Early history

[The ancient hundred of] Conarton may be asserted with great probability, included the present hundred of Penwith; for the lord of the manor of Conarton has been lord also of all the hundred of Penwith from the time of Henry III. [Borlase, 1754]

All the hundreds of Cornwall, from time immemorial, belonged to the Earls, and still continue to be attached to the duchy, except the hundred of Penwith; and of this, two-thirds continued to belong to the duchy in the reign of James I., the other third, together with the bailiffry of the hundred, as attached to the manor of Conarton, was granted, at an early period, to the family of Pincerna, and descended to the Arundells, who eventually became possessed of the entire lordship of the hundred. The manor of Conarton, and the hundred of Penwith, were lately purchased of Lord Arundell, of Wardour, by Sir Christopher Hawkins, Bart. [Lysons, 1814]


These figures are for the whole of the Hundred of Penwith (later Penwith District).

Year Population
1981 54,200
1991 59,900
1992 59,900
1993 59,700
1994 59,600
1995 60,000
1996 59,600
1997 59,500
1998 59,300


The West Penwith parishes (by my definition) are listed here with their CRO class numbers.

Other places of worship are listed on the CHAPELS page.