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Folio 42

PRO Ref HO107/143/10
County of Cornwall (Parliamentary Division) Western Division
Hundred of Penwith
Parish of Paul (Part of)
Superintendent Registrar’s District Penzance Union
Registrar’s District Penzance
No. of Enumeration District 22
Description of ditto All that part of the Parish of Paul which lies to the south and east of the road leading from Fragan gate to Buryan exclusive of the Church Town, Mousehole, Penolva and Newlyn.

Folio 44 Page 1

Treveneth,1,John Pollard,28,,Farmer,In county,
,,Mary Pollard,,23,,In county,
,,William Pollard,1,,,In county,
,,Ann Williams,,15,Female Servant,In county,
Treveneth,1,John Pollard,27,,Ag. Lab.,In county,
,,Catherine Pollard,,44,,In county,
,,Joseph Pollard,22,,Ag. Lab.,In county,
,,Mary Pollard,,23,,In county,
,,Francis Pollard,17,,,In county,
,,Hustlen Pollard,,15,,In county,
,,Alexander Pollard,11,,,In county,
,,Sophia Pollard,,9,,In county,
,,Oratio Pollard,6,,,In county,
Sheffield,1,Samuel Holla,45,,Ag. Lab.,In county,
,,Jane Holla,,35,,In county,
,,Elizabeth Holla,,38,Female Servant,In county,
Sheffield,1,William Harvey,25,,Shoemaker,In county,
,,Elizabeth Harvey,,25,,In county,
,,Elizabeth Harvey,,8,,In county,
,,William Harvey,3,,,In county,
,,Alice Harvey,,1,,In county,
,,Sarah Lanyon,30,,Female Servant,In county,
Sheffield,1,George Green,75,,Butcher,In county,
,,Mary Green,,35,,In county,
,,Mary Green,,8,,In county,

Folio 45 Page 2

Lower Ruganing,1,Luke Worth,50,,Farmer,In county,
,,Hannah Worth,,50,,In county,
,,Alice Worth,,22,,In county,
,,Richard Worth,18,,,In county,
,,Jane Worth,,15,,In county,
,,Caroline Worth,,12,,In county,
,,John Worth,11,,,In county,
Lower Ruganing,1,Thomas Tippet,35,,Ag. Lab.,In county,
,,Elizabeth Tippet,,25,,In county,
,,James Tippet,4,,,In county,
,,Amelia Tippet,,2,,In county,
Lower Ruganing,1,Edward Polgrean,39,,Ag. Lab.,In county,
,,Jane Polgrean,,37,,In county,
,,Edward Polgrean,7,,,In county,
,,John Polgrean,6,,,In county,
,,William Polgrean,3,,,In county,
,,Jane Polgrean,,11,,In county,
,,Elizabeth Polgrean,,9,,In county,
Lower Ruganing,1,Charles Prowse,20,,Ag. Lab.,In county,
,,Mary Prowse,,20,,In county,
Lower Ruganing,1,Burnet Davey,45,,Ag. Lab.,In county,
,,Elizabeth Davey,,35,,In county,
,,Elizabeth Davey,,9,,In county,
,,John Davey,5,,,In county,
,,Thomas Davey,2,,,In county,

Folio 45 Page 3

,,Mary Davey,,4,,In county,
Sheffield,1,John Murley,46,,Fisherman,In county,
,,Jemima Murley,,46,,In county,
,,John Murley,20,,,In county,
,,Henry Murley,14,,,In county,
,,William Murley,10,,,In county,
,,Nicholas Murley,8,,,In county,
,,James Murley,16,,,In county,
Sheffield,1,Richard Rowe,50,,Miner,In county,
,,Maria Rowe,,45,,In county,
,,Mary Rowe,,10,,In county,
Sheffield,1,Richard Pentreath,40,,Fisherman,In county,
,,Mary Pentreath,,40,,In county,
,,Nancy Pentreath,,14,,In county,
,,Thomas Pentreath,22,,,In county,
Sheffield,1,Thomas Tippet,35,,Ag. Lab.,In county,
,,Julia Tippet,,35,,In county,
,,Elizabeth Tippet,,12,,In county,
,,Emily Tippet,,8,,In county,
,,Margaret Tippet,,6,,In county,
,,Eliza Tippet,,3,,In county,
,,Julia Tippet,,6m,,In county,
Trevithal,1,William Davey,45,,Farmer,In county,
,,Rebecka Davey,,45,,In county,
,,Elizabeth Davey,,15,,In county,

