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Folio 21

PRO Ref HO107/143/4
County of Cornwall (Parliamentary Division) Western Division
Hundred of Penwith
Parish of Madron (Part of)
Township Chapelry of Penzance (Part of)
Borough of Penzance
Within the Municipal Boundary of Penzance
Superintendent Registrar’s District Penzance Union
Registrar’s District Penzance
No. of Enumeration District 11
Description of ditto All that part of the Borough of Penzance which lies to the east of the Chapel yard and south of Quay street

Folio 23 Page 1

Quay Street,1,Jane Edwards,,55,Washer,In county,
,,Elizabeth Edwards,,20,,In county,
,,William Edwards,7,,,In county,
Quay Street,1,Henry Mitchell,40,,Sexton,In county,
,,Jane Mitchell,,35,,In county,
,,Jane Mitchell,,8,,In county,
,,Amelia Mitchell,,3,,In county,
,,William Mitchell,2,,,In county,
,,Jane Pascoe,,60,F.S.,In county,
Quay Street,1,Jane Willson,,75,,In county,
Quay Street,1,Elizabeth Rawlin,,75,,In county,
Quay Street,1,George Batten,30,,Carrier,In county,
,,Mary Batten,,40,,In county,
,,Elizabeth Batten,,6,,In county,
,,William Batten,7m,,,In county,
,,William Grenfill,14,,,In county,
Quay Street,1,Ann Tresise,,40,,In county,
,,Mary Tresise,,12,,In county,
Quay Street,1,Jane Rowe,,40,,In county,
,,Maria Rowe,,20,,In county,
Quay Street,1,James Nicholas,45,,Mason,In county,
,,Elizabeth Nicholas,,45,,In county,
,,James Nicholas,20,,Painter,In county,
,,Elizabeth Nicholas,,20,,In county,
,,Jane Nicholas,,14,,In county,
Quay Street,1,John Symons,30,,Carpenter,In county,

Folio 24 Page 2

,,Margret Symons,,25,,In county,
,,Joseph Symons,8,,,In county,
,,Elizabeth Symons,,6,,In county,
,,John Symons,4,,,In county,
,,William Symons,2,,,In county,
,,Henry Symons,1m,,,In county,
,,John Hocking,15,,,In county,
,,Mary Symons,,20,F.S.,In county,
Quay Street,1,William Tresider,45,,Publican,In county,
,,Elizabeth Tresider,,35,,In county,
,,Pradena Bell,,25,F.S.,In county,
Quay Street,1,John Rodda,35,,Cleak,In county,
,,Mary Rodda,,35,,In county,
,,Richard Rodda,11,,,In county,
,,Jane Rodda,,10,,In county,
,,Joseph Rodda,7,,,In county,
,,Thomas Rodda,4,,,In county,
,,John Rodda,2,,,In county,
Quay Street,1,James Rowe,40,,Merchant,In county,
Quay Street,1,Mary Boase,,60,,In county,
,,Amelia Branwell,,12,,In county,
,,Betsey Stevens,,20,,In county,
,,Margaret Thomas,,15,,In county,
,,Margret Bowles,,25,,In county,
Quay Street,1,George Downing,45,,Pilot,In county,

Folio 24 Page 3

,,Grace Downing,,45,,In county,
,,Cordelia Downing,,20,,In county,
,,George Downing,15,,,In county,
,,James Downing,15,,,In county,
,,William Downing,9,,,In county,
,,James Downing,75,,H. Pay,In county,
Quay Street,1,Edward Stevens,60,,Publican,In county,
,,Ann Stevens,,45,,In county,
,,Ann Stevens,,20,,In county,
,,Jane Stevens,,12,,In county,
,,Catherine Stevens,,10,,In county,
,,Elizabeth Stevens,,7,,In county,
Quay Street,1,Charles Randell,30,,Shoe Maker,In county,
,,Mary Randell,,30,,In county,
,,William Randell,20,,Butcher,In county,
Quay Street,1,Mary Grenfell,,40,,In county,
,,Ann Grenfell,,15,,In county,
,,Edward Grenfell,14,,,In county,
,,Sarah Grenfell,,11,,In county,
,,Thomas Grenfell,2,,,In county,
Quay Street,1,Edward Harry,35,,Sailor,In county,
,,Allice Harry,,40,,In county,
,,Edward Harry,14,,,In county,
,,William Harry,9,,,In county,

