23, Mr. Thomas Pellew, aged 82.

WATERS—At St. Buryan, January 20, Peggy, wife of Mr. Wm. Waters, aged 72.

Monday, 31 Jan


BENNETTS—At Penzance, January 26, the wife of Mr. John Bennetts, of a son.

MAY—At Penzance, January 23, the wife of Mr. Edward May, of a son.

PENROSE—At Penzance, January 27, the wife of Mr. William Henry Penrose, of a son.

TOWNEND—January 29, the wife of the Rev. E. Townend, St. John’s, Penzance, of a son.


ROWE–THOMAS—At Penzance, January 24, Mr. Richard Rowe to Eliza Jane (Janie) Thomas, both of Penzance.


JOHNS—At St. Ives, January 22, Mr. John Johns, aged 55.

Thursday, 3 Feb


CARPENTER—At Penzance, January 27, the wife of Mr. Francis Carpenter, baker, of a son.

HOSKIN—At Boseva, Paul, January 25, the wife of Mr. John Hoskin, farmer, of a daughter—since dead.

JEWELL—At Moonta, South Australia, December 24, the wife of Mr. William John Jewell, formerly of Penzance, of a daughter.


ELLIOT–PASCOE—At Hea, Madron, January 29, Mr. John Elliot to Miss Sophia Pascoe, of St. Just.


QUICK—At Penbeagle, St. Ives, January 25, Mr. John Quick, farmer, aged 37.

TONKIN—At Penmennor Farm, St. Buryan, January 27, Mr. Thomas Tonkin, aged 72.

Monday, 7 Feb


Discovery of a Skeleton near Peneance—As some workmen were engaged on Thursday afternoon in repairing the eastern end of Ponsondane railway viaduct and removing sand and shingle they found the skeleton of a man. The condition of the bones leads to the belief that they had been buried there from 40 to 50 years, as any drowned sailor would within that time have been coffined and properly buried.

St. Ives Burial Board—A meeting of this Board was held in the Town-hall on Thursday evening, when there were present Messrs. John S. Anthony (chairman), George Sisley, John Honey, William James, John Stevens, and the Rev. J.B. Jones; also Mr. Thomas Rosewall (clerk).—The minutes of the last meeting having been confirmed, the Clerk read an application from Mr. Henry Faull for a piece of ground for a vault in the unconsecrated portion of the cemetery, but owing to scarcity of ground the Board decided that no more should be sold unless for immediate interment.


ANGWIN—At Marlborough Cottage, Pendeen, January 25, the wife of Capt. Andrew Angwin, of North Levant mine, of a daughter


KINGSTON-STEVENS—At Leskinnick-terrace, Penzance, February 8, William Kingston-Stevens, aged 73.

SHARPE—At Penzance, February 3, Jessie Ross, daughter of Mr. William Sharpe, late of H.M. Customs, aged 19.

Thursday, 10 Feb


LYNG—At St. Buryan, February 3, the wife of Sergt. Lyng, instructor, D.C.A.V., of a daughter.

ROW—At Penzance, February [8?], the wife of Mr. Henry Row, master mariner, of a son—since dead.


ALLEN–RICHARDS—At Penzance, February 8, Mr. Joel Allen, to Rebekah, daughter of Mr. John Richards, innkeeper, St. Hilary.

JOHNS–ROON—At Penzance, February 5, Mr. Josiah Johns, farmer, Crowlas, to Miss Elizabeth Jane Troon, of Cockwells, Ludgvan.

PENBERTHY–RICHARDS—At St. Sithney, February [3?], Mr. Charles Penberthy, of Penzance, to Mary (Pollie), second daughter of Mr. Samuel Richards, of Roseladden.

PAPPIN–ANGOVE—At St. Levan, February 5, Mr. Edward Pappin, of Crows-an-wra, St. Buryan, to Miss Ellen Tippett Angove, of Boskestal, St. Levan.

TRUDGEON–HARRY—At Hea, Madron, February 5, Mr. John Trudgeon to Miss Eliza Harry, both of Newbridge, Sancreed.