Folio 46 Page 4

,,Benjamin Davey,12,,,In county,
,,John Davey,10,,,In county,
Trevithal,1,Edmund Semmens,48,,Farmer,In county,
,,Hester Semmens,,41,,In county,
,,Grace Semmens,,17,,In county,
,,John Semmens,14,,,In county,
,,Mary Semmens,,12,,In county,
,,Elizabeth Semmens,,9,,In county,
,,Eliza Semmens,,7,,In county,
,,Thomas Semmens,4,,,In county,
,,Jenifer Semmens,,1,,In county,
Trevithal,1,William Mathews,35,,Ag. Lab.,In county,
,,Mary Mathews,,34,,In county,
,,James Mathews,5,,,In county,
,,William Mathews,2,,,In county,
Trevithal,1,John Penrose,25,,Shoemaker,In county,
,,Elizabeth Penrose,,25,,In county,
,,William Penrose,3,,,In county,
Trevithal,1,Peter Kneebone,65,,Farmer,In county,
,,Alice Kneebone,,62,,In county,
,,Johana Kneebone,,19,,In county,
,,Richard Hosking,8,,Male Servant,In county,
,,Abedneza Harvey,29,,Independent,In county,
Trevithal,1,Robert Mathews,60,,Independent,In county,
,,Robert Mathews,23,,Farmer,In county,

Folio 46 Page 5

,,Mary Mathews,,21,,In county,
,,Joseph Mathews,26,,Independent,In county,
,,Robert Mathews,5,,,In county,
,,Arthur Mathews,2,,,In county,
,,Margery Rowe,,17,Female Servant,In county,
Trevithal,1,John Richards,39,,Ag. Lab.,In county,
,,Jane Richards,,33,,In county,
,,John Richards,8,,,In county,
,,Mary Richards,,6,,In county,
,,James Richards,3,,,In county,
,,Susan Richards,,1,,In county,
Trevithal,1,William Harvey,60,,Farmer,In county,
,,Mary Harvey,,45,,In county,
,,John Harvey,16,,,In county,
,,William Harvey,15,,,In county,
,,Richard Harvey,11,,,In county,
,,Mary Harvey,,9,,In county,
,,Jane Harvey,,6,,In county,
Ragening,1,John Rowe,53,,Farmer,In county,
,,Elizabeth Rowe,,20,,In county,
,,Emily Rowe,,15,,In county,
,,Richard Rowe,12,,,In county,
,,Peggy Hodge,,45,Female Servant,In county,
,,William Clift,15,,Male Servant,In county,
,,Richard Harvey,15,,Male Servant,In county,

Folio 47 Page 6

Ragening,1,Henry Trewren,30,,Ag. Lab.,In county,
,,Johanna Trewren,,30,,In county,
,,Charles Trewren,6,,,In county,
,,Johana Trewren,,4,,In county,
Ragening,1,William Perry,55,,Farmer,In county,
,,Hannah Perry,,50,,In county,
,,Richard Eddy,10,,,In county,
,,Nanny Eddy,,13,,In county,
Ragening,1,Mathew Cardew,75,,Farmer,In county,
,,Mary Cardew,,70,,In county,
,,Mathew Cardew,35,,,In county,
,,Joseph Nicholls,20,,Male Servant,In county,
,,Peter Harvey,15,,Male Servant,In county,
,,George Dennis,15,,Male Servant,In county,
,,Elizabeth Richards,,30,Female Servant,In county,
Ragening,1,John Davey,35,,Farmer,In county,
,,Sarah Davey,,35,,In county,
,,Sally Davey,,12,,In county,
,,Mary Davey,,12,,In county,
,,John Davey,8,,,In county,
,,Phillis Davey,,6,,In county,
,,Richard Kemp,14,,Male Servant,In county,
,,Caroline Davey,,10,Female Servant,In county,
Ragening,1,James Kevan,26,,Ag. Lab.,In county,
,,Elizabeth James,,23,Female Servant,In county,

