Monuments of brass, slate, wood, and marble, bear the following inscriptions:—

Snc Micaeli ora pro nobis

Hic jacet Oto Treunwyth, Generosus, q obijt die dmca px ante festu Purificacois bte marie virginis A regm Reg. Edwardi iiij sxio q fuit vir benigno deo & mundo ac bene disposito Et dna Agnes Consoris ei qu aiabs ppicietie.

On this brass, now mural, is an artistically engraved representation of the wife, in a kneeling attitude; opposite to her, and filling the place, of her husband, is an inferior representation of S. Michael, on whose shield is depicted the sun rayonnant.

Here Lyeth ye Bodyes of Alse Sise and John Sise, Ephraim Sise, Marie Sise, & Ephraim Sise, Alse Sise, Buryed ye 16th of Aguste, 1642.

Allice Sise-ills cease.

Neere to this Bed sixe Sises late wer laid;
Fovre hopefvll sonnes ye grandsire & a maid.
All striving which should end his journey first,
All for the wellsprings of true life did thirst,
An happy spring that such an offspring had;
More happy they soe soone with gladnes clad,
That did but taste of earth and with disdaine
Hoist up their sailes for the Elysian plaine.
The Virgin’s elegy ovt==weepes the rest;
Such lovely grase was stampt in face & brest;
In dawne of dole rappt to ye land of peace,
Where joyes shall never,—bvt all ills doe cease.

Blessed are the dead which die in the Lord.

In memory of Anne the Wife of John Stevens of Trevalgen who Departed this life Septembre. 15th, 1729; in the 23d year of her Age.

Askest thou Reader who it is lies here?
no common corps, Listen & thou shalt hear;
Goodness, rare Meekness, Zeal, pure Chastity,
interrd. together in this Ground doth lie.
Behold her Acts, whilst here She made abode,
lived beloved of man, dy’d lov’d of God.
Methinks I hear her sweet Melodiovs voice,
cease Friends to weep for me, that now rejoyce.

No sighs nor groans now From my Breast do come;
But everlasting joys are in their room.
Surely your Loss to me is greatest Gain;
For Crown’d in Heaven I ever shall remain.

Farewell dear Wife, farewell, to thee I’ll hast,

for till we meet in Heaven, 1 cannot rest.

Near this spot are deposited the mortal remains of William Hichens, died June 30th, 1770; aged 59 years.

Mary Hichens, his wife, died Feby. 5, 1801; aged 90 years.

John Hichens died Augst., 25th, 1775; aged 37 years.

Elizabeth Hichens died Novr. 26th, 1790; aged 49 years.

Mary Hichens died Septr. 20th, 1786; aged 39 years.

William Hichens died Jany. 17th, 1785; aged 34 years.

Jane Hichens died Augst. 9, 1815; aged 60 years.

Children of the abovenamed William and Mary Hichens.

This monument is erected as a mark of affection and gratitude by Mary Hichens, Elizabeth Scott, Robert Hichens, William Hichens, Grandchildren of the abovenamed William and Mary Hichens.

Sacred to the memory of the family of Joseph Hocking, of this borough, merchant.

Margaret his wife, died 24th July, 1800; aged 42 years.

Peggy and Samuel, two of their children, died in infancy.

Francis, their son, master mariner, was captured by the Americans, 25th Decr. 1812; and was lost at sea; aged 26 years.

Joseph, their son, master mariner, was lost at sea in Decr., 1820; aged 26 years.

Elizabeth, their daughter, widow of Mr. Walter Adams, died 7th May, 1828. Aged 36 years.

Also John Adams, son of the said Joseph Hocking and Eleanor his wife, died 27th August, 1830; aged 22 years; whose mortal remains are deposited beneath this spot.

Joseph Hocking died on the 1st September, 1843; aged nearly 82 years; and his remains are deposited with those of his son John, in a vault beneath.

Throughout a long life of unceasing industry he maintained the character of a faithful and affectionate husband, an indulgent and self-denying parent, a kind neighbour, and an honest man.

Eleanor, second wife of the said Joseph Hocking, died on the 10th June,1849; aged 81 years; and her remains are deposited in the vault with those of husband and son.

Near this spot are deposited the mortal remains of Blanche the beloved wife of Daniel Bamfield of this parish, gentleman, who died on the 31st. Day of December, 1821; in the 47th year of her age.

In her death her husband deplores the loss of a faithful and affectionate wife, and her children that of a tender and devoted mother.

Also the remains of the following undermentioned children of Daniel and Blanche Bamfield:—

The Revd. John Hichens Bamfield, B.A., Fellow of Clare Hall, Cambridge who died on the 4th day of January, 1836; aged 25 years.

Distinguished as a Christian and a scholar, with worldly success within his reach, and a noble sphere of usefulness before him he was gathered in the morning of his life into the garner of his Lord.

Eliza Hichens Bamfield, who died on the 29th day of April, 1811; aged 2 years.

William Hichens Bamfield, who died on the 19th day of March, 1817; aged 8 months.