ARCHER—At Penzance, February 6, Miss Julia Archer, of Leamington, aged 26.

BIRD—At Rotterdam, February 2, Mary Wlliams, wife of Frederic Spencer Bird, of the British Consulate there, and daughter of the late Eldred Roberts, of St. Ives, aged 57.

FRIGGENS—At Gulval, February 4, Mr. Charles Friggens, retired farmer, aged 82.

ROWE—At Mousehole, February 7, Priscilla Tonkin, daughter of the late Mr. W. Rowe, aged 32.

SMITH—At Belgrave-square, London, February 1, James Smith, painter, late of Penzance, aged 58.

TREGONNING—At St. Ives, February 3, Miss Jane Tregonning, aged 55.

WASLEY—At St. Ives, February 7, Elizabeth, wife of Mr. George Wasley, aged 91.

Monday, 14 Feb


St. Ives—An Antiquarian “Find”—During the demolition of the George and Dragon, an old inn at St. Ives, belonging to Mr. John Pearce of the Stennack, a stone hammer, weighing 3¼ lbs, was found. Mr. Thomas Cornish, of Penzance, who has inspected it, pronounced it to be an old British battle-axe. It is in Mr. Pearce’s possession.


WARREN—At Colaba, Bombay, January 16, the wife of Park-sergt. W.H. Warren, formerly of Penzance, of a son.

Thursday, 17 Feb


Price of Flour at Penzance—Flour has fallen at Penzance 1s. a sack.


HARRY–ROGERS—At Hea, Madron, February 13, Mr. William H. Harry, to Miss Mary Ann Rogers, both of Penzance.

KEVERN–THOMAS—At Hea, Madron, February 12, Mr. James Kevern, of St. Buryan, to Miss Elizabeth S. Thomas, of St. Just.

WILIAMS–MAJOR—At Penzance, February 12, Mr. Paul Williams, of Perranwharf, to Miss Caroline Major, Carbis Bay, Uny Lelant.

WILLIS–CURNOW—At Hea, Madron, February 13, Mr. Arthur Willis, to Miss Annie Jane Curnow, both of Newlyn.


BARTLETT—At Penzance, February 10, Mr. J. Bartlett, aged 82.

GRENFELL—At Chenhall, near Penzance, February 12, Pascoe Grenfell, aged 82.

HEARNE—At Porthminster, St. Ives, February 7, Ann, wife of Mr. John Hearne, farmer, aged 73.

NICHOLLS—At Pennance, Lanner, February 12, Mr. John Nicholls, aged 59.

POLKNGHORNE—At 63, Arthur-road, Landon, N., February 12, Jane, relict of Mr. Edwin Sherman Polkinghorne, formerly of Cliff-house, Penzance, aged 67.

RICHARDS—At Penzance, February 13, Mr. Ralph Richards, mason, aged 56.

ROBERTS—February 11, Mr. Thomas W. Roberts, of Newlyn, aged 74.

Monday, 21 Feb


Truro Bankruptcy Court—Re George Bryant—In the case of George Bryant St. Ives, Mr. Edward Boase appeared to support the claim of Mr. George Noall for £62 13s., which he alleged was due on an I.O.U. given by the bankrupt in 1879. The claim had been rejected by the Official Receiver on the grounds that sufficient evidence was not forthcoming to show that the money was due, and also that the claim was barred by the statute of limitations.—Mr. Boase called Mr. Noall and the debtor’s daughter to show that £5 was paid for interest in the later part of 1881, but his Honour, not being satisfied with the evidence, confirmed the rejection of the proof.

Obstinacy Cured—Mrs. Edwards, of St. Just, for months resolutely refused to answer questions submitted to her by the Penzance County Court as to her deceased husband’s property. Warnings were of no avail. Just before Christmas she was committed to Bodmin Gaol. Very soon Mrs. Edwards expressed her willingness to tell what she knew, but the judge required proof of this altered mind. Convinced of this, he has granted her release.