Folio 47 Page 7

Ragening,1,Richard Guy,25,,Ag. Lab.,In county,
,,Elizabeth Guy,,28,,In county,
,,Elizabeth Tonkin,,19,Female Servant,In county,
Ragening,1,William Bullocke,30,,Ag. Lab.,In county,
,,Jane Bullocke,,30,,In county,
,,James Bullocke,25,,Ag. Lab.,In county,
Ragening,1,Thomas Vingoe,25,,Farmer,In county,
,,Cathrine Vingoe,,25,,In county,
,,Frances Edmonds,,15,Female Servant,In county,
,,Mary Daniel,,10,Female Servant,In county,
Ragening,1,John Glasson,74,,Farmer,In county,
,,Constance Glasson,,72,,In county,
,,Thomas Glasson,30,,Farmer,In county,
,,Elizabeth Glasson,,25,,In county,
,,James Mathews,25,,Male Servant,In county,
,,John Harvey,13,,Male Servant,In county,
Lower Kimyell,1,Thomasin Edmonds,,65,Independent,In county,
,,Thomas Edmonds,40,,Farmer,In county,
,,Charles Edmonds,30,,Farmer,In county,
,,Nathaniel Edmonds,28,,Independent,In county,
,,Ann Harvey,,23,Female Servant,In county,
,,Mary Old,,15,Female Servant,In county,
,,Richard Trembath,13,,Male Servant,In county,
,,Edward Nicholas,12,,Male Servant,In county,
Lower Kimyell,1,Hugh Badcock,45,,Ag. Lab.,In county,

Folio 48 Page 8

,,Jane Badcock,,45,,In county,
,,William Badcock,20,,Ag. Lab.,In county,
,,Mary Badcock,,11,,In county,
,,Jane Badcock,,9,,In county,
,,Hugh Badcock,7,,,In county,
,,Martha Badcock,,4,,In county,
Lower Kimyell,1,Rebecka Bryant,,46,Dairy Woman,In county,
,,Elizabeth Bryant,,15,,In county,
,,John Bryant,10,,,In county,
,,Rebecka Bryant,,8,,In county,
,,Mary Bryant,,7,,In county,
,,Frances Bryant,,4,,In county,
Higher Allurer,1,John Glasson,40,,Farmer,In county,
,,Grace Mathews,,45,Female Servant,In county,
,,Ann Mathews,,20,Female Servant,In county,
,,John Ash,14,,Male Servant,In county,
,,Thomas Harvey,14,,Male Servant,In county,
Middle Kimyell,1,Henry Giles,45,,Farmer,In county,
,,Mary Giles,,45,,In county,
,,Henry Giles,14,,,In county,
,,Thomas Giles,11,,,In county,
,,Mary Giles,,16,,In county,
,,Hannah Giles,,10,,In county,
,,Jane Giles,,5,,In county,
,,Ann Giles,,4,,In county,

Folio 48 Page 9

,,John Nicklas,18,,Apprentice,In county,
Middle Kimyell,1,Benjn. Garterel,45,,Farmer,In county,
,,Ann Garterel,,29,,In county,
,,Ann Garterel,,7,,In county,
,,Eliza Garterel,,5,,In county,
,,John Garterel,1,,,In county,
,,Ann Kemp,,17,Female Servant,In county,
Higher Kimyell,1,Abram Roberts,20,,Farmer,In county,
,,William Hicks,15,,Male Servant,In county,
,,Jane Trenouth,,18,Female Servant,In county,
Higher Kimyell,1,John Nicholas,42,,Farmer,In county,
,,Jane Nicholas,,40,,In county,
,,Arthur Nicholas,75,,Independent,In county,
,,Joan Nicholas,,70,Independent,In county,
,,James Mathews,13,,Male Servant,In county,
,,Eliza Mathews,,15,Female Servant,In county,
Higher Kimyell,1,Henry Gartrell,25,,Farmer,In county,
,,Mary Gartrell,,25,,In county,
,,Henry Gartrell,1,,,In county,
,,William Gartrell,1m,,,In county,
,,Francis Richards,12,,Male Servant,In county,
,,Elizabeth Warren,,20,Female Servant,In county,
Castallack,1,John Giles,36,,Farmer,In county,
,,Ann Giles,,40,,In county,
,,Mary Giles,,13,,In county,

Folio 49 Page 10

,,Maria Giles,,10,,In county,
,,Pennoha Giles,,9,,In county,
,,John Giles,7,,,In county,
,,Henry Giles,5,,,In county,
,,Martha Giles,,3,,In county,
,,Emma Giles,,1,,In county,
,,William Allan,15,,Male Servant,In county,
,,Thomas Tippet,10,,Male Servant,In county,
Castallack,1,William Gartrell,61,,Ag. Lab.,In county,
Castallack,1,James Bozustow,30,,Farmer,In county,
,,Elizabeth Bozustow,,30,,In county,
,,James Bozustow,9m,,,In county,
,,Elizabeth Bozustow,,2,,In county,
,,Ellen Bozustow,,22,,In county,
,,David Tasker,25,,Male Servant,In county,
,,Sally Mathews,,22,Female Servant,In county,
,,Louisa Trenowth,,17,Female Servant,In county,
Castallack,1,John Rowe,32,,Blacksmith,In county,
Lamorna,1,Thomas Trenowth,35,,Ag. Lab.,In county,
,,Elizabeth Trenowth,,35,,In county,
,,James Trenowth,9,,,In county,
,,Charles Trenowth,7,,,In county,
,,Ann Trenowth,,3,,In county,
,,Mary Ann Trenowth,,1,,In county,
Lamorna,1,John Trenowth,77,,Independent,In county,