This tablet is erected by a bereaved husband and father, who yet mourns,— but not as those who have no hope.

To the memory of Hugh Ley, Esq., M.D., of Penzance, who died in this borough Augst. 3rd, 1826; aged 64.

Also of Elizabeth, his wife, who died at Truro March 21st, 1848; aged 83.

Their remains are deposited in a vault in the adjoining burying ground.

Also to the memory of Hugh, their eldest son, of London, M.D., who died at Stilton, Huntingdonshire, on the 23rd January, 1837; aged 46 years.

This tablet is erected as an affectionate tribute to departed worth, by the surviving members of the family.

Beneath this tablet are deposited (with three of her children) the remains of Ann Tremearne, who departed this life the 28th of February, 1829; aged 88 years.

Beneath this tablet are deposited the remains of James Anthony, Esqre., for many years the senior alderman and magistrate of the borough of Saint Ives, who departed this life on the 21st day of April, 1830; aged 92 years.

Pelham Augustin Aldrich died May 20th, 1831; aged 4 years & 6 months. “Of such is the kingdom of heaven.”

Sacred to the memory of Captain Hopkin Walters Quick, who departed this life on the 27th day of February, 1832; aged 47 years; and whose remains are deposited in a vault beneath.

And also to the memory of his parents viz.—

Mr. Paul Quick, who was drowned in the year 1784; aged 30 years.

Mrs. Prudence Quick, who died on the 3rd day of January, 1817; aged 67 years.

Of his grandfather and grandmother:—

Mr Arnold Walters, who died on the 9th day of July, 1789; aged 74 years.

Mrs. Prudence Walters, who died on the 17th day of October, 1804; aged 86 years.

And of his aunt, Miss Mary Walters, who died on the 28th day of February, 1811; aged 63 years.

Near this spot are deposited the mortal remains of Mary Hichens, daughter of William and Margaret Hichens who departed this life of the 30th day of May, 1833; aged 53.

This monument is erected in memory of her who was most tenderly loved and deeply lamented by her surviving sister and brothers, Elizabeth Scott, Robert Hichens, William Hichens.

In the churchyard of Ludgvan parish, in this county, are deposited the mortal remains of the Reverend John Stephens, brother of the late Samuel Stephens, Esqr., of Tregenna Castle, and of the late Augustus Stephens, Esqr., of St. Ives.

He was during 43 years rector of Ludgvan, and was also a magistrate for this county. He died at his rectory October the 23rd, 1834; aged 69 years.

This record of attachment is raised to his memory by his grateful niece, S. M. Davy.

In the family vault lie interned the remains of Augustus Stephens, Esquire, a magistrate for this county, alderman of this borough, and for twenty-seven years Collector of the Customs of this Port.

In every situation of life his upright and independent conduct rendered him respected, while his urbanity of manner, find his social qualities endeared him to all who had the happiness of knowing him.

To him with truth might the words of the poet be applied,

The sunny temper bright, where all is strife;
The simple heart that mocks at worldly wiles;
Light wit that plays along the calm of life,
And stirs its languid surface into smiles.
The grateful happy spirit that improves,
And brightens every gift by fortune given;
That wander where it will with those it loves,
Makes every place a home,—and home a heaven.

He died universally lamented at his residence at St. Ives, on Saturday the 4th of January, 1834; aged 61 years.

This slight tribute to departed worth was erected by his nephews, S. Wallis, and H. Lewis Stephens.

Sacred to the memory of James Halse, Esqre., who died the 14th May, 1838; aged 69 years.

He resided in this borough 48 years, and represented it in five parliaments. He died in London where he was attending to his parliamentary duties, and was interred in the cemetery at Kensal Green.

Also of his widow, Mary, daughter of Thomas and Mary Hichens, (born Allen of Bosavern) who died June 25th, 1851; aged 71.

This monument is erected in affectionate and grateful remembrance by their nephew and heir, Edwin Ley.

Sacred to the, memory of William Bazeley, Esqr., of this borough, who departed this life the 25th day of June, 1838; aged 64 years.

Also Elizabeth, his wife, who departed this life the 8th day of December, 1837; aged 63 years.

Their mortal remains rest in the family vault beneath this monument, which is erected as a memorial of filial affection by their children.

Sacred to the memory of Francis Hearle Stephens, 2nd son of Samuel Stephens, Esqr., of Tregenna Castle, co. Cornwall, late major of the 1st Royal Dragoons, but formerly of the 14th Lt. Dragoons, who departed this life at Hastings, the 28th day of March, 1852; aged 41 years.

A fine officer, a noble & generous friend, & a kind husband. Non omnis moriar.
This tablet is erected by an affectionate wife.

William Wallis Davy, Died at Jaca, in Spain, August the 9th, 1858; Aged Thirty Years. (Mural brass).

Attached to the east-end of the church, on the outside, is a headstone inscribed:—

In memory of Arnold Walters, who circumnavigated the globe with Commodore Lord Anson, in H.M.S. Centurion, A.D. 1744; and who died 9th July, 1789; aged 74 years.

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