Moyle Mrs. Eliza, Alverton terrace

Nias Mr. Joseph, Cornwall terrace

Nichols Mis Mary Ann, 10 Penrose ter

Noall Capt. Alex. 28 Leskinick terrace

Oddie Mrs. Mary, 3 Wellington terrace

Osborne Capt. John, Coinagehall street

Paddy Miss Elizabeth, 4 Clarence st

Pascoe Mr. Francis V. 8 Clarence street

Pascoe Mrs. Sarah, Alverton street

Paul Mr. John, 7 Belle vue terrace

Paynter Lieut. Chas. R.N. 2 Morrab pl

Paynter Francis, esq. Clarence house

Peel Mrs. William, Alverton cottage

Penneck Rev. Henry, M.A. 7 North parade

Pentreath Capt. Nicholas, 21 Clarence st

Pentreath James, esq. Penhale house

Pentreath Mr. Richard, 16 Clarence st

Peters Rev. Michael Nowell, M.A. Bellair house

Peyton Lieut. Lumley W. Clarence cot

Pidwell Mrs. Evelina, Alverton terrace

Polkinghorne Edwin S. esq. the Cliff

Quick James Richard, esq. Chapel st

Rees Mr. William, Cornwall terrace

Richards Miss Elizabeth, Alverton ter

Richards Mrs. Elizabeth, Regent sq

Richards Capt. Samuel, 4 Marine ter

Richards Mr. Thomas, Regent square

Richards William Hoskings, Regent sq

Roberts Miss Elizabeth, Morrab place

Robyns General, 6 Clarence place

Rodd Edward Hearle, esq. South parade

Rodd Wm. Henry, esq. 14 North parade

Roscolla John, esq. 13 North parade

Rosewall Mrs. Grace, Chapel street

Rowe Mr. James, Morrabplace

Scoby Capt. Robert, Queen street

Scoble Mrs. Jane, 6 North parade

Scurrah Rev. Ralph [Wesleyan], Richmond cottage

Selwood Mr. William, Cornwall terrace

Sleep Mrs. Regent square

Smith Rev. George Charles [Baptist], Jordan house

Stephens Mr. Thomas, 3 Penrose terrace

Stevens Capt. Chapel street

Stevens Mr. Matthew, Cornwall terrace

Stiles Mr. William, 3 East terrace

Thomas Richard esq. Market Jew st

Tippet Richd. Edwards, esq. Alverton ter

Toms Mrs. Grace, 5 Regent’s terrace

Tonkin Capt. 33 Leskinick terrace

Tonkin Mr. John, 22 Regent’s terrace

Veale Peter C. esq. 20 North parade

Vibert Miss Elizabeth, Market Jew st

Wallace Mr. Thomas, 3 Morrab place

Willand Leonard R. esq. 6 Regent’s ter

Williams Mr. Anthony, 3 St. Mary’s ter

Williams Mr. Martin, St. Clare terrace

Williams Mrs. Sarah, 36 Leskinick ter

Woodcock Capt. John, 21 Marine ter

York Samuel, esq. Herbier house

Akerman James, chemist & druggist, & agent to the County fire & Provident life assurance co. Cape Cornwall street

