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Folio 38

PRO Ref HO107/143/4
County of Cornwall (Parliamentary Division) Western Division
Hundred of Penwith
Parish of Madron (Part of)
Township Chapelry of Penzance (Part of)
Borough of Penzance
Within the Municipal Boundary of Penzance
Superintendent Registrar’s District Penzance Union
Registrar’s District Penzance
No. of Enumeration District 12
Description of ditto All that part of the Borough of Penzance comprising the north side of Chapel street above the Dock Lane, south side of Market place and Abbey street, New street and Custom-house lane.

Folio 40 Page 1

New Street,u,,,,,,
New Street,1,James Hawken,30,,Hostler,In county,
,,Ann Hawken,,30,,In county,
,,William Hawken,3,,,In county,
,,Richard Hawken,18m,,,In county,
,,Samuel Petheredge,35,,Hostler,In county,
New Street,1,Boanerges Brown,45,,Shopkeeper,Not in county,
,,Honour Brown,,45,,Not in county,
,,Susan Brown,,11,,In county,
New Street,1,Mark Rowe,35,,Paper M.,In county,
,,Mary Rowe,,35,,In county,
,,William Rowe,14,,,In county,
,,Frances Rowe,,11,,In county,
,,Harriet Rowe,,8,,In county,
,,Richard Rowe,5,,,In county,
,,Joseph Elliott,50,,Porter,In county,
,,Richard Brice,20,,Currier,In county,
New Street,1,Ann Pawley,,55,Ind.,In county,
,,Edward Pawley,20,,Mason,In county,
,,William Pawley,15,,Mason,In county,
,,John Edwards,25,,Seaman,In county,
,,Elizabeth Edwards,,20,,In county,
,,Elizabeth Edwards,,2,,In county,
,,Mathias Jenkin,14,,Mason,In county,
,,George Jenkin,12,,,In county,
New Street,1,Grace Dysart,,50,Ind.,In county,

Folio 41 Page 2

,,John Teague,15,,Saddlers Ap.,In county,
New Street,1,George Taylor,45,,Coachman,Not in county,
,,Catherine Taylor,,50,,In county,
,,Christopher Wynn,35,,Baker,In county,
,,Ann Wynn,,20,,In county,
,,Catherine Wynn,,6m,,In county,
New Street,1,John Cundy,80,,Ind.,In county,
,,Charles Guy,35,,Ind.,In county,
,,Fanny Guy,,35,,In county,
,,Mary Reynolds,,35,F.S.,In county,
,,Susan Richards,,30,F.S.,In county,
,,Louisa Thomas,,7,,In county,
New Street,1,Edward Lloyd,45,,Chimney Sweep,Not in county,
,,Charlotte Lloyd,,35,,Not in county,
New Street,1,Grace Williams,,55,Ind.,In county,
,,N.K. -,20,,M.S.,Unknown,
New Street,1,Nancy James,,85,,In county,
,,Jane Trenwith,,90,,In county,
,,Charles Reynolds,20,,Baker,In county,
,,Fanny Reynolds,,14,F.S.,In county,
New Street,u,,,,,,
New Street,1,William Williams,50,,Labourer,In county,
,,Kitty Williams,,50,,In county,
,,Edward Williams,20,,Butcher,In county,
,,Mary Williams,,11,,In county,
New Street,1,Jane Paul,,55,Garden Labourer,In county,

Folio 41 Page 3

,,Mary Paul,,15,Dress M.,In county,
,,Ellen Paul,,10m,,In county,
New Street,1,Michael Mcalister,45,,Hatter,Ireland,
,,Mary Mcalister,,45,,Ireland,
,,Henry Mcalister,5,,,Ireland,
,,William Mcalister,,2,,Not in county,
New Street,u,,,,,,
New Street,u,,,,,,
New Street,1,Elizabeth Hawke,,20,Labourer,In county,
,,Elizabeth Hawke,,2,,In county,Age given as 2.5 years
,,Matthew Hawke,1m,,,In county,
,,John Trounce,20,,Mason,In county,
New Street,u,,,,,,
New Street,1,James Huddy,40,,Saddler,In county,
,,Lucy Huddy,,40,,In county,
,,Thomas Huddy,15,,Blacksmiths Ap.,In county,
,,Susan Huddy,,14,,In county,
,,Elizabeth Huddy,,11,,In county,
,,Arabella Huddy,,9,,In county,
,,Lucy Huddy,,7,,In county,
,,George Huddy,5,,,In county,
,,Charles Huddy,2,,,In county,
New Street,1,William Haydon,50,,Shoemaker,In county,
,,Elizabeth Haydon,,50,,In county,
,,Mary Donnthorne,,70,,In county,
,,William Elliott,14,,Tailors Ap.,In county,
New Street,1,Grace Tredrea,,40,Charwoman,In county,
,,William Tredrea,15,,Masons Ap.,In county,