Customs Promotion—Mr. Lewis C. Read, superintendent of H.M. Customs, &c., at Penzance, has been promoted to the office of collector and surveyor of the South Wales District, the head-quarters of which are at Llanelly. Mr. Read, who is to be succeeded by Mr. John O’Doherty, of H.M. Customs, Newry, will have as his chief clerk at Llanelly Mr. Pentreath, a son of an esteemed Mousehole man, the late Mr. Richard Penteath, for 40 years of the London customs.


PERRY–LANGDON—At the New Connexion Chapel, Truro, February 19, by the Rev. J. James, Richard Henry, fourth son of Mr. Peter Perry, Penzance (formerly of Truro), to Emma Julyan eldest daughter of Mr. George Langdon, Truro.


BENNETTS—At Penzance, February 16, Mr. George Bennetts, aged 28.

FRENCH—St. Ives, February 11, Mr. John Francis French, aged 29.

Thursday, 24 Feb


CHIRGWIN–COLLINS—At Hea, Madron, February 19, Mr. Edwin Chirgwin, miller, of Wherrytown, Penzance, to Miss Catherine Jane Collins, of Newlyn.

OATS–THOMAS—At Penzance, February 19, Mr. James Oats, to Miss Amelia Thomas, both of St. Just.

WHITE–LANGWORTHY—At Hea, Madron, February 21, Mr. Samuel White, to Miss Agnes Langworthy, both of Penzance.


COLENSO—At Penzance, February 20, Jane, relict of Mr. Robert Colenso, aged 92.

PAYNTER—At St. Ives, February 17, Mr. W. Paynter, aged 88.

QUICK—At St. Ives, February 17, Nancy Gyles, relict of Mr. John QUICK, aged 72.

RICHARDS—At St. Ives, February 20, the wife of Mr. Edward Richards, aged 74.

RODDA—At Trythogs, Gulval, February 22, Mr. William Rodda, builder, aged 66.

THOMAS—At Boswednack, Zennor, February 17, Catherine, relict of Mr. John Thoms, aged 70.

TREGARTHEN—At Penzance, February 15, Elizabeth, relict of Mr. W. Tregarthen, tailor, aged 84.

Monday, 28 Feb


CRAZE—At Kenegle Farm, Gulval, February 23, the wife of William Craze, of a son.

HICKS—At Penzance, February 24, the wife of Mr. Thomas Hicks, of a son.


HOSKEN - At Penzance, February 23, Mrs. Elizabeth Hosken, aged 71.

Thursday, 3 Mar


HODGE—At Penzance, February 25, the wife of Capt. Jacob Hodge, of a daughter.

ROGERS—At Penzance, February 24, the wife of Mr. William Lott Rogers, of a son.


HATTAM–ROBERTS—At Hea, Madron, February 26, Mr. Henry Hattam, to Miss Mary Jane Roberts, both of St. Just.

HOSKEN–GRAY—At the Wesleyan Chapel, Melbourne, Australia, December 27, Jacob, eldest son of Mr. Wesley Hosken of Penzance, to Miss Lilian F. Gray, of Redruth.

LAWRY–PEARCE—At St. Buryan, March 1, Mr. Thomas Lawry, of Lower Tregarne, Mawnan, eldest son of Mr. John Lawry, Tregaminton, Morvah, to Emma, third daughter of Mr. Josiah Pearce, Trevider, St. Buryan.

NANKERVIS–RESEIGH—At Penzance, March 1, Mr. James Nankervis, to Mrs. Eliza Jane Reseigh, both of St. Just.

WHITTA–ROWE—At Penzance, March 1, Mr. Frederick Whitta, to Mrs. Mary Ann Rowe, both of Boscaswell, St. Just.


HICKS—At the Bank, Market-place, Penzance, February 28, Mr. James Hicks, aged 60.

JENKYN—At Genoa, February 20, David, second son of Thomas Jenkyn, Halsetown, St. Ives, aged 36.

JENKINS—At Penzance, February 24, Mr. Benjamin Jenkins, farmer, aged 75.