Allen Charles, wine & spirit merchant, North street

Andrew & Sons, smiths & bellhangers, Parade street

Andrew John, smith, 17 Leskinick terrace

Andrew Luke, grocer, North street

Andrew Mary (Mrs.), lodging house, Regent square

Angwin William, shoemaker, 4 Leskinick terrace

Ash James Wilton, saddler & harness maker, Green market

Ash John, tailor & draper, Market Jew street

Armstrong Rev. Jas. B.A. classical & mathematical school, Penare house

Atkinson George, mangr. of Reeth Consols mine, Rosevean rd

Bailey William Henry, grocer, Cornwall terrace

Ball William, Union hotel & posting house, Chapel street

Barnes William, grocer, Market Jew street

Barrett Joseph, comptroller of customs, 11 Regent terrace

Bassett John, boot & shoe maker, Chapel street

Bassett John, shopkeeper, Mount street

Batten, Carne & Carne, Penzance bank, Chapel street

Baynard Henry Tonkin, gilder, painter & beer retailer, Market Jew street

Beare Thomas, printer, bookseller & stationer, Market place

Belgian Steam Navigation Co. (John Permewan, agent), Clarence street

Bell Robert, draper, Clarence street

Bellamy William, master mariner, 16 Regent’s terrace

Bennett Elizabeth (Miss), lodging house, 20 Regent’s terrace

Beresford John G. collector of customs, 13 Regent’s terrace

Beringer & Schwerer, Jewelers & watchmakers, Market pl

Berriman Joh, miller & shopkeeper, Alverton street

Berryman Misses, ladies’ boarding school, Morrab house

Berryman Arthur, surgeon, 16 North parade

Berryman Eliza, milliner & dressmaker, Alverton terrace

Berryman Geo. builder, mason & cement mercht. Clarence st

Berryman Thomas, surgeon, Alverton street

Berryman William, builder, cabinet maker & upholsterer, Clarence street

Berryman William, builder & mason, Clarence street

Bettemy Caroline (Mrs.), mistress of Wesleyan schl. Chapel st

Bettemy George, master of Wesleyan school, Chapel street

Bettinson Thomas, marine store dealer, Market Jew street

Bevan Meredith, deputy gaoler, St. Clare street

Bickerleg Arthur James, baker & grocer, Alverton street

Billing William, tailor, Chapel street

Birch Thomas, beer retailer & tobacconist, Parade street

Birch William, ‘Anchor & Hope,’ Alverton street

Blackwell Henry, Western hotel, family, commercial & posting house, Clarence street

Blee Alfred, chemist & druggist, Market Jew street

Blee Stephen, accountant, Regent square

Bluett & Perrow, tailors & drapers, North street

Bluett Gabriel, builder, Marine terrace

Boase Francis, surgeon, Chapel street

Bodilly Thomas H. & Son, whosesale grocers, candle manufacturers & flour merchants, Market place

Bodilly Richard, Engine inn,, Green market

Bolitho, Sons & Co. Mount’s Bay bank, Market Jew street

Bolitho Thomas & Sons, merchants, tanners & tinsmelters, Chyandower

Bond Stephen, smith, Market Jew street

Boney Ambrose, tinplate worker, Market Jew street

Boney Charles, grocer, Rosevean road

Bosustow Misses, milliners, Chapel street

[Bos]ustow William, master mariner [page lost]

[page lost] Elizabeth (Mrs.), shopke[eper] [page lost]

[page lost] & furniture [remainder of page lost]

Boynes Jane (Mrs.), miliner, Alverton street

Boynes John, academy, 1 Morrab place

Boynes John, jun. smith, Cornwall terrace

Bramble Jane (Miss), straw bonnet maker, Queen street

Bramble John, boot & shoe maker, Queen street

Branwell Robert M & Sons, wholesale grocers, teadealer & corn & flour factors, Market place

Branwells (Misses), seminary, 5 Morrab place

Brewer Elizabeth (Mrs.), lodging house, Queen street

Brewer John, shoemaker, Leskinick terrace

Broad Captain James, harbour master & agent to the London fire & life assurance company, 2 Clarence street

Broad Mary (Mrs.), shopkeeper, Marine terrace

Bromley John, wholesale grocer, teadealer, candle manufacturer & flour factor, Green market