Folio 42 Page 4

,,Thomas Tredrea,12,,Shoemakers Ap.,In county,
,,Grace Tredrea,,15,F.S.,In county,
New Street,1,Thomas Paul,20,,Tailors J.,In county,
,,Mary Paul,,20,,In county,
,,Mary Paul,,3m,,In county,
New Street,1,Ann Hulsen,,65,Tailoress,In county,
,,Elizabeth Burgess,,60,Tailoress,In county,
New Street,1,Elizabeth Thomas,,60,Laundress,Not in county,
New Street,1,John Rowe,35,,Mariner,In county,
,,Phillippa Rowe,,35,,In county,
,,John Rowe,11,,,In county,
,,William Rowe,8,,,In county,
,,Phillippa Rowe,,2,,In county,
,,James Rowe,3m,,,In county,
New Street,1,John Daw,20,,Shoem J.,In county,
,,Ann Daw,,20,,In county,
,,Sarah Daw,,6,,In county,
,,John Daw,4,,,In county,
,,William Daw,2,,,In county,
New Street,1,Richard Guy,35,,Mariner,In county,
,,Ann Guy,,35,,In county,
,,Richard Guy,7,,,In county,
,,Mary Guy,,5,,In county,
New Street,1,James Hayes,50,,Labourer,Ireland,
,,Mary Hayes,,50,,Ireland,

Folio 42 Page 5

,,Eleanor Hayes,,15,,Not in county,
,,Margaret Hayes,,10,,Not in county,
,,Bridget Hayes,,7,,Not in county,
New Street,1,Margaret Cock,,55,,In county,
,,Ann Nicholls,,30,Charwoman,In county,
,,Barnet Nicholls,9,,,In county,
,,Eliza Nicholls,,2,,In county,
New Street,1,Thomas Waters,40,,Shoe M.,In county,
,,Grace Waters,,50,,In county,
,,William Waters,14,,Shoe M. Ap.,In county,
,,Lydia Waters,,11,,In county,
New Street,1,Elizabeth Rowe,,70,,In county,
,,Elizabeth James,,40,Charwoman,In county,
,,George James,14,,Masons Ap.,In county,
,,Elizabeth James,,12,,In county,
,,Sarah James,,10,,In county,
New Street,1,John Hawke,25,,Shoe M. J.,In county,
,,Mary Hawke,,20,,In county,
,,Elizabeth Hawke,,3,,In county,
,,James Hawke,8m,,,In county,
,,William Dale,25,,Mason,In county,
,,Catherine Dale,,4,,In county,
New Street,1,Thomas Gendall,25,,Blacking M.,In county,
,,Elizabeth Gendall,,25,,In county,
,,Albert Gendall,2,,,In county,

Folio 43 Page 6

,,Elizabeth Green,,9,F.S.,Not in county,
New Street,1,James Pascoe,20,,Shoe M. J.,In county,
,,Ann Pascoe,,20,,In county,
,,James Pascoe,3,,,In county,
,,Adelaide Pascoe,,2,,In county,
New Street,1,William Rowe,60,,Shoe M.,In county,
,,Fanny Rowe,,60,,In county,
,,Thomas Roberts,60,,Army P.,In county,
,,N.K. -,40,,Saddlers J.,In county,Age above 40
New Street,1,Caroline Roberts,,40,Dress M.,In county,
,,Elizabeth Roberts,,20,,In county,
,,Caroline Roberts,,15,,In county,
New Street,1,William Deason,45,,Shoe M.,In county,
,,Elizabeth Deason,,55,,In county,
New Street,1,James Rowe,60,,Shoe M.,In county,
,,Eliza Rowe,,20,,In county,
,,John Roberts,20,,Labourer,In county,
New Street,u,,,,,,
New Street,1,Mary Chellew,,20,Straw Bonnet M.,In county,
,,William Chellew,5,,,In county,
,,Mary Chellew,,8m,,In county,
New Street,1,John Rowe,25,,Porter,In county,
,,Louisa Rowe,,20,,In county,
,,Elizabeth Rowe,,1,,In county,
,,Mary Rogers,,15,Cloth Cap M.,In county,
,,Fanny Lanyon,,15,Charwoman,In county,

