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Folio 17

PRO Ref HO107/143/5
County of Cornwall (Parliamentary Division) Western Division
Hundred of Penwith
Parish of Madron (Part of)
Superintendent Registrar’s District Penzance Union
Registrar’s District Penzance
No. of Enumeration District 14
Description of ditto All that part of Madron which lies to the east of the road from Penzance to Four Lanes end and to the south of the road from Four Lanes end to Blue Bridge

Folio 19 Page 1

1 Hay,1,Edwd Rowe,25,,Miner,In county,
,,Elizabeth Rowe,,25,,In county,
2 Hay,1,John Rowe,40,,Ag. Lab.,In county,
,,Elinor Rowe,,35,Ag. Lab.,In county,
3 Hay,1,John Hoskin,40,,Shoe M.,In county,
,,Wm. Hoskin,13,,Shoe M. Ap.,In county,
4 Hay,1,Thomas Rowe,35,,Farmer,In county,
,,Mary Rowe,,35,,In county,
,,Mary Rowe,,12,,In county,
,,Thos Rowe,3,,,In county,
,,Wm Rowe,1,,,In county,
,,Christian Hosking,,53,F.S.,In county,
5 Hay,1,Wm Rowe,40,,Farmer,In county,
,,Ann Rowe,,45,,In county,
,,Eliz Qu Rowe,,10,,In county,
6 Hay,1,Alis Rowe,,35,,In county,
,,Eliz Rowe,,20,Dairy,In county,
,,John Rowe,15,,Smith Ap.,In county,
7 Hay,1,Eliz Nankervis,,30,Ag. Lab.,In county,
,,Grace Nankervis,,25,Ag. Lab.,In county,
,,James Nankervis,15,,Ag. Lab.,In county,
,,Jane Nankervis,,20,,In county,
,,Eliz Nankervis,,1,,In county,
8 Hay,1,Thos. Hall,30,,Ag. Lab.,In county,
,,Mary Hall,,35,,In county,

Folio 20 Page 2

,,Thos. Hall,2,,,In county,
,,Henry Hall,2,,,In county,
,,Mary Hall,,4m,,In county,
,,Eliz. Pollard,,20,F.S.,In county,
9 Hea,1,Richd. Henwood,33,,Ld Surveyor,In county,
,,Emma Henwood,,40,,In county,
,,Jno. Henwood,13,,,In county,
,,Hugh Henwood,11,,,In county,
,,Martha Henwood,,9,,In county,
,,Edwd. Henwood,7,,,In county,
,,Harold Henwood,5,,,In county,
,,Eliz. Henwood,,3,,In county,
,,Emm Henwood,,9m,,In county,
,,Philip Risk,56,,Ld Surveyor,In county,
Hay Terrace,1,Samson Gilbert,35,,Ag. Lab.,In county,
,,Lavinia Gilbert,,45,,In county,
,,Elizab Gilbert,,13,,In county,
,,Christr. Gilbert,11,,,In county,
,,Saml. Gilbert,4,,,In county,
Hay Terrace,1,Solon. Williams,45,,Ag. Lab.,In county,
,,Martha Williams,,30,,In county,
,,Grace Williams,,10,,In county,
,,Robt. Williams,8,,,In county,
,,Hannah Williams,,4,,In county,
,,John Williams,1,,,In county,

Folio 20 Page 3

Hay Terrace,u,,,,,,
Hay Terrace,u,,,,,,
Hay Terrace,u,,,,,,
Hay Terrace,u,,,,,,
Hay Terrace,u,,,,,,
Hay Terrace,u,,,,,,
Hay Terrace,u,,,,,,
Hay Terrace,u,,,,,,
Hay Terrace,u,,,,,,
Hay Terrace,u,,,,,,
Hay Terrace,1,James Wallis,35,,Ag. Lab.,In county,
,,Sharlot Wallis,,33,,In county,
,,Wm. Wallis,13,,,In county,
,,Jane Wallis,,9,,In county,
,,Ann Wallis,,8,,In county,
,,James Wallis,6,,,In county,
,,John Wallis,2,,,In county,
,,Ann Hicks,,20,F.S.,In county,
Hay Terrace,b,,,,,,
Hay Terrace,b,,,,,,
Hay Terrace,b,,,,,,
Hay Terrace,b,,,,,,
Hay Terrace,b,,,,,,
Hay Terrace,b,,,,,,
Hay Terrace,b,,,,,,
Hay Terrace,b,,,,,,
Hay Terrace,b,,,,,,
Hay Terrace,b,,,,,,
Hay Moor,1,Henry Flamank,25,,Ag. Lab.,In county,
,,Matilda Flamank,,25,,In county,
,,Matilda Flamank,,3,,In county,
,,Wm. Flamank,1,,,In county,
Hay Moor,1,Frans. Ladner,35,,Ag. Lab.,In county,
,,Eliz. Ladner,,30,,In county,
,,Eliz. Ladner,,11,,In county,
,,Frans. Ladner,10,,,In county,
,,Thos. Ladner,5,,,In county,
,,Jane Ladner,,3,,In county,
,,Mary Ladner,,17m,,In county,
Hay Moor,1,Henry White,25,,Mason,In county,
,,Priscilla White,,25,,In county,
,,Henry White,2,,,In county,
Hay Moor,1,John Rich,30,,Ag. Lab.,In county,
,,Catherine Rich,,30,,In county,
,,Elizabeth Rich,,2,,In county,