Bromwell Thomas, corn merchant, Chapel street

Brown Dennis, cutler & brazier, Adelaide street

Burt Margaret (Mrs.), baker, North street

Calf Mary (Mrs.), grocer, Market Jew street

Cara Stephen, dyer, Chapel street

Carbis John, wheelwright & coachmaker, North street

Cardell Sarah (Miss), lodging house, 7 St. Mary’s terrace

Care John, master mariner, Brighton terrace

Carthew Thomas, mine agent, St. Clare street

Carty John, marine store dealer, Rosevean road

Chappel William, sailmaker, Quay street

Charles Catherine (Mrs.), beer retailer, Quay street

Charles Elizabeth (Mrs.), milliner, Chapel street

Charles Henry, master mariner, Chapel street

Childs John, fancy repository, Chapel street

Childs John, tailor, Chapel street

Chirgwin John, eating house, Cape Cornwall street

Chirgwin William, cattle doctor, Queen street

Chirgwin William, lodging house, Marine terrace

Clark Mary (Mrs.), shopkeeper, Daniel’s place

Cock William, hatter & spirit merchant, Market place

Cockin John & Son, hat & cap manufacturers, Chapel street

Cocking William Jilbert, tailor, Parade street

Colenso Christiana (Mrs.), grocer, Queen street

Colenso Francis, black & white smith, Queen street

Colenso George, shipbuilder, Quay street

Colenso John, shipbuilder & grocer, Quay street

Colenso Richard, painter & glazier, St. Clare street

Colenso Samuel May, saddler & harness maker, Alverton st

Colliver Michael, merchant, Cornwall terrace

Comeford James, marine store dealer, Market Jew street

Cook Samuel, tailor & draper, Market Jew street

Corin Edward, beadle of the market, 4 Leskinick street

Corin Edwin, boot & shoe maker, Chapel street

Corin Ellen M. (Miss), dressmaker, Adelaide street

Corin Louisa S. (Miss), milliner, Adelaide street

Corin Philip B. accountant, Adelaide street

Corin Richard, saddler & harness maker, Market place

Corin William, currier, Market Jew street

Cornish Francis John, grocer, teadealer, tobacconsit, [obscured] wine merchant, Italian warehouse & manufacturer of [sub]stitute for barm, Green market

Cornish Henry Roberts, chemist & druggist, Market place

Cornish Henry R. grocer, teadealer & baking powder [manu]facturer, Market place

Cornish Jane (Mrs.), lodging house, Queen street

Cornish Margery (Mrs.), agent to the Norwich Union [fire] & life assurance company, 17 Clarence street

Couch Richard Q. surgeon, Chapel street

Coulson James & Thomas, coal & timber merchants, [obscured]

Coulson Charles, linendraper, mercer, & agent in [the Eng]lish Equitable life assurance company, Market place

[page lost] [J]ames, timber merchant, Regent square

[remainder of page, if any, lost]

Coulson Richard J. C. medical botanist, Botanical hall, Market Jew street

Cowen Solomon, hebrew reader, 5 Leskinick terrace

Crocker Charles, upholsterer, cabinet maker & undertaker, Market Jew street

Crocker Charles Henry, glazier, painter & paperhanger, Chapel street

Crocker Francis, professor of music, Victoria place

Crocker John, cabinet maker & upholstr. 17 North parade

Cross William, boot & shoe maker, Market Jew street

Cunnack John, currier, leather seller & ironmonger, Market Jew street

Cunnack Mary (Mrs.), shopkeeper, Market Jew street

Curnow Esther (Mrs.), ‘Farmers’ Arms,’ North street

Curnow Frederick, coffee rooms & shopkeeper, Quay street

Curnow John, boot & shoe maker, Mount street

Curnow John, carpenter, Coinagehall street

Curnow John, London inn, North street

Curnow William, master mariner, Cornwall terrace

Curnow William Henry, custom house office, Chapel street

Dale John, baker, Union street

Daniel Henry, carrier to Hayle, Alverton street

Daniel Henry, greengrocer, Mount street

Daniel Rachael (Mrs.), grocer, Chapel street

Dark Thomas, clerk to commissioners of assessed & property taxes, harbour master, sub-division clerk to the deputy lieutenancy for East & West Penwith & sub-division clerk to deputy warden for East & West Penwith, Parade street

