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Folio 1

PRO Ref RG12/1856
Division 5
Registration County Cornwall
Registration District Penzance (301)
Registration Sub-district St. Ives (2)
Enumeration Districts Nos. 1 to 15 inclusive
Civil Parishes Towednack 13 to 15
St Ives 1 to 12
Zennor 16 to 18

Some villages and street are in more than one Enumeration District.

Enumeration District Folios Short description
ED 1 1–9 Higher Stennack and Halsetown inc. Trenwith Lane, Nangivey, Penbeagle, Hellesveor Downs & Pulmanter Water.
ED 2 10–18 The rural area south of the town inc. Belyars, Corva, Carnstabba, Trelyon, Tregenna Estate, Vow, Porthminster, Draycot & Albany Terrace.
ED 3 19–26 The rural area west of the town inc. Ayr, Bothallan, Trowan, Trevalgan, Anjou Green, Hellesveor, Hellesvean & Pednarvounder.
ED 4 27–40 The Stennack & Uplong St. Ives inc. Dove Street, Albert Terrace & Place, North Terrace, Alma Terrace, Bullans Lane, Sandow’s Lane, Little in Sight, Trenwith Mine & Tregenna Terrace.
ED 5 41–54 Burrow Road and north-east of the Harbour inc. Bethesda Road & Place, Back Road, Quay Street, Wharf, Wheal Dream, Carncrowse Road & Street, St. Eia Street & Teetotal Street
ED 6 55–67 Island Road and north of the Harbour inc. Back Road, Bamfields Row, Williams Row, Mount Zion, Carnglaze, Victoria Place, Square & Road, The Wharf & Marleys Lane.
ED 7 68–81 The rim of the Harbour from Market Strand to Fish Street and north-west of the Harbour around Norway Square inc. Beach, Baileys Lane, Back Lane, Capel Court, Wharf & St. Peter Street.
ED 8 82–100 North-west of the Harbour around The Digey inc. Virgin Street, Meadow, Bunkers Hill, Barnoon Hill, Rose Lane, Love Lane, Portmeor Square, Harveys Court & Gas Works Road.
ED 9 101–114 West and south of the Harbour from the east side of Fore Street as far as Primrose Valley inc. St. Andrew’s Street, Warren, Chy-an-Chy, Court Cocking, Redferns Court & Westcotts Quay.
ED 10 115–126 West of the South end of Fore Street inc. High Street, Chapel Street and Street-an-Garrow, Market Street & Place, Wills Lane & Back Street.
ED 11 127–139 West of the North end of Fore Street inc. Salubrious Place, Academy Place, Barnoon Terrace & Hill, Bowling Green, Bellair, Richmond Place, Ayr Lane & Back Street.
ED 12 140–154 South of ED10 inc. Tregenna Place, The Terrace, Gabriel Street, Street-an-Pol, Skidden Hill, Palace Yard, Dove Street & West Bridge.
ED 13 155–161 East Towednack including Churchtown
ED 14 162–166 South west Towednack
ED 15 167–172 Towednack north of Churchtown
ED 16 173–179 North East Zennor including Churchtown
ED 17 180–186 Central Zennor
ED 18 187–193 South West Zennor