Folio 21 Page 4

Hay Moor,1,Danl. Roberts,40,,Gardener,In county,
,,Ann Roberts,,45,,In county,
,,Dan (Jr) Roberts,20,,Ag. Lab.,In county,
,,Wm. Roberts,15,,Ag. Lab.,In county,
,,John Roberts,13,,,In county,
,,Charity Roberts,,10,,In county,
,,Fras. Roberts,,8,,In county,
Hay Moor,1,Wm. Trudgen,45,,Ag. Lab.,In county,
,,Jane Trudgen,,40,,In county,
,,John Trudgen,19,,Baker,In county,
,,Charlott Trudgen,,16,,In county,
,,Eliz Trudgen,,5,,In county,
,,Eliz A Trudgen,,3,Lodger (Crossed Out),In county,
,,Emelia Eva,,2,,In county,
Hay Moor,1,Teresa Martin,,25,Laundress,In county,
,,Emely Martin,,10,,In county,
,,John Martin,4,,,In county,
,,Elizabeth Martin,,25,F.S.,In county,
Hay Moor,1,John Jenkin,25,,Blacksmith,In county,
,,Jane Jenkin,,25,,In county,
Hay Moor,1,Jams. Frood,70,,Ind.,In county,
,,Constance Frood,,65,,In county,
,,Amelia Frood,,15,,In county,
,,Mary Langford,,25,Dress Maker,In county,
,,Eliz. Webber,,18,F.S.,In county,

Folio 21 Page 5

Hay Moor,1,John Jenkins,30,,Ag. Lab.,In county,
,,Eliza Jenkins,,25,,In county,
,,Eliza Jenkins,,6,,In county,
,,Mary Jenkins,,3,,In county,
,,James Jenkins,1,,,In county,
Hay Moor,1,Thos Green,40,,Minister,In county,
,,Mary Green,,35,,In county,
,,Thos Green,3,,,In county,
,,Rebecca Green,,1,,In county,
,,Jane Johns,,16,F.S.,In county,
Hay Moor,1,James Trebilcock,25,,Ag. Lab.,In county,
,,Ellen Trebilcock,,20,,In county,
,,Eliz. Trebilcock,,8m,,In county,
Hay Moor,1,Wm. Tonking,40,,Lab.,In county,
,,Eliz. Tonking,,35,,In county,
,,Wm. Tonking,15,,Ap.,In county,
,,Elizab Tonking,,9,,In county,
,,Mary Tonking,,1,,In county,
Hay Moor,1,Jas. Jenking,50,,Ag. Lab.,In county,
,,Margt. Jenking,,50,,In county,
,,Richd. Jenking,16,,Blacksmith Ap.,In county,
Hay Moor,1,Wm. Thomason,50,,Carrier,In county,
,,Elizabeth Thomason,,60,,In county,
Hay Moor,1,Henry Trudgen,40,,Ag. Lab.,In county,
,,Eliz. Trudgen,,40,,In county,