MADDERN—At Trewidden Lodge, Madron, February 28, Catherine, wife of Mr. George Maddern, gardener, aged 56.

RICHARDS—At Mousehole, February 25, Mr. Henry Richards, aged 71.

ROWE—At Trewoef Wartha, St. Buryan, February 27, Obed, only son of Mr. Martin Rowe.

TREVITHICK—At St. Ives, February 23, Mr. Thomas Tevithick, mason, aged 80.

Monday, 7 Mar


LEGGOE–BENNETTS—At St. Just, Penzance, February 26, Mr. J. Leggoe. to Miss M. Bennetts.


HODGE—At Penzance, March 1, Mary Ann, wife of Mr. Charles Hodge, mariner, aged 44.

LAWRY—At Carn Bosavern, St. Just, Penzance, February 24, Mr. William Lawry, aged 47.

TRENBERTH—At Zennor, March 1, Mary Jane, relict of Mr. Joseph Trenberth, aged 48.

Thursday, 10 Mar


St Ives—A Lucky Windfall—Some of our St. Ives friends have lately been fortunate subjects of a somewhat unusual piece of fortune. It appears that an eccentric old lady name Tallon, after leading a life of extreme penury at Dungarvan, Ireland, died recently in the workhouse there. The deceased lady had declined any communication with her relatives for a considerable time, preferring to live in solitary wretchedness and poverty. After her death, however, it being suspected that she must have had some purpose in so denying herself the common necessaries of life, inquiries were instituted by her relatives living at St. Ives. The matter was placed in the hands of Mr. Edward Boase, solicitor, and this gentleman has, we hear, succeeded in recovering, for the fortunate next of kin, property worth rather over £300.


PORTER–CARA—At Virginia City, Nevada, U.S.A., January 12, Mr. J.P. Porter, to May L. Cara, only daughter of Mr. T. Cara, late of St. Day and Penzance.

RUTTER–MADDERN—At Penzance, March 5, Mr. William J. Rutter to Miss Elisabeth Jane Maddern, both of Newlyn.

SEMMENS–DANIEL—At Penzance, March 5, Mr. Thomas Semmens to Miss Eliza Daniel, both of Trewellard, St. Just.

WHITTA–NANKERVIS—At Penzance, March 1, Mr. Fred B. Whitta, of Boscaswell, St. Just, to Mrs. Mary Ann Rowe.


BLEWETT—At St. Ives, March 2, Mary, relict of Mr. John Blewett, aged 73.

DANIEL—At St. Ives, March 3, Mr. Robert Daniel, master mariner, aged 77.

HERBERT—At Chy-an-chy, St. Ives, March 1, Jane Hocking, wife of Mr. William Herbert, grocer, aged 70.

JOHNS—At Mousehole, March 5, Mr. Llewellyn Johns, aged 23.

KNEEBONE—At Newlyn, March 6, Mr. John Kneebone, master mariner, aged 76.

SMITH—At 7, Coulson’s-buildings, Penzance, March 9, Mr. James Smith, chief officer R.N., aged 75.

TIPPETT—At Paul Churchtown, March 4, Mr. William T. Tippett, aged 26.

Monday, 14 Mar


TITCOMB—At St. Ives, March 10, the wife of Mr. Albert Titcomb, of a daughter.


ST. AUBYN—At Courteen Hall, Northampton, the residence of her daughter, March 11, the Dowager Lady St. Aubyn, relict of Sir Edward St. Aubyn, of St. Michael’s Mount, and mother of Sir John St. Aubyn, Bart., M.P. for the St. Ives Division of Cornwall, aged 81.

ANDREWARTHA—At Taunton, March 12, whilst on a visit to her daughter, Mrs. Andrewartha, wife of Mr. John Andrewartha, insurance agent, St. Just.

CARTER—At Tolearne, Newlyn West, Miss Leah Carter, aged 84; for 70 years member of the Wesleyan Society.

DEVANY—At Penzance, March 11, Jane, relict of Mr. John Devany, aged 71.

HOSKING—At New Downs, St. Just, March 5, Mr. Matthew Hosking, aged 67.