Folio 43 Page 7

New Street,1,Nicholas Berryman,60,,Labourer,In county,
,,Elizabeth Berryman,,70,,In county,
,,Elizabeth Berryman,,25,Labourer,In county,
New Street,1,Jane George,,40,Charwoman,In county,
,,Charles George,14,,Shoe M. Ap.,In county,
,,Susan George,,11,,In county,
New Street,1,James Wackfer,20,,Shoe M. Ap.,In county,
,,Grace Wackfer,,60,,In county,
,,Mary Wackfer,,15,,In county,
,,Sarah Hichens,,30,Milliner,In county,
New Street,1,John Downing,50,,Labourer,In county,
,,Sarah Downing,,35,,Not in county,
,,John Berryman,15,,Shoe M.J.,In county,
,,Amelia Berryman,,15,,In county,
,,William Berryman,14,,Shoe M. Ap.,Unknown,
,,Nicholas Berryman,12,,Shoe M. Ap.,In county,
New Street,1,Mary Russell,,45,Charwoman,In county,
,,Nanny Lavers,,15,F.S.,In county,
,,Elizabeth Lavers,,15,F.S.,In county,
,,Ruth Lavers,,15,F.S.,In county,
,,Alice Lavers,,12,,In county,
New Street,1,Margaret Gundry,,60,Fish Seller,In county,
,,James Gundry,25,,Shoe M. J.,In county,
New Street,1,Henry Waters,85,,Ind.,In county,
,,Michael Donnithorne,50,,Shoe M. J.,In county,

Folio 44 Page 8

,,Nancy Donnithorne,,50,,In county,
,,Michael Donnithorne,15,,Masons Ap.,In county,
,,Grace Donnithorne,,15,,In county,
,,William Donnithorne,10,,,In county,
,,James Donnithorne,8,,,In county,
,,Mary Maddern,,25,,In county,
New Street,1,John Rowe,50,,Shoe M.,In county,
,,Ann Rowe,,45,,In county,
,,John Rowe,15,,,In county,
,,Luke Rowe,14,,,In county,
,,Phillis Rowe,,11,,In county,
,,Jane Rowe,,8,,In county,
,,Thomas Rowe,3,,,In county,
New Street,1,Richard Nicholls,65,,Labourer,In county,
,,Jane Nicholls,,65,,In county,
,,William Hawes,80,,Labourer,In county,
New Street,1,Richard Burch,35,,Shoe M. J.,In county,
,,Elizabeth Burch,,30,,In county,
,,Thomas Burch,8,,,In county,
,,Elizabeth Burch,,6,,In county,
,,Richard Burch,2,,,In county,
,,John Rowe,15,,Shoe M. Ap.,In county,
New Street,1,Mary Hill,,35,,In county,
,,John Hill,11,,,In county,
,,Jane Richards,,20,Dressmaker,In county,

Folio 44 Page 9

New Street,u,,,,,,
New Street,u,,,,,,
New Street,u,,,,,,
New Street,u,,,,,,
New Street,u,,,,,,
New Street,u,,,,,,
New Street,u,,,,,,
New Street,u,,,,,,
New Street,u,,,,,,
New Street,u,,,,,,
New Street,1,Mary Keane,,60,,In county,
,,William Keane,15,,Blacksmiths Ap.,In county,
New Street,1,John Gift,50,,Hair Dresser,In county,
,,Ann Jones,,25,Sempstress,In county,
,,Abner Jones,11m,,,In county,
New Street,u,,,,,,
New Street,1,William Stevens,30,,Shoe M,In county,
,,Prudence Stevens,,30,,In county,
,,Prudence Stevens,,10,,In county,
,,William Stevens,8,,,In county,
,,Elizabeth Stevens,,2,,In county,
,,Eliza Stevens,,7m,,In county,
New Street,1,Joanna Williams,,50,Ind.,In county,
,,Elizabeth Ashley,,50,Weaver,In county,
,,Dennis Moran,50,,Dealer In Marine Stores,Ireland,
,,Patrick Roach,40,,Dealer In Marine Stores,Ireland,
,,Nancy Roach,,10,,In county,
New Street,1,Anthony Dawe,50,,Shoe M. J.,In county,
,,Sarah Dawe,,50,,Not in county,
,,Sally Dawe,,25,Dress M.,In county,
,,Jane Dawe,,10,,In county,
New Street,1,George Palmer,35,,Blacksmith J.,Not in county,
,,Mary Palmer,,35,,Not in county,
,,John Palmer,3,,,Not in county,
New Street,1,William Edwards,40,,Mason,In county,
,,Elizabeth Edwards,,40,,In county,