Folio 22 Page 6

,,John Trudgen,18,,Blacksmith Ap.,In county,
,,Jane Trudgen,,12,,In county,
Hay Moor,1,Thos. Glasson,85,,Ind.,In county,
,,Jane Glasson,,70,,In county,
,,Ann Glasson,,45,,In county,
,,Jane Pool,,35,,In county,
,,Wm. Pool,2,,,In county,
Hay Moor,1,Jas. Barns,35,,Mason,In county,
,,Eliza Barns,,30,Laundress,In county,
,,Jas. Barns,6,,,In county,
Brook Cottage,1,John Birch,35,,Architect,Not in county,
,,John Stratu,35,,Ind.,Not in county,
,,Julia Sampson,,35,F.S.,In county,
Retreat Cottage,1,Wm. Pengelly,65,,Ind,In county,
,,Nerance Pengelly,,55,Ind,In county,
,,Sir Chs Price,40,,Ind,In county,Forename uncertain
,,Elizbth Richards,,25,F.S.,In county,
,,Eliza Simpson,,20,F.S.,In county,
Lower Treneer,1,John Fox,60,,Farmer,In county,
,,Eliz. Fox,,65,,In county,
,,Jno Fox,33,,,In county,
,,Henry Fox,23,,,In county,
,,Mary Quick,,20,F.S.,In county,
Mill,1,Eliz. Rosewall,,25,,In county,
,,Eliz. Ann Rosewall,,3,,In county,

Folio 22 Page 7

Treneen Mill,1,William Veal,30,,Miller,In county,
,,Eliz. Veal,,20,,In county,
,,Thos. Hicks,20,,M.S.,In county,
Treneen Mill,1,Thos Pengelly,50,,Farmer,In county,
,,Jane Pengelly,,45,,In county,
,,Jane Pengelly,,12,,In county,
,,John Pengelly,10,,,In county,
,,Maria Pengelly,,7,,In county,
,,Rebecca Williams,,20,F.S.,In county,
Treneen Mill,1,Mary Lawry,,55,Dress Maker,In county,
Treneen,1,Nichs. Pool,30,,Ag. Lab.,In county,
,,Margary Pool,,35,,In county,
Treneen,1,Wm. Trewhella,30,,Ag. Lab.,In county,
,,Ann Trewhella,,35,,In county,
,,Wm. Trewella,10,,,In county,
,,Mary Trewella,,7,,In county,
,,Elizabeth Trewella,,5,,In county,
,,Eliza Trewella,,3,,In county,
,,Maria Trewella,,4m,,In county,
Treneen Ho.,1,Jas. Ould,32,,M.S.,In county,
,,Alice Trembath,,55,F.S.,In county,
,,Grace Barnicoat,,48,F.S.,In county,
,,Jane James,,24,F.S.,In county,
Jamaica Place,1,David Edwards,25,,Carpenter,In county,
,,Charlotte Edwards,,25,,In county,

Folio 23 Page 8

,,Elizabeth Edwards,,4,,In county,
,,Mary Edwards,,3,,In county,
,,Emelia Edwards,,18m,,In county,
,,Alphred Edwards,,6,,In county,
Jamaica Place,1,Thos. Davy,35,,Lab.,In county,
,,Elizabeth Davy,,35,,In county,
,,Jane Davy,,10,,In county,
,,Ann White Davy,,9,,In county,
,,Elizabeth Davy,,6,,In county,
,,Mary Davy,,4,,In county,
,,Catherine Davy,,2,,In county,
Jamaica Place,b,,,,,,
Jamaica Place,b,,,,,,
Jamaica Place,1,Jas. Jeffery,35,,Carrier,In county,
,,Sarah Jeffery,,35,,In county,
,,Mary Jeffery,,15,,In county,
Jamaica Place,1,John Williams,30,,Mason,In county,
,,Grace Williams,,30,,In county,
,,Mary Williams,,9,,In county,
,,John Williams,7,,,In county,
,,Willm. Williams,5,,,In county,
,,Emmely Williams,,3,,In county,
,,Christn Williams,1,,,In county,
Jamaica Place,1,Michl. Richards,70,,Lab.,In county,
,,Mary Richards,,10,,In county,
,,Maria Richards,,15,,In county,
Jamaica Place,1,Robt. Bennetts,20,,Miner,In county,