SMITH—At Penzance, March 9, Mr. James Smith, aged 74.

Thursday, 17 Mar


Information For Creditors—Owen J. Rees, clothier, 15, The Terrace, Penzance; receiving order on debtor’s petition granted at the Truro Court, March [?]th.

Death of the Dowager Lady St. Aubyn—The Dowager Lady St. Aubyn, mother of Sir John St. Aubyn, M.P. for the St. Ives Division of Cornwall, and [?] Mr. Edward St. Aubyn, steward of the Manor of Stoke Damerel, died on Friday afternoonat Courteen Hall, Northampton, where her ladyship had been staying for some time past with her daughter, Lady Wake. A telegram announcing the death was received at the manor lodge, Devonport, on Friday evening. The news caused little surprise, as the deceased lady had been seriously ill for a long while, and death was expected. Her ladyship was 81 years of age. The news was not known at St. Michael’s Mount and Marazion until Saturday morning, when flags were at once lowered to half-mast.

A Cornishman’s Funeral in Genoa—The funeral of Mr. Daniel Jenkyn, son of Mr. Thomas Jenkyn, Halsetown, St. Ives, who died in Genoa on the 20th February, took place at Genoa, in the Protestant part of the Genoa cemetery at Stagheins. There was a large attendance. Mr. Thomas Jenkyn was represented by his son, Mr. T. E. Jenkyn.

Penzance—Newlyn Lighthouse—The new lighthouse at Newlyn Harbour will be lighted on and after the 20th inst. by a white quick-flashingor occulting light.

The Boskenna Estates—Mr. Henry Laity, of Tregurno, St. Buryan, has been appointed by Mr. C.H. Paynter, Steward of the whole of the Boskenna estates.

St. Ives—Fatal Mine Accident at St. Ives—An accident, attended by fatal consequences, occurred at Console mine, St. Ives, on Tuesday afternoon. The forenoon “cors” having finished their shift, were coming to surface in the usual way, when one of them—Edwin Trevorrow—contrary to the mine regulations, entered the “kibble” as the easiest way. He was within reach of the surface when the wire rope broke, and the skip with its unfortunate occupant fell to the bottom of the shaft, a distance of 30 fms. Death must have been instantaneous. Trevorrow was 45 years of age, and leaves a widow and a numerous family. [more below]


BRYANT—At Penzance, March 9, the wife of Mr. J.T. Bryant, hairdressor, of a daughter.


POPE–LATTY—At Penzance, March 12, Mr. Edwin Pope, of Kenneggy, Breage, to Miss Eleanor Latty, of Marazion.

ROWE–MATHEWS—At St. Buryan, March 1[3?], John Charles, eldest son of Mr. James Rowe, of Selena, St. Buryan, to Henrietta, eldest daughter of Mr. John Matthews, of Hayle.


BAWDEN—At Penrose terrace, Penzance, March 11, Jane Bawden, aged [6?/5?]1.

JAMES—At Bellowal, St. Paul, March 13, Mr. Humphry James, farmer, aged 40.

PAYNTER—At St. Ives, March 12, Betsy Paul, daughter of the late Mr. William Paynter, aged 49.

ROACH—At Almalwidden, Towednack, March 12, Martha, wife of Mr. Thomas Roach, aged 59.

STEPHENS—At Coulson’s-place, Penzance, March 13, Mr. John Stephens (hairdresser, Alverton), aged 26.

Monday, 21 Mar


The Fatality at St. Ives Consols—Censurs of the Captain—At an inquest at St. Ives, on Friday, concerning the death of Edwin Trevorrow, a miner of St. Ives Console, it was shown that the wire-rope, the breaking of which precipitated the unfortunate man to the bottom of the shaft, had previously snapped once, if not more. Capt. Michell was severely censured by the jury for not positively forbidding the men to go to their work by the engine-shaft. [more below]


COGAR–GILES—At Penzance, March 15, Mr. Thomas Cogar, to Miss Jane Giles, both of St. Ives.