Folio 45 Page 10

,,Henry Edwards,11,,,In county,
,,Charles Edwards,8,,,In county,
,,Francis Edwards,4,,,In county,
New Street,1,Richard Hawes,35,,M.S.,In county,
,,Elizabeth Hawes,,35,,In county,
,,Elizabeth Hawes,,10,,In county,
,,Mary Hawes,,7,,In county,
,,William Hawes,5,,,In county,
,,Thomas Hawes,8m,,,In county,
New Street,1,Elizabeth Colenso,,40,,In county,
,,Elizabeth Colenso,,10,Dress M,In county,
,,Nanny Colenso,,12,,In county,
,,Louisa Colenso,,9,,In county,
New Street,1,William Williams,25,,Post Boy,In county,
,,Elizabeth Williams,,25,,In county,
,,Eliza Williams,,6,,In county,
,,John Williams,2,,,In county,
New Street,1,Edward Carne,30,,Shoe M.,In county,
,,Joanna Carne,,40,,In county,
,,Maria Carne,,12,,In county,
,,William Carne,10,,,In county,
,,Edward Carne,6,,,In county,
,,Sarah Carne,,4,,In county,
New Street,1,William Nicholls,30,,Cabinet Maker,In county,
,,Sarah Nicholls,,35,,Not in county,

Folio 45 Page 11

,,William Nicholls,4,,,In county,
New Street,1,William Nekervis,35,,Masons J.,In county,
,,Frances Nekervis,,30,,In county,
,,William Nekervis,14,,Masons Ap.,In county,
,,John Nekervis,11,,,In county,
,,James Nekervis,7,,,In county,
,,Eliza Nekervis,,4,,In county,
,,Amelia Nekervis,,11m,,In county,
New Street,u,,,,,,
New Street,u,,,,,,
New Street,1,Mary Yeoman,,30,Publican,In county,
,,Mary Shaw,,60,Ind.,In county,
,,Jane Prideaux,,20,F.S.,In county,
New Street,1,George Beare,30,,Baker,Not in county,
,,Martha Beare,,20,,In county,
,,Vincentia Beare,,6,,In county,
,,Amelia Beare,,4,,In county,
,,Selena Beare,,1,,In county,
New Street,1,Elizabeth Thomas,,45,,In county,
,,William Thomas,20,,Hatter,In county,
,,Frederick Thomas,15,,Shoe M. Ap.,In county,
,,Thomas Thomas,15,,Blacksmith Ap.,In county,
,,Alfred Thomas,14,,,In county,
,,Theophilus Thomas,13,,,In county,
,,Evelina Thomas,,10,,In county,
,,Peter Burgess,35,,Shoe M. J.,In county,
,,Jane Burgess,,25,,In county,

Folio 46 Page 12

,,Jane Burgess,,3,,In county,
,,Elizabeth Burgess,,1m,,In county,
,,Mary Elliott,,45,Charwoman,In county,
New Street,1,John Potter,45,,Shoe M.,Not in county,
,,Ann Potter,,45,,In county,
,,George Potter,20,,Shoe M. J.,In county,
,,Thomas Potter,15,,M.S.,In county,
,,William Potter,15,,Blacksmith Ap.,In county,
,,Charles Potter,10,,,In county,
,,Alfred Potter,9,,,In county,
,,Frederick Potter,6,,,In county,
,,Edwin Potter,4,,,In county,
New Street,1,Jane Murrish,,35,Washerwoman,In county,
,,Jane Murrish,,3,,In county,
New Street,1,Ferdinando Pasco,30,,Blacksmith J.,In county,
,,Richard Pasco,11,,,In county,
,,Evelina Pasco,,3,,In county,
,,James Ellis,20,,Tailors J.,In county,
,,Selina Ellis,,20,,In county,
,,Elizabeth Ellis,,2,,In county,
,,Jane Toman,,20,,In county,
New Street,1,Stephen Weaver,60,,Porter Merchant,Not in county,
,,Mary Russell,,30,F.S.,In county,
New Street,1,Jane Matthews,,75,Ind,In county,
,,Mary Tonkin,,70,Ind,In county,