Folio 23 Page 9

,,Jane Bennetts,,20,,In county,
Jamaica Place,b,,,,,,
Jamaica Place,b,,,,,,
Jamaica Place,b,,,,,,
Jamaica Place,b,,,,,,
Jamaica Place,b,,,,,,
Jamaica Place,b,,,,,,
Jamaica Place,b,,,,,,
Jamaica Place,b,,,,,,
Jamaica Place,b,,,,,,
Jamaica Place,b,,,,,,
Jamaica Place,b,,,,,,
Jamaica Place,1,John Edwards,60,,In,In county,
,,Benj. Edwards,60,,Ind.,In county,
Jamaica Place,1,John Madron,35,,Shoe M.,In county,
,,Elizabeth Madron,,36,,In county,
,,John Madron,6,,,In county,
,,Lidea Madron,,26,F.S.,In county,
Jamaica Place,1,Phlp Thomas,25,,Mason,In county,
,,Elizabeth Thomas,,30,Miliner,In county,
,,Phlp Thomas,4,,,In county,
,,Eliza Thomas,,3,,In county,
,,Wm. Thomas,2,,,In county,
,,Selina Thomas,,3m,,In county,
Jamaica Place,1,Martn Trewhela,25,,Lab.,In county,
,,Elizabeth Trewhela,,30,,In county,
Jamaica Place,1,Peter Galloway,50,,Taylor,In county,
,,Charlotte Galloway,,50,,In county,
,,Margaret Galloway,,20,F.S.,In county,
,,James Galloway,15,,Ap,In county,
,,Elizabeth Galloway,,12,,In county,
,,Mary Galloway,,11,,In county,
,,Christian Galloway,,8,,In county,
Jamaica Place,1,Henry Trewhela,65,,Lab,In county,
,,Jane Trewhela,,60,,In county,
Jamaica Place,1,James Ford,20,,Mason,In county,

Folio 24 Page 10

,,Mariah Ford,,20,,In county,
,,James Ford,5,,,In county,
,,Wm. Ford,3,,,In county,
Jamaica Place,b,,,,,,
Jamaica Place,1,Wm. Benetts,40,,Mason,In county,
,,Elizabeth Benetts,,35,,In county,
,,Elizabeth Benetts,,10,,In county,
,,Grace Benetts,,5,,In county,
,,Wm Benetts,2,,,In county,
,,Cath Jilbart,,85,,In county,
Jamaica Place,1,Jas Pooley,45,,Ag. Lab.,In county,
,,Mary Pooley,,35,,In county,
,,Elizabeth Pooley,,12,,In county,
,,Jane Pooley,,10,,In county,
,,Suzen Pooley,,8,,In county,
,,Ann Pooley,,6,,In county,
,,Mary Pooley,,4,,In county,
,,Eliz. Eddy Pooley,,9m,,In county,
Jamaica Place,1,Richd. Osborne,35,,Ag. Lab.,In county,
,,Mary Osborne,,35,,In county,
,,Catherine Osborne,,15,,In county,
,,Mary Osborne,,12,,In county,
,,John Osborne,2,,,In county,
Jamaica Place,1,John Bray,40,,Basket M.,In county,
,,Honr. Bray,,30,,In county,
,,Wm. Bray,8,,,In county,

Folio 24 Page 11

,,John Bray,4,,,In county,
Jamaica Place,1,Chas Hocking,45,,Ag. Lab.,In county,
,,Ann Hocking,,45,,In county,
,,Nichs Hocking,14,,,In county,
,,Ann Hocking,,16,,In county,
,,Danl. Pooley,20,,Ag. Lab.,In county,
Jamaica Place,1,Wm. Bryant,45,,Ag. Lab.,In county,
,,Elizabeth Bryant,,35,,In county,
,,Ann Bryant,,18,,In county,
,,Elizabeth Bryant,,18,Dress Maker,In county,
,,Rebecca Bryant,,4,,In county,
Lr. Pollier,1,Thos Mills,50,,Yeoman,In county,
,,Jane Mills,,45,,In county,
,,Thos Mills,20,,Atty Cl,In county,
,,John Mills,15,,,In county,
,,Alfred Mills,13,,,In county,
,,Emily Mills,,15,,In county,
,,Joseph Mills,11,,,In county,
,,Albonia Mills,,9,,In county,
,,Cath. Mills,,5,,In county,
,,Ann Earle,,60,,In county,
,,Jane Earle,,20,,In county,
,,Soph. Earle,,1,,In county,
,,Eliza Earle,,1m,,In county,
Tranask,1,Benj. Robarts,35,,Gardener,In county,

Folio 25 Page 12

,,Tebitha Robarts,,56,,In county,
,,Emily Moyle,,20,F.S.,In county,
,,Jas Fursebrook,20,,M.S.,In county,
,,Jno Barns,15,,M.S.,In county,
Lower Trannack,1,Thos Davy,45,,Gardener,In county,
,,Peggy Davy,,45,,In county,
,,Grace Lean Davy,,17,,In county,
,,James Davy,12,,,In county,
,,John Davy,10,,,In county,
,,Wm. Davy,4,,,In county,
,,Edwin Davy,2,,,In county,
Coombe,1,Joseph Thomas,70,,Gardener,In county,
,,Elizabeth Thomas,75,,,In county,
Coombe,1,John Pearce,55,,Ag. Lab.,In county,
,,Julia Pearce,,65,,In county,
,,Jane Baragwnath,,40,Dress Maker,In county,
Coombe,1,Wm. Hocking,50,,Ag. Lab.,In county,
,,Ann Hocking,,50,,In county,
,,Fras Hocking,20,,Blacksmith,In county,
,,Mary Hocking,,15,,In county,
,,Jas. Hocking,15,,,In county,
,,Saml. Hocking,12,,,In county,
,,Edwd. Hocking,12,,,In county,
,,Suzen Hocking,,10,,In county,
Coombe,1,James Lovel,35,,Coachman,In county,