DAVENEY—At Battery-square, Penzance, March 10, Jane, relict of Mr. William Daveney, aged 71.

MATTHEWS—At Morrab-road, Penzance, March 14, Gordon, son of the Rev. W.H. Matthews (Primitive Methodist minister), aged 2.

McLEOD—At Penzance, March 15, Mr. Angus McLeod (formerly chief engineer of the s.s. “Pawnee”), aged 32.

KNIGHT—At Mousehole, March 10, Amelia, relict of Mr. Martin Kight, aged 64.

Thursday, 24 Mar


Information for Creditors—Owen J. Rees, clothier, The Terrace, Penzance—first meeting March 24th, noon, Official Receiver’s, Truro; public examination April 2nd, 11.30 a.m., Town-hall, Truro.

Tregenna Castle Hotel—This hotel has not the number of visitors its healthful situation, excellent accommodation, and homelike comforts should bring to it. From half-a-dozen to a dozen visitors are found where there is ample room for 50. It is stated that the hotel is in the market.

The Fatal Accident At St. Ives Consols—A Mine Captain Censured—The fatal accident at St. Ives Consols mine formed the subject of an inquiry by Mr. G.P. Grenfall, county coroner, at the Western Hotel, St. Ives, on Friday morning. Deceased was Edwin Trevorrow, a miner, and he was killed on Tuesday afternoon. Mr. Frecheville, inspector of mines, was present.

Joseph Tonkin, the first witness, said he was working in the same shaft as deceased at the time he was killed. He was being drawn to surface in the kibble, and witness was waiting for his turn. It was an unusual thing for miners to go to surface in this manner, as there was a footway provided. The mine regulations were exhibited in the account-house window, and he knew their action was contrary to these regulations. On the day previous an abandoned shaft near where Trevorrow and his son were working ran in. This entirely blocked the footway, and the only means of getting to surface was through the engine-shaft. When they were going to work on Tuesday morning Capt. Michell, the manager, advised them not to go down, but they though it perfectly safe, and went. Capt. Mitchell [sic] did not forbid them to go down. In addition to the wire-rope they used a stout hemp rope as a guide to keep the kibble from turning round. Trevorrow went into the kibble, and was beng drawn to surface, when witness heard a shriek, and immediately the kibble fell down the shaft. By the sound witness knew that something else was falling at the same time, and he went down the shaft about 14 fms., and there found deceased quite dead.

A piece of the wire-rope was here produced, and in reply to Mr. Frecheville, witness said the rope was about an inch in diameter, and had not been in use in that mine very long, but it had previously been used in Rosewall Hill mine.

The Inspector said it seemed to be a very bad condition, and Capt. Michell must have had something in his mind when he advised the men not to go down—the rope was not fit for the purpose.

By the Jury—The rope had broken before, but on the morning of the accident two of the timbermen examined it and pronounced it all right.

Joseph Tonkin, jun., corroborated his father’s evidence. He came up before Trevorrow, and while coming up kept both hands to the guide rope.—This was characterized by the jury as being a peculiar proceeding, but witness said he did it on the possibility of the wire-rope breaking.

Thomas Michell, mine manager, said the running in of the shaft prevented the men from leaving that part of the mine except by the engine-shaft, and by means of the kibble. He at once began to repair the damage, but there was no possibility of clearing the road in time for the men to go to work in the morning. In the morning he urged deceased to go to his work by the ladder way to the adit level, instead of by the engine-shaft, and try to clear the choks, but he replied that the kibble was perfectly safe. Witness did not forbid him, and used no means to prevent him. He had examined the wire-rope within six months, but nor minutely. They had had it about three years. It had been used to draw from two to 2½ cwts. of stuff, and he considered it perfectly safe.

John Nankerris, timbermen, said he examined the rope on the morning of the accident. His only reason for doing so was because the men were going down by it. He did not take the rope to pieces, but they could see there were no broken wires in it.

By the Jury—The rope had broken once before, perhaps oftener. Witness had been through the shaft by that rope, but not since it was broken.