Dash Joseph, marine store dealer, Adelaide street

Dash William, shopkeeper, Adelaide street

Davies William, master mariner, 18 Regent’s terrace

Davis Alexander, boot & shoe maker, Market place

Davy Edmund & Henry, linen & woolen drapers, mercers & hatters, Green market

Davy Richard V. & Humphrey, wine & spirit & coal & iron merchants, Market Jew street

Deason Maria (Miss), dressmaker, 22 Clarence street

Denithorn Thomas, hairdresser, Market Jew street

Dennis James, linen & woolen draper, mercer & hosier, Green market

Dennis Samuel John, machinist, brass & iron founder, bell hanger, brazier & smith, Queen street

Dennithorne George, tailor, Queen street

Dennithorne Mary Ann (Mrs.), straw bonnet maker, Chyandower

Derider Emily S. (Mrs.), lodging house, 4 Regent’s terrace

Devany William, marine store dealer, Barbican lane

Dingley Edward, private hotel, Chapel street

Dodd Ann (Mrs.), sugar boiler, Market Jew street

Dodge William Henry, surgeon, Market Jew street

Donithorne Thomas, teadealer & grocer, Market Jew street

Downing Benjamin, auctioneer, general agent, & agent to the Globe fire & life assurance company, 21 North parade

Drew Elizabeth A. (Miss), milliner, Market Jew street

Drew ELizabeth A. (Miss), straw bonnet maker, North st

Drew William, lodging house, Daniel’s place

Drown Ann (Miss), boarding house, 1 Penrose terrace

Duff Francis Bluett, master mariner, Cornwall terrace

Dusting John, china & earthenware dealer, Market Jew st

Dusting Richard, master mariner, 14 Leskinick street

Eathorne James, cooper & chair maker, North street

Eddy Thomas, beer retailer & dining rooms, Alverton street

Eddy William, beer retailer & dining rooms, Green market

Edmonds Charles, beer retailer, St. Clare street

Edmonds Frederick, physician, 4 North parade

Edmonds Thomas, carpenter, St. Clare street

Edmonds Wlater, lodging house, 12 North parade

Edmonds Walter, jun. painter, glazier, paperhanger, & agent to the Accidental Death & West of England fire & Life assurance company, Queen square

Edwards Henry, tailor, Market terrace

Ellis Charles, plasterer, Market terrace

Ellis William, dining rooms, Market Jew street

Eva James, china & earthenware dealer, glazier & painter, Alverton street

Fance Frances (Mrs.), dressmaker, Queen street

Farquharson Ann (Mrs.), shopkeeper, Quay street

Farquharson Mary (Mrs.), ladies’ school, Chapel street

Flamank James, linen & woolen draper, Market place

Fleming John Tall, cabinet mkr. & upholstr. Market Jew st

Flynn Margaret (Miss), milliner & dressmkr. Market Jew st

Ford John Williams, beer retailer, New street

Forward Thomas R. commander of cutter, Regent’s square

Foster John, accountant, Chapel street

Fox Joseph, beer retailer, Market Jew street

Fox William, ‘Cornish Arms,’, M[arket Jew stree]t

[F]rench John, beer retailer & dinin[g rooms] [page lost]on street

Friggen Joseph, ‘One & All,’, M[arket Jew street]

Friggens Humphrey, shopkeeper [rest of page lost]