Folio 46 Page 13

,,Mary Penberthy,,20,F.S.,In county,
New Street,1,John Polkinhorne,35,,Carpenters J.,In county,
,,William Rapjohn,55,,Coach Driver,Not in county,
,,William Cock,35,,Carpenters J.,In county,
,,James Lavars,60,,Ind.,In county,
,,James Warren,50,,Miner,In county,
New Street,1,William Mitchell,30,,Van Driver,In county,
,,Daniel Mitchell,65,,,In county,
,,Mary Mitchell,,25,,In county,
,,Mary Mitchell,,4,,In county,
,,Nanny Mitchell,,2,,In county,
,,Ann Rowe,,35,,In county,
New Street,1,Thomas Warren,35,,Carrier,In county,
,,Grace Warren,,25,,In county,
,,Thomas Warren,3,,,In county,
,,Emily Warren,,1,,In county,
,,William Mitchell,1,,,In county,
New Street,1,Abraham Brown,25,,Beerseller,In county,
,,Margaret Brown,,25,,In county,
New Street,1,Mary Donnithorne,,65,Ind.,In county,
New Street,1,Thomas Burch,70,,Shoe M.J.,In county,
,,Elizabeth Burch,,40,,In county,
New Street,1,Thomas Gifford,45,,Coach Driver,Not in county,
,,Harriet Gifford,,45,,In county,
,,Mary Gifford,,13,,In county,

Folio 47 Page 14

,,Amelia Gifford,,6,,In county,
,,John Gifford,4,,,In county,
New Street,1,Joseph Sutherland,55,,Butcher,Not in county,
,,Jane Sutherland,,55,,In county,
,,Jane Sutherland,,30,Dress M.,In county,
,,Joseph Sutherland,8,,,In county,
,,Jane Sutherland,,6,,In county,
,,Richard Carbines,3,,,In county,
,,Mary Lawry,,20,F.S.,In county,
,,Margaret Ancil,,20,Dress M.,In county,
New Street,1,George Rundle,35,,Shoe M. J.,In county,
,,Maria Rundle,,30,,In county,
,,John Rundle,10,,,In county,
,,George Rundle,7,,,In county,
,,Mary Rundle,,3,,In county,
,,Elizabeth Rundle,,3m,,In county,
New Street,1,Jane Hulson,,45,Fruit Seller,In county,
,,Mary Hulson,,40,,In county,
,,Jane Kean,,13,,In county,
New Street,1,Mary Seccombe,,40,,In county,
,,John Seccombe,15,,Blacksmith Ap.,In county,
,,Richard Seccombe,15,,,In county,
,,Edwin Seccombe,10,,,In county,
,,Jane Seccombe,,7,,In county,
New Street,1,William Keane,35,,Shoe M.,In county,

Folio 47 Page 15

,,Ann Keane,,35,,In county,
,,Eliza Keane,,15,,In county,
,,Thomas Keane,12,,,In county,
,,Ann Keane,,5,,In county,
,,John Keane,3,,,In county,
,,Elizabeth Keane,1,,,In county,
New Street,1,Catherine Elliott,,55,Charwoman,In county,
,,Henry Elliott,30,,Shoe M.J.,In county,
,,Eliza Elliott,,20,,In county,
,,Ann Elliott,,20,,In county,
,,Amelia Elliott,,9,,In county,
,,Richard Hawes,3,,,In county,
New Street,1,Solomon Cock,75,,Mason,In county,
,,Ann Cock,,60,,In county,
New Street,1,Mary Kean,,35,Tailoress,In county,
,,John Kean,14,,Blacksmith Ap.,In county,
,,Allarina Kean,,6,,In county,
New Street,1,James Elliott,25,,Shoe M.J.,In county,
,,Mary Elliott,,20,,In county,
,,Mary Elliott,,2m,,In county,
New Street,1,Elizabeth Richards,,45,Laundress,In county,
,,Elizabeth Veal,,35,Charwoman,In county,
New Street,1,Prudence Sleep,,60,Ind.,In county,
,,Elizabeth Sleep,,6,,In county,
,,Honor Williams,,65,Fruit Seller,In county,