The jury, after a long private consultation, returned a verdict of “Accidental death,” but severely censured Capt. Michell for not positively forbidding the men to descend the shaft by means of the kibble.—The inquiry lasted nearly four hours.


PASCOE—At Penzance, March 20, the wife of Mr. E.B. Pascoe, of a daughter.

SMITH—At Penzance, March 15, the wife of Capt. George Smith, of a daughter.

TROUNSON—At St. Clare Villa, Penzance, March 8, the wife of Mr. W.H. Trounson, builder, of a son.


CUNNINGHAM–QUICK—At St. Phillip’s, Earl’s Court, South Kensington, London, March 17, Mr. James Marshall Cunningham, of Castle Douglas, Scotland, to Sarah Jane, only daughter of Mr. William Henry Quick, of Earl’s Court, and niece of Mr. Richard Quick, of Treweilard, St. Just.


BECKERLEG—At Newlyn, March 19, Mary Ann, wife of Mr. John Nicholls Beckerleg, aged 75.

BOLITHO—At Tredinnick, Paul, March 22, Mr. James Bolitho, aged 27.

CHAMPION—At 8, Belgravia-street, Penzance, March 22, Ursula Millett, the wife of Mr. John Champion, and daughter of the late Mr. John White, Treffry, Merther, aged 77.

DASH—At Penzance, March 21, Mr. Joseph Dash, marine store dealer, aged 51.

HARRIS—At Penzance, March 17, Sarah Ann, wife of Edwin Harris, aged 24.

RICHARDS—At Madron, March 16, Mr. Thomas Richards, farmer, aged 27.

SHORT—At Plymouth, March 1[8?], Francis Charles, fourth son of Capt. T.T. Short, formerly of St. Ives, aged 23.

WELCH—At St. Ives, March 16, Eliza Roach, wife of Mr. N.W. Welch, aged 64.

WALLISH—At Bealow, Sancreed, March 17, Mr. Martin Wallish, aged 82.

Monday, 28 Mar


Penzance—A Penzance Insolvent—A meeting of the creditors of Owen Rees, outfitter, Penzance, was held at the offices of the Official Receiver, Truro, on Saturday. A report will appear in our issue of Thursday next [this does not appear to have been done].

St. Ives—Mortality at St. Ives—There have been 60 deaths registered during the last three months. In 1886 for the whole year it was 120, and for 1885, 117.


TREGONNING–ROWE—At Penzance, March 23, Mr. John Tregonning, to Elizabeth Ann, daughter of Mr. James Rowe, both of Penzance.


BAYNARD—At Hendra, Edgebaston, Birmingham (the residence of her daughter), March 22, Lucy, relict of Mr. W.M. Baynard (late of Penzance and Bristol), aged 75.

Thursday, 31 Mar


Penzance—Sale of Mr. W.C. Borlase's Residence—The beautiful residence and grounds of Laregan, charmingly situated on the slopes of Mount’s Bay, about a mile from the town of Penzance, the residence of Mr. W. Copeland Borlase, M.P., is in the market.


MICHELL—At West View, St. Helena, Lancashire, March 24, the wife of A.H. Michell (formerly of Penzance), of a son.


BERRYMAN–MANN—At St. Burian, March 22, James Thomas, fourth son of Mr. William Berryman, Zennor, to Jessie, youngest daughter of Mr. R. Mann, of Tregadgwith Farm, St. Burian.

GLASSON–ARUNDELL—At Penzance, March 28, Mr. John Glasson, to Mary, eldest daughter of Mr. John Arundell, cordwainer, Penzance.

TRYTHALL–SWEETLOVE—At St. George's Church, Tufneil-park, London, March 30, by the Rev. J.S. Sergeant, M.A., E. Trythall (formerly of Penzance), to F.A. Sweetlove, both of 57, Crayford-road, Holloway, N.


EDDY—At St. Just, March 26, Annie, wife of Mr. Robert Eddy (and daughter of Mr. James Wearne, of Phillack), aged 33.

ROSEVEAR—At Penzance, March 23, Mary, wife of Mr. George Rosevear, aged [5?]8.