Gard William, shopkeeper & shoemaker, North street

Geach Thomas D. R. ‘Prince of Wales,’ Market Jew st

Gendall James, boot & shoe maker, Chapel street

Gendle Richard, shoemaker, North street

Geoffaoi Henry, artist, Queen street

George Richard, confectioner & grocer, Market Jew street

Glasson William Arthur, china & glass warehouse, Market Jew street

Grylls Thomas, builder, 8 Belle vue terrace

Grylls Thomas Glynn, master of grammar school, Princes st

Hall Joseph, painter & glazier, Victoria place

Hall Robert, hairdresser, Queen street

Hall William, mason, 12 Leskinick terrace

Hall William, shopkeeper, Chyandower

Hallat Rebecca (Mrs.), grocer & seed dealer, Market place

Hamilton Robert, teadealer & draper, Market Jew street

Hamlyn William, carver, gilder, printseller & fancy repository, Chapel street

Hampton Alexander, confectioner, pastrycook & dealer in game, Queen square

Hancock Christian, grocer, St. Clare street

Hancock Mary (Mrs.), shopkeeper, North street

Hare Thomas, ‘Horse & Jockey,’ Queen street

Harry William, shoemaker, Quay street

Harvey Edward, architect & surveyor, 1 Belle vue terrace

Harvey Joseph Smith, chemst. drugist, & seedsman, North st

Harvey William, beer retailer, Adelaide street

Harvey William George, surgeon, North street

Haydon Isabella (Miss), ladies’ school, 19 Clarence street

Heath John Trounce, linendraper, North street

Hendy Henry, provision dealer, Parade street

Henwood John, draper, Market place

Hemming George, Three Tuns hotel, Green market

Hemmings William Chenhalls, chemist & druggist, & agent to the National Mutual life assurance company, & stamp office, Chapel street

Hewett Richard, tailor & draper, Market place

Heynes Thomas & Son, flour & provision merchants, & grocers, & agents to the British Empire fire & life assurance company, Market place

Hick William, fellmonger, Alverton terrace

Higgs & Son, tallow chandlers, general merchants, importers & mine pursers, Green market

Higgs George, agent to the Clerical & Medical General life assurance company, Green market

Hill ELizabeth (Mrs.), manager of Religious Tract & Book society, Clarence street

Hill John, jun. licensed to let horses, Alverton street

Hill Richard, shopkeepr, Chapel street

Hocking John, beer retailer, Queen street

Hodge Samuel, gardener, 7 Leskinick terrace

Holman Francis & Son, ironfounders, Market Jew street

Holman Nicholas & Son, ironfounders, engineers & agricultural implement makers, Market Jew street

Honeychurch Thomas, grocer & hairdresser, Chapel street

Honeychurch William, baker, Market Jew street

Hooper William Edward, builder, cabinet maker & shopkeeper, Quay street

Hore Eliza Jane (Miss), milliner & dressmaker, Queen st

Hosking Wilmott (Mrs.), woolendraper, Alverton street

Hoskings Alexander, builder, Regent square

Houlson George, upholsterer, Parade street

Houlson Joseph, hairdresser, Alverton street

Houlson Samuel, beer retailer, Cornwall terrace

Huntingdon John, boot & shoe maker, Alverton terrace

Hymen Lazarus, furrier & jeweller, Union street

Izzard William, ‘Three Tuns,’ Chyandower

James Jane (Miss), milliner, 3 Clarence street

James John, ironmonger coachmaker & saddler, & registrar of births, deaths & marriages, Market place

James John C. R. ironmngr. coachmn. & saddler, Market pl

James William, boot amp; shoe maker, Market Jew street

Jenkyns William, photographic artist, North street

Johns Philip, shipowner, 24 Regent’s terrace

Jellow Catherine (Mrs.), beer retailer, Market Jew st

Jones Morris, mercer & tailor, Chapel street

Jose Benjamin Snell, beer retailer, Adelaide street

Joseph Henry, pawnbroker, Market place

Just Sarah (Mrs.), ‘Turk’s Head,’, Chapel street

Kelynack John, beer retailer, Market Jew street

Kevern James Trembath, money scrivener, commission merchant, land steward, valuer & agent to the Globe fire & life, Travellers’ & Mariners’ life & Provident Investment loan societies, Princess street

Kindly Jane (Mrs.), lodging house, 22 North parade

King Henry, customhouse broker, Chapel street

Kingston Elizabeth (Miss), lodging house, Morrab place

Kinsman Josiah, painter & glazier, Chyandower

[page lost] George, watch & clock maker, North street

[page lost]n Joseph James, carrier & ironmonger, Market place

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