Folio 25 Page 13

,,Robt. Lovel,12,,,In county,
,,John Lovel,9,,,In county,
Coombe,1,Thos. Bolitho,75,,Merchant,In county,
,,Maria Bolitho,,60,,In county,
,,Mary Bolitho,,35,,In county,
,,Tamson Maynard,,65,F.S.,In county,
,,Alice Kneebone,,25,F.S.,In county,
,,Grace Olds,,25,F.S.,In county,
,,Ann Lawry,,20,F.S.,In county,
,,Grace Mitchell,,30,F.S.,In county,
,,Ester Cornish,,20,F.S.,In county,
,,Ann Bedford,,4m,,In county,
,,Wm -,19,,M.S.,In county,
Ch Cliff,1,John Lovel,40,,Tanner,In county,
,,Jane Lovel,,50,,In county,
,,Jane Mills,,60,Ind.,In county,
Ch Cliff,1,James Hall,30,,Mason,In county,
,,Mary Hall,,30,,In county,
,,James Hall,10,,,In county,
Ch Cliff,1,Wm. Hichens,40,,Lab.,In county,
,,Grace Hichens,,35,,In county,
,,Grace Hichens,,18,,In county,
,,Mary Hichens,,15,,In county,
,,Wm. Hichens,12,,,In county,
,,John Hichens,10,,,In county,

Folio 26 Page 14

,,Joseph Hichens,6,,,In county,
,,Elizabeth Hichens,,4,,In county,
,,Henry R. Hichens,2,,,In county,
Coombe,1,Richd. Williams,40,,Mason,In county,
,,Ann Williams,,50,,In county,
,,John Jewell,25,,Basket M.,In county,
Coombe,1,Wm. Rodda,55,,Shoe M.,In county,
Coombe,1,John Tucker,30,,Lab.,In county,
,,Margt. Tucker,,25,,In county,
,,James Tucker,3,,,In county,
Coombe,1,Thos. Mathews,25,,Lab.,In county,
,,Frances Mathews,,20,,In county,
,,Thomas Mathews,2,,,In county,
,,Sidwell Tippet,,15,F.S.,In county,
Coombe,1,John Nancarin,30,,Miner,In county,surname uncertain
,,Elizabeth Nancarin,,30,Grocer,In county,
,,Eliz Jenking,,9,,In county,
Coombe,1,Josiah Kinsman,30,,Painter,In county,
,,Ann Kinsman,,30,Dress Maker,In county,
,,William Kinsman,4,,,In county,
,,Josiah Kinsman,1,,,In county,
,,Martha Hicks,,15,F.S.,In county,
,,Richd Hocking,25,,Lab.,In county,
,,Jane Hocking,,20,,In county,
,,Elizabeth Hocking,,6,,In county,

Folio 26 Page 15

Cliff,1,Richd. Hocking,20,,Lab.,In county,
,,Jane Hocking,,20,,In county,
,,Mary Hocking,,5m,,In county,
Cliff,1,Elizbth Roberts,,70,Ind.,In county,
,,Elizbth Roberts,,35,Basket M.,In county,
,,Ann Quick,,30,Taylor,In county,
,,Eliz. Quick,,2,,In county,
,,Joseph Roberts,13,,App Baker,In county,
,,John Pearce,25,,Lab.,In county,
Chyandower,1,Sam Pearce,50,,Lab.,In county,
,,Elizabeth Pearce,,45,,In county,
Chyandower,1,Jas Barns,35,,Mason,In county,
,,Eliza Barns,,35,,In county,
,,Jas. Barns,6,,,In county,
Chyandower,1,Edward Ralph,23,,Miner,In county,
,,Elizabeth Ralph,,25,,In county,
Trannack,1,Thos. Jenkin,80,,Gardener,In county,
,,Tryphosa Jenkin,,60,,In county,
,,James Jenkin,15,,,In county,
,,Oben Jenkin,,2,,In county,

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Inhabited Uninhabited Building Males Females
82 11 24 163 207
Total of Persons 370

Folio 28 Page 43

12 June 1841

John Tarrant, Enumerator