Folio 48 Page 16

,,Elizabeth Rowe,,2,,In county,
New Street,1,William Lanyon,30,,Shoe M.J.,In county,
,,Ann Lanyon,,30,,In county,
,,William Lanyon,11,,,In county,
,,Mary Lanyon,,9,,In county,
,,Louisa Lanyon,,6,,In county,
,,Joseph Lanyon,4,,,In county,
,,Frederick Lanyon,2,,,In county,
Custom House Lane,1,Edward Ellis,45,,Labourer,In county,
,,Elizabeth Ellis,,50,,In county,
,,Thomasine Ellis,,20,Dress M.,In county,
,,John Ellis,15,,Shipwrights Ap.,In county,
,,Sarah Ellis,,5,,In county,
Custom House Lane,1,Charles Williams,50,,Shoe M.,In county,
,,Margaret Williams,,45,,In county,
,,Richard Williams,15,,,In county,
,,George Uren,20,,Shoe M.,In county,
Custom House Lane,1,Sarah Morris,,60,Schoolmistress,Not in county,
,,Henry Wall,80,,,Not in county,
,,Elizabeth Broad,,70,Ind.,In county,
,,Jane Polkinghorne,,60,Lodginghouse Keeper,In county,
Custom House Lane,1,Nicholas Edwards,35,,Blacksmith J.,In county,
,,Hannah Edwards,,35,,In county,
,,Honor Edwards,,12,,In county,
,,John Edwards,11,,,In county,

Folio 48 Page 17

,,Ann Edwards,,8,,In county,
,,Ann Cock,,50,,In county,
Custom House Lane,1,Nicholas Richards,65,,Labourer,In county,
,,Mary Richards,,65,,In county,
Custom House Lane,1,Ann Dennis,,70,,In county,
,,Jane Dennis,,40,,In county,
,,Mary Dennis,,30,Washerwoman,In county,
,,Ann Bennetts,,12,,In county,
Custom House Lane,1,Thomas Jennings,35,,Shoe M.,In county,
,,Sally Jennings,,30,,In county,
,,Thomas Jennings,15,,Masons Ap.,In county,
,,Sarah Jennings,,14,,In county,
,,Selina Jennings,,6,,In county,
,,Christopher Jennings,25,,Masons J.,In county,
New Street,1,Ann Elvans,,40,Washerwoman,In county,
,,John Hodge,25,,Labourer,In county,
New Street,1,Joseph Burgess,40,,Shoe M.,In county,
,,Eliza Burgess,,35,,In county,
,,Joseph Burgess,3m,,,In county,
New Street,1,Richard Thomas,40,,Baker,In county,
,,Elizabeth Thomas,,35,,In county,
,,Elizabeth Thomas,,9,,In county,
,,Joseph Thomas,7,,,In county,
,,Mary Thomas,,5,,In county,
,,Richard Thomas,1,,,In county,

Folio 49 Page 18

,,Mary Thomas,,15,F.S.,In county,
,,Mary Pascoe,,45,F.S.,In county,
New Street,1,John Bodilly,70,,Currier,In county,
,,Elizabeth Bodilly,,75,,Not in county,
,,Elizabeth Julyan,,20,F.S.,In county,
New Street,1,James Richards,30,,Tin Smelter,In county,
,,Eliza Richards,,25,,In county,
,,James Richards,7,,,In county,
,,Catherine Richards,,5,,In county,
,,Elizabeth Richards,,3,,In county,
,,Eleanor Richards,,1,,In county,
New Street,u,,,,,,
New Street,1,John Uren,25,,Mason,In county,
,,Margaret Uren,,30,,In county,
,,Mary Uren,,4,,In county,
,,Eliza Uren,,2,,In county,
,,John Tisdil,75,,Ind,Not in county,
New Street,1,Mary Dustow,,60,,In county,
,,Thomas Dustow,25,,Shoe M. J.,In county,
,,James Dustow,20,,Mason,In county,
New Street,1,William Mennear,30,,Statuary,In county,
New Street,1,William Roberts,30,,Hostler,Not in county,
,,Ann Roberts,,30,,Not in county,
,,Stephen Thomas,25,,Chaise Driver,In county,
,,Mary Runsley,,10,,Not in county,
New Street,1,Thomas Rowe,25,,Tin Plate Worker,In county,

Folio 49 Page 