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This site is a start towards documenting the resources available for the study of family and local history in the West Penwith area. Whilst researching the [Off Site]RENOWDEN family which originated here, I have accumulated masses of these resources in printed, microfiche and CDROM form (all are described here and some are now online). I am willing to share these resources to help with people’s research within reasonable limits and copyright permitting. If there is a resource listed which I don’t have, then I will try to provide a link or indication where it can be obtained. See the separate chapters on this site regarding help from CFHS publications and CFS publications. Subject to these limitations, I can help with all resources marked [YES] throughout this site.

For lookup requests please email

Please try to avoid asking for resources which I don’t have, particularly those out-of-the-district, it can only disappoint.

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The main navigation on this site is organised into two streams from the Home page. The first is Topical, by general subject matter, and these links are in the first column. The second is Parochial by the old ecclesiastical parish name. Modern church parishes and civil parishes are listed with their nearest ancient equivalent. For Non-Conformist churches, see the Chapels page.

A full list of all the pages on the site can be found in the Site Map. A search engine is provided. This can be accessed in a simple manner at the top right hand corner of every page or in a more advanced fashion on the dedicated Search page. The What’s New page is always worth a look as well.

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