Folio 49 Page 11

,,John Trenowth,40,,Ag. Lab.,In county,
,,Margery Trenowth,,40,,In county,
,,William Trenowth,16,,,In county,
,,Eliza Trenowth,,13,,In county,
,,James Trenowth,9,,,In county,
,,Ann Trenowth,,7,,In county,
,,Charles Trenowth,5,,,In county,
,,Margery Trenowth,,3,,In county,
,,Maria Trenowth,,1,,In county,
Lamorna,1,Mary Hosking,,77,Independent,In county,
,,Margaret Hosking,,52,Independent,In county,
,,James Hosking,14,,,In county,
,,Richard Hosking,12,,,In county,
Betliza,1,James Hosking,44,,Miller,In county,
,,Jane Hosking,,40,,In county,
,,Susan Hosking,,15,,In county,
Bosavah,1,William Mathews,35,,Farmer,In county,
,,Ann Mathews,,40,,In county,
,,William Mathews,9,,,In county,
,,Mary Mathews,,10,,In county,
Bosavah,1,Amelia Ladner,,30,,In county,
,,Charles Ladner,6,,,In county,
,,William Ladner,4,,,In county,
,,Eliza Ladner,,2,,In county,
,,Elizabeth Trudgen,,17,Female Servant,In county,

Folio 50 Page 12

Bosavah,1,John Badcock,38,,Ag. Lab.,In county,
,,Alice Badcock,,35,,In county,
,,Alice Badcock,,66,,In county,
,,Elizabeth Badcock,,10,,In county,
,,Eliza Badcock,,8,,In county,
,,Ann Badcock,,5,,In county,
,,Louisa Badcock,,2,,In county,
Trevika,1,William Eddy,30,,Ag. Lab.,In county,
,,Jane Eddy,,30,,In county,
,,William Eddy,10,,,In county,
,,Elizabeth Eddy,,6,,In county,
,,Ann Eddy,,5,,In county,
,,Thomas Eddy,1,,,In county,
Trevika,1,James Badcock,35,,Ag. Lab.,In county,
,,Jane Badcock,,30,,In county,
,,William Badcock,8,,,In county,
,,Jane Badcock,,4,,In county,
,,Elizabeth Badcock,,1,,In county,
Trevika,1,Thomas Harvey,65,,Ag. Lab.,In county,
,,Christiana Harvey,,45,,In county,
,,John Harvey,15,,Ag. Lab.,In county,
,,James Harvey,6,,,In county,
Trevika,1,Charles Mathews,30,,Ag. Lab.,In county,
,,Jane Mathews,,30,,In county,
,,Grace Mathews,,6,,In county,

Folio 50 Page 13

,,William Mathews,1,,,In county,
Rose Cottage,1,James Hodge,24,,Ag. Lab.,In county,
,,Ann Hodge,,28,,In county,
,,Alice Lanyon,,62,Independent,In county,

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Folio 51 Page 40


Folio 51 Page 41

Inhabited Uninhabited Building Males Females
157 6 2 149 155
Total of Persons 304

Folio 42 Page 42

Computed number of Persons (if any) who, on the night preceding the day of Enumeration, have slept within the Enumeration District in boats or barges, or other small vessels remaining stationary in canals or other inland navigable waters, in mines or pits, in barns or sheds, in tents or in the open air, or who from any other cause, although within the DIstrict, have not yet been enumerated as inmates of any dwelling house.

In barges, boats, or other small vessels remaining stationary on canals or other inland navigable waters
In mines or pits 4 - 4
In barns, sheds, or the like
In tents or in the open air
Not enumerated (although abiding within the District) as inmates of any dwelling house, from other causes, namely*
" " 4 Total

State the number of Persons known to have emigrated from the District to the Colonies or to Foreign Countries since December 31, 1840. MALES. 1, FEMALES. -, TOTAL. 1

Folio 42 Page 43

11 June 1841

[unreadable}, Enumerator