Folio 25 Page 4

,,James Harry,8,,,In county,
,,Mary Harry,,5,,In county,
,,Michael Harry,3,,,In county,
Quay Street,1,William Deveny,40,,Merchant,Ireland,
,,Jane Deveny,,30,,Not in county,
,,Hugh Deveny,24,,Shoe M. J.,Ireland,
,,William Deveny,4m,,,In county,
,,James Ellis,40,,Labourer,Not in county,
,,Grace Ellis,,55,,Not in county,
,,Grace Ellis,,5,,Not in county,
,,Timothy Ellis,3,,,Not in county,
Quay Street,1,William Bickford,60,,Sailor,Not in county,
,,Grace Bickford,,50,,Not in county,
,,Allice Bickford,,20,,Not in county,
,,Steven Pender,3,,,Not in county,
Quay Street,1,William Chapel,45,,Sail Maker,In county,
,,Charlott Chapel,,45,,In county,
,,Ann Chapel,,19,Bonnett M.,In county,
,,Elizabeth Chapel,,17,Dress M.,In county,
,,Samuel Chapel,14,,Carp. Ap.,In county,
,,Henry Chapel,12,,Carp. Ap.,In county,
,,Charlott Chapel,,6,,In county,
Quay Street,1,Susanah Phillips,,85,In.,In county,
,,Ann Tregarthen,,55,Grocer,In county,
,,Elizabeth Tregarthen,,15,,In county,

Folio 25 Page 5

,,Caroline Miners,,14,F.S.,In county,
Quay Street,1,William Pascoe,25,,Publican,In county,
,,Ann Pascoe,,20,,In county,
,,Frances Nettle,,25,F.S.,In county,
Barbican,1,Rebeca Gift,,35,,In county,
,,Rebeca Gift,,3,,In county,
,,Mary Richards,,20,Tailor,In county,
,,Roseana Peyshot,,15,Tailor,In county,
,,Elizabeth Vaughan,,15,,In county,
Barbican,1,Cornelious Olliver,65,,Fisherman,Not in county,
,,Mary Olliver,,60,,Not in county,
Barbican,1,William Vaughan,60,,Mariner,Not in county,
,,Elizabeth Vaughan,,55,,In county,
Barbican,1,David Allen,40,,Mariner,In county,
,,Hanah Allen,,40,,In county,
,,George Dale,11,,,In county,
Barbican,1,John Phillip,45,,Fisherman,In county,
,,James Hosking,25,,Ship Wright,In county,
,,Grace Hosking,,20,,In county,
,,Mary Hosking,,3,,In county,
,,Jane Hosking,,6m,,In county,
Barbican,1,George Cockell,25,,Fisherman,In county,
,,Jane Cockell,,25,,Not in county,
,,Elizabeth Cockell,,8,,In county,

Folio 26 Page 6

,,Jane Cockell,,5,,In county,
,,Isabella Cockell,,4,,In county,
,,Precilla Cockell,,2,,In county,
,,Louisa Cockell,,3w,,In county,
Barbican,1,Richard Nicholas,70,,Poter,In county,
,,Clara Nicholas,,45,F.S.,In county,
Barbican,1,Ann Cockell,,65,F.S.,In county,
,,Isabella Cockell,,15,F.S.,In county,
,,James Opy,30,,Mason,In county,
Barbican,1,Abigail Sarah,,40,F.S.,In county,
,,Elizabeth Sarah,,9,,In county,
,,Mary Sarah,,5,,In county,
Barbican,1,Bennett Drew,30,,Mariner,In county,
,,Susanna Drew,,30,,In county,
,,William Drew,7,,,In county,
,,George Drew,5,,,In county,
,,Bennett Drew,2m,,,In county,
,,Samuel Drew,2,,,In county,
Barbican,1,William Cockle,35,,Fisherman,In county,
,,Elizabeth Cockle,,35,,In county,
,,William Cockle,4,,,In county,
,,Precilla Cockle,,18m,,In county,
Battery Square,1,Mary Pengelly,,30,,In county,
,,Lucinda Pengelly,,10,,In county,
,,William Pengelly,8,,,In county,

Folio 26 Page 7

,,Henry Pengelly,5,,,In county,
,,Mary Pengelly,,3,,In county,
,,John Pengelly,5m,,,In county,
Battery Square,1,John Spargoe,30,,Mason,In county,
,,Margaret Spargoe,,25,,In county,
,,John Spargoe,9,,,In county,
,,Thomas Spargoe,3,,,In county,
,,Mary Spargoe,,6m,,In county,
Battery Square,u,,,,,,
Battery Square,u,,,,,,
Battery Square,1,Michael Perryman,30,,Shoe M. J.,In county,
,,Amelia Perryman,,25,,In county,
,,William Peyshot,20,,Shoe M.J.,In county,
Battery Square,1,William Blanchard,30,,Fisherman,In county,
,,Susanna Blanchard,,35,,In county,
,,Mary Blanchard,,12,,In county,
,,William Blanchard,10,,,In county,
,,Elizabeth Blanchard,,7,,In county,
,,Joseph Blanchard,5,,,In county,
,,Susanna Blanchard,,2,,In county,
,,James Blanchard,1m,,,In county,
Battery Square,1,John Stanbury,40,,Mariner,In county,
,,Ann Stanbury,,35,,In county,
,,John Stanbury,15,,Shoe M. Ap.,In county,
,,James Stanbury,14,,Shoe M. Ap.,In county,
,,Mary Stanbury,,12,,In county,
,,Joseph Stanbury,10,,,In county,

Folio 27 Page 8

Battery Square,1,Elizabeth Nicholas,,35,,In county,
,,John Nicholas,13,,,In county,
,,Elizabeth Nicholas,,6,,In county,
,,Andrew Nicholas,2,,,In county,
,,Matilda Nicholas,,4m,,In county,
Battery Square,1,William Lord,35,,Fisher Man,In county,
,,Mary Lord,,30,,In county,
,,Mary Lord,,12,,In county,
,,Elizabeth Lord,,9,,In county,
,,William Lord,4,,,In county,
,,Francis Lord,9m,,,In county,
Battery Square,1,Francis Nichollas,20,,Mariner,In county,
,,Elizabeth Nichollas,,20,,In county,
,,Catherine Rodda,,15,,In county,
Battery Square,1,Joseph Vincen,20,,Sailor,In county,
,,Jane Vincen,,20,,In county,
Battery Square,1,Francis Bolitho,45,,Sailor,In county,
,,Frances Bolitho,,45,,In county,
,,Francis Bolitho,19,,Labourer,In county,
,,Elizabeth Bolitho,,15,Tailor,In county,
,,Thomas Bolitho,5,,,In county,
,,John Bolitho,5,,,In county,
Battery Square,1,Jane Harry,,55,,In county,
,,Michael Harry,25,,Shipwright,In county,

Folio 27 Page 9

,,William Harry,20,,Shoe M. J.,In county,
,,Edward Harry,15,,Carpenter Ap.,In county,
,,John Harry,12,,,In county,
,,Mary Vigurs,,9,,In county,
Battery Square,1,Walter Thrathen,60,,Sail Maker,In county,
,,Maria Thrathen,,20,,In county,
,,Lucy Ellis,,25,Dress Maker,Not in county,
,,Emma Warren,,6,,In county,
Battery Square,1,Nicholas Kelynack,30,,Ship Wright,In county,
,,Mary Kelynack,,25,,In county,
,,Charles Kelynack,5,,,In county,
,,Matilda Kelynack,,3,,In county,
Battery Square,1,Thomas Grible,30,,Sailor,In county,
,,Ann Grible,,30,,In county,
,,Elizabeth Grible,,7,,In county,
Battery Square,1,John Carby,25,,Sailor,In county,
,,Jane Carby,,25,,In county,
,,Catherine Carby,,1,,In county,
,,George Warren,8,,,In county,
Battery Square,1,William Curnow,30,,Joiner,Unknown,
,,Sarah Curnow,,30,,In county,
,,Sarah Curnow,,6,,In county,
,,Sophiah Curnow,,3,,In county,
Battery Square,1,Ann Rattray,,30,,In county,
,,Alexander Rattrey,10,,,In county,

Folio 28 Page 10

,,David Rattrey,6,,,In county,
,,William Rattrey,3,,,In county,
,,Thomas Rattrey,1,,,In county,
,,Mary Ellis,,30,,Not in county,
Battery Square,1,Eliza Young,,35,,In county,
,,Peter Young,4,,,In county,
,,Nancy Young,,6,,In county,
Battery Square,1,Samuel Williams,60,,Sailor,In county,
,,Elizabeth Williams,,50,,In county,
,,Daniel Williams,20,,Joiner J.,In county,
,,Matilda Williams,,15,Tailor,In county,
,,William Williams,15,,Sailor,In county,
,,Martha Colenso,,12,,In county,
Coinage Hall Street,u,,,,,,
Coinage Hall Street,1,Anthony Miller,60,,Sailor,In county,
,,John James,30,,Shoe M. J.,In county,
,,Matilda James,,25,,In county,
,,Matilda James,,7,,In county,
,,John James,5,,,In county,
,,Richard James,3,,,In county,
,,William James,2m,,,In county,
Coinage Hall Street,1,John Curnow,60,,Joiner,In county,
,,Ann Curnow,,55,,Not in county,
,,Matilda Curnow,,25,,In county,
,,Sophia Curnow,,25,,In county,
,,Charles Curnow,15,,,In county,

Folio 28 Page 11

,,Francis Curnow,15,,Joiner Ap.,In county,
,,George Curnow,5,,Joiner Ap.,In county,
New Inn Court,1,Nicholas Teague,70,,Sailor,In county,
,,Jane Teague,,70,,In county,
,,Sarah Teague,,35,,In county,
,,Grace Shipard,,65,,In county,
New Inn Court,1,George Uren,35,,Labourer,In county,
,,Ann Uren,,30,,In county,
,,George Uren,7,,,In county,
,,Jane Uren,,4,,In county,
,,William Uren,4m,,,In county,
New Inn Court,1,Francis Ford,40,,Pilot,In county,
,,Jane Ford,,40,,In county,
,,Jane Ford,,15,,In county,
,,Peter Ford,14,,,In county,
,,James Ford,5,,,In county,
,,Henry Ford,1,,,In county,
New Inn Court,u,,,,,,
New Inn Court,u,,,,,,
New Inn Court,u,,,,,,
New Inn Court,1,Mary Descap,,30,,In county,
,,Phillip Descap,8,,,Not in county,
New Inn Court,1,Jane Guy,,40,,In county,
,,Mary Guy,,15,,In county,
,,George Guy,11,,,In county,
Coinage Hall Street,1,John Curnow,25,,Carpenter,In county,
,,Elizabeth Curnow,,20,,In county,
,,John Curnow,1,,,In county,

Folio 29 Page 12

Coinage Hall Street,1,Rebeca Nicholas,,55,,In county,
,,William Nicholas,20,,Shoe M. J.,In county,
,,William Nicholas,5,,,Not in county,
Coinage Hall Street,1,Ann Sennet,,25,,In county,
,,Elizabeth Nenis,,15,F.S.,In county,
,,John Sennet,2,,,In county,
,,William Nenis,4m,,,In county,
Coinage Hall Street,1,James Roberts,35,,Fisherman,In county,
,,Eliza Roberts,,40,,In county,
,,Mary Roberts,,12,,In county,
,,John Roberts,9,,,In county,
,,James Roberts,7,,,In county,
,,Emma Roberts,,6,,In county,
,,Mary Osbern,,30,Dress M.,In county,
Coinage Hall Street,1,Jonathan Collenso,65,,Sailor,In county,
,,Peter Collenso,30,,,In county,
,,Catherine Read,,40,Dress Maker,In county,
Coinage Hall Street,1,Henry Grove,35,,Black Smith,In county,Surname uncertain - might be GROSE
,,Elizabeth Grove,,30,,In county,
,,Henry Grove,9,,,In county,
,,Ann Grove,,6,,In county,
,,Charlott Grove,,3,,In county,
,,James Grove,5m,,,In county,
Coinage Hall Street,1,Charles Roberts,30,,Sailor,In county,
,,Mary Roberts,,35,,In county,

Folio 29 Page 13

Coinage Hall Street,1,Charles Roberts,12,,,In county,
,,Thomas Roberts,9,,,In county,
,,Mary Roberts,,7,,In county,
Coinage Hall Street,1,Elizabeth Watters,,45,F.S.,In county,
,,Ann Nicholas,,70,,In county,
,,Catherine Roberts,,20,,In county,
,,James Roberts,15,,Sailor,In county,
,,John Bryer,30,,Sailor,In county,
,,Elizabeth Bryer,,25,Dress Maker,In county,
Coinage Hall Street,1,John Roberts,65,,J. Black Smith,In county,
,,Grace Roberts,,65,,In county,
Coinage Hall Street,1,Samuel Williams,50,,Fisherman,In county,
,,Elizabeth Williams,,45,,In county,
,,Samuel Williams,25,,Shoe M. J.,In county,
,,John Williams,20,,Fisherman,In county,
,,William Williams,15,,Painter's Ap.,In county,
,,Elizabeth Williams,,11,,In county,
,,Grace Williams,,5,,In county,
Coinage Hall Street,1,Caroline Worsley,,15,,In county,
,,Samuel Worsley,6,,,In county,
,,Elizabeth Williams,,10,,In county,
Coinage Hall Street,1,Rachel Parkin,,50,Tailor,In county,
,,Jane Hockings,,25,Tailor,Unknown,
,,Eliza Hockings,,1m,,In county,
Coinage Hall Street,1,James Tonkin,50,,Sailor,In county,

Folio 30 Page 14

,,Honor Tonkin,,65,,In county,
,,George Pawley,25,,Mason,In county,
,,Honor Pawley,,20,,In county,
Coinage Hall Street,1,Ann Dawson,,90,,In county,
,,Ann Dawson,,50,,In county,
Coinage Hall Street,1,Thomas Wallis,25,,Tailor,In county,
Coinage Hall Street,1,Jane Rowe,,40,,In county,
,,Maria Rowe,,20,,In county,
Coinage Hall Street,u,,,,,,
Coinage Hall Street,u,,,,,,
Coinage Hall Street,1,George Bell,50,,Sailor,In county,
,,Catherine Bell,,50,,Ireland,
,,Mary Bell,,20,F.S.,In county,
,,Catherine Bell,,17,,In county,
,,Susan Bell,,14,,In county,
,,William Bell,9,,,In county,
Coinage Hall Street,1,William Jones,65,,Paper Maker,Not in county,
,,Johana Jones,,65,,In county,
,,Ann Pryor,,30,Dress Maker,Not in county,
,,Gillbert Bowness,35,,In,Not in county,
,,Mary Harvey,,35,Straw B. Maker,In county,
,,Henry Burt,20,,Shipwright,In county,
Coinage Hall Street,1,Elizabeth Ellis,,50,Wash W.,Not in county,
,,Jane Ellis,,15,,In county,
Coinage Hall Street,1,Mary Willcock,,60,School M.,In county,
,,Mary Willcock,,20,Plain Work,In county,
,,Eveldda Higgs,,15,Tailor,In county,

Folio 30 Page 15

Coinage Hall Street,1,John Tremethick,42,,Sailor,In county,
,,Sally Tremethick,,40,,In county,
,,John Tremethick,20,,Mason,In county,
,,Grace Tremethick,,20,,In county,
,,Nancy Tremethick,,3,,In county,
,,Sarah Tremethick,,1,,In county,
,,George Donithorne,18,,Tailor,In county,
Coinage Hall Street,u,,,,,,
Coinage Hall Street,1,William Hammack,70,,Sailor,Ireland,
,,Phillice Hammack,,70,,In county,
Coinage Hall Street,u,,,,,,
Coinage Hall Street,1,Mary Ladner,,70,,In county,
,,Mary Ladner,,30,,In county,
,,Sara Donin,,5,,In county,
Coinage Hall Street,1,Joseph Jago,50,,Sailor,In county,
,,Elizabeth Jago,,45,,In county,
,,Mary Jago,,20,Dress Maker,In county,
,,Elizabeth Jago,,14,,In county,
,,William Jago,12,,,In county,
,,Jane Jago,,9,,In county,
,,Arabela Jago,,6,,In county,
,,George Jago,2,,,In county,
Coinage Hall Street,1,John Renowden,50,,Police,In county,
,,Ann Renowden,,60,,In county,
,,Elizabeth Perry,,30,Dress M.,In county,
Coinage Hall Street,1,George Mathews,50,,Sailor,In county,
,,Margaret Mathews,,50,,Unknown,

Folio 31 Page 16

,,George Mathews,25,,Shoe M. J.,In county,
,,Richard Mathews,20,,,In county,
,,Ann Mathews,,20,,In county,
,,Thomas Mathews,15,,Shoe M. Ap.,In county,
,,James Mathews,14,,Shoe M. Ap.,In county,
,,Elizabeth Mathews,,13,Straw Btt Ap.,In county,
,,William Mathews,10,,,In county,
Coinage Hall Street,1,Mary Grenfell,,45,Washer,In county,
,,Mary Grenfell,,14,,In county,
,,John Grenfell,11,,,In county,
,,Jane Grenfell,,8,,In county,
,,Fanny Thomas,,50,Lodger (Crossed Out),In county,
,,Nancy Brokenshire,,11,Lodger (Crossed Out),In county,
,,Patty Hosking,,20,Lodger (Crossed Out),In county,
Coinage Hall Street,1,John Ford,60,,School Master,In county,
,,Prudence Ford,,50,,In county,
Coinage Hall Street,1,John Carbis,35,,Labourer,In county,
,,Ann Carbis,,40,,In county,
,,Mary Carbis,,15,,In county,
,,John Carbis,7,,,In county,
Coinage Hall Street,1,James Tonkin,50,,Labourer,In county,
,,Ann Tonkin,,45,,In county,
,,Richard Tonkin,15,,,In county,
,,Jane Tonkin,,15,,In county,
,,John Tonkin,12,,,In county,

Folio 31 Page 17

,,Thomas Tonkin,6,,,In county,
Coinage Hall Street,1,Abraham Nichollas,25,,Mason,In county,
,,Sarah Nichollas,,25,,In county,
,,Tucker Nichollas,6,,,In county,
,,James Nichollas,4,,,In county,
,,John Nichollas,3w,,,In county,
Coinage Hall Street,1,Elizabeth Pemean,75,,,In county,
Coinage Hall Street,1,Mary Trathan,,25,,In county,
Coinage Hall Street,1,Elizabeth Bray,,75,Tailor,In county,
,,John Bray,65,,Poter,In county,
Coinage Hall Street,1,Elizabeth Angwin,,50,,In county,
,,Richard Angwin,20,,Shoe M. J.,In county,
,,Margaret Angwin,,20,,In county,
,,John Angwin,15,,Shoe M. Ap.,In county,
Coinage Hall Street,1,Joseph Pearce,20,,Sawyer,In county,
,,Elizabeth Pearce,,20,,In county,
Coinage Hall Street,1,Honor Griffiths,,25,,In county,
,,Elizabeth Griffiths,,3,,In county,
Coinage Hall Street,1,George Jellow,35,,Publican,In county,
,,Catherine Jellow,,40,,In county,
Coinage Hall Street,1,Hannibal Curnow,65,,Sup. Customs,In county,
,,Catherine Curnow,,65,,In county,
Coinage Hall Street,1,James Curnow,25,,Sailor,In county,
,,Jane Curnow,,30,,In county,
Coinage Hall Street,1,John Woolcock,30,,Wheel Wright,In county,

Folio 32 Page 18

,,Ann Woolcock,,30,,In county,
Coinage Hall Street,1,Samuel Curnow,45,,Joiner,In county,
,,Matilda Curnow,,30,,In county,
Coinage Hall Street,1,Peter Kistle,30,,Sailor,In county,
,,Ann Kistle,,35,,In county,
,,John Kistle,12,,,In county,
,,Honor Kistle,,6,,In county,
,,Elizabeth Kistle,,4,,In county,
Coinage Hall Street,1,John Rowe,70,,Shoe M,In county,
,,Prudence Rowe,,40,,In county,
,,Peggy Rowe,,4,,In county,
Coinage Hall Street,u,,,,,,
Coinage Hall Street,1,Grace Taig,,70,Lodging House,In county,
Coinage Hall Street,1,John Joyce,65,,Sawyer,Not in county,
,,Mary Joyce,,45,,Unknown,
,,Mary Joyce,,15,,In county,
,,William Joyce,15,,Shoe M. Ap.,In county,
,,Elizabeth Joyce,,13,,In county,
,,James Joyce,11,,,In county,
,,Charles Joyce,10,,,In county,
,,Thomas Joyce,9,,,In county,
,,Ellen Joyce,,6,,In county,
,,Wilmot Joyce,,5,,In county,
,,Robert Joyce,2,,,In county,
Coinage Hall Street,1,Phillip Francis,55,,Sailor,In county,
,,Catherine Francis,,45,,In county,

Folio 32 Page 19

,,Elizabeth Francis,,20,Dress M,In county,
,,Phillip Francis,15,,Sail M. Ap.,In county,
Coinage Hall Street,1,Edward Crocker,30,,Sailor,In county,
,,Jane Crocker,,30,,In county,
,,John Crocker,8,,,In county,
,,Grace Crocker,,6,,In county,
,,Elizabeth Crocker,,5,,In county,
,,Robert Scobey,25,,Sailor,In county,
,,William Tippet,15,,Sailor,In county,
Coinage Hall Street,1,Thomas Bailey,36,,Sailor,In county,
,,Esther Bailey,,40,,In county,
,,Joseph Bailey,9,,,In county,
,,Thomas Bailey,4,,,In county,
,,Mary Bailey,,2,,In county,
Coinage Hall Street,1,William Ninnis,50,,In.,In county,
,,Elizabeth Ninnis,,45,,In county,
,,Elizabeth Ninnis,,15,,In county,
,,Amelia Hosking,,80,In.,In county,
,,Susanna Joyce,,18,,In county,
Coinage Hall Street,1,John Osborn,30,,Sailor,In county,
,,Ann Osborn,,20,,In county,
,,Pricilla Osborn,,2,,In county,
,,John Osborn,1,,,In county,
Coinage Hall Street,1,Martin Grenfell,30,,Mason,In county,
,,Mary Grenfell,,25,,In county,

Folio 33 Page 20

,,James Grenfell,7,,,In county,
Coinage Hall Street,1,William Hill,55,,Ship Wright,In county,
,,Arabella Hill,,50,,In county,
,,Elizabeth Hill,,20,,In county,
,,Eliza Hill,,12,,In county,
,,John Nicholas,20,,Shoe M. J.,In county,
,,Sopiah Nicholas,,20,,In county,
,,John Nicholas,6m,,,In county,
,,Fanny Nicholas,,3,,In county,
Coinage Hall Street,1,Nichollas Rendall,25,,Sailor,In county,
,,Mary Rendall,,20,,In county,
Coinage Hall Street,1,Edward Hodge,40,,Sailor,In county,
,,Jane Hodge,,40,,In county,
,,Edward Hodge,10,,,In county,
,,William Hodge,7,,,In county,
,,Henry Hodge,5,,,In county,
,,James Hodge,2,,,In county,
,,Charles Hodge,2m,,,In county,
,,James Dyer,50,,Stone Cutter,Unknown,
,,Thomas Hodder,60,,In.,In county,
Coinage Hall Street,1,Michael Mitchell,25,,Ship Wright,In county,
,,Elizabeth Mitchell,,30,,In county,
,,Jane Mitchell,,8,,In county,
,,John Mitchell,6,,,In county,
,,Elizabeth Mitchell,,3,,In county,

Folio 33 Page 21

,,John Lander,30,,Mason,In county,
,,Jane Lander,,25,,In county,
,,Aseneash Lander,,1,,In county,
Coinage Hall Street,1,Thomas Soby,40,,Sailor,In county,
,,Kitty Soby,,40,,In county,
,,Thomas Soby,6,,,In county,
,,Elizabeth Soby,,25,In.,In county,
Coinage Hall Street,u,,,,,,
Coinage Hall Street,1,Stephen Phillips,45,,Sailor,In county,
,,Mary Phillips,,45,,In county,
,,Jane Phillips,,9,,In county,
Coinage Hall Street,1,Mary Daws,,40,,In county,Surname uncertain
,,John Daws,20,,Sailor,In county,
,,Jane Daws,,18,,In county,
,,Elizabeth Dairs,,10,,In county,
,,Catherine Dairs,,5,,In county,
,,William Richards,70,,Lodger,In county,
Coinage Hall Street,1,Maria Osbern,,35,Shopkeeper,In county,
,,Mary Osbern,,3,,In county,
,,Thomas Osbern,2m,,,In county,
Coinage Hall Street,1,William Lanyon,45,,Blacksmith,In county,
,,Elizabeth Lanyon,,50,,In county,
,,Jane Lanyon,,15,Taylor Ap.,In county,
,,Edward Lanyon,12,,,In county,
Coinage Hall Street,1,William Hitchens,30,,Sailor,In county,
,,Eliza Hitchens,,35,,In county,

Folio 34 Page 22

,,William Hitchens,8,,,In county,
,,Mary Hitchens,,5,,In county,
,,Richard Hitchens,9m,,,In county,
,,Ann Uren,,50,,In county,
Coinage Hall Street,1,Pascoe Tonkin,40,,Shipwright,In county,
,,Mary Tonkin,,40,,In county,
,,Mary Tonkin,,12,,In county,
,,William Tonkin,15,,Sailor,In county,
,,Thomas Tonkin,6,,,In county,
,,Pascoe Tonkin,4,,,In county,
Coinage Hall Street,1,Thomas James,70,,Mason,In county,
,,Jane James,,70,,In county,
,,Elizabeth James,,20,Dress M.,In county,
,,Margaret James,,15,F.S.,In county,
,,John Rogers,20,,Customs,In county,
,,William Lanyon,20,,Joiner,In county,
,,Richard Bravven,20,,Shipwright,In county,
Coinage Hall Street,1,John Grose,25,,Tide Waiter Customs,In county,
,,Matilda Grose,,25,,In county,
,,Ann Grose,,7,,In county,
,,Grace Grose,,6,,In county,
,,Elizabeth Grose,,1,,In county,
Coinage Hall Street,1,Bridget Edwards,,25,,Ireland,
,,Michael Edwards,7,,,In county,
,,James Edwards,5,,,In county,

Folio 34 Page 23

Sandy Bank,1,William Vincent,60,,Labourer,Not in county,
,,Ann Vincent,,50,,In county,
,,John Vincent,10,,,In county,
,,Elizabeth Vincent,,10,,In county,
Sandy Bank,1,Grace Laity,,20,,In county,
,,William Laity,3,,,In county,
,,Elizabeth Laity,,9m,,In county,
,,Ann Hawke,,50,Shoe Binder,Not in county,
,,Diana Hawke,,15,F.S.,In county,
Sandy Bank,1,George Miller,50,,Sailor,In county,
,,William Miller,15,,Sailor,In county,
,,Richard Harry,27,,Labourer,In county,
,,Margaret Harry,,20,,Not in county,
,,Richard Harry,6w,,,In county,
,,Alfred Southcutt,15,,Sailor,Not in county,
Sandy Bank,1,John Rowling,30,,Shoe M. J.,In county,
,,Elizabeth Rowling,,30,,In county,
,,Elizabeth Rowling,,10,,In county,
,,William Rowling,8,,,In county,
,,John Rowling,5,,,In county,
,,Eliza Rowling,,1,,In county,
Sandy Bank,1,Mary Sampson,,25,,In county,
,,William Sampson,7,,,In county,
,,Julia Sampson,,6,,In county,
,,Mary Sampson,,5,,In county,

Folio 35 Page 24

,,Richard Sampson,4,,,In county,
,,Elizabeth Sampson,,2,,In county,
,,Fanny Sampson,,1m,,In county,
,,William Nichollas,25,,Labourer,In county,
Sandy Bank,1,George Batten,65,,Labourer,In county,
,,Ann Batten,,60,,In county,
,,Maria Batten,,20,,In county,
,,Benjamin Paul,40,,Sailor,In county,
,,Ann Paul,,30,,In county,
,,Benjamin Paul,7,,,In county,
,,James Paul,5,,,In county,
,,Ann Paul,,2,,In county,
Sandy Bank,1,John Semmens,25,,Labourer,In county,
,,Elizabeth Semmens,,25,,In county,
,,Edemah Semmens,,2,,In county,
Sandy Bank,1,Mary Roberts,,25,,Not in county,
,,William Roberts,6,,,In county,
,,Grace Roberts,,4,,In county,
,,Mary Roberts,,2,,In county,
,,Michael Roberts,5m,,,In county,

Folio 35 Page 25


Intervening pages not used

Folio 36 Page 80


Folio 36 Page 81

Inhabited Uninhabited Building Males Females
134 12 276 317
Total of Persons 593

Folio 37 Page 83

8 June 1841

John Ellis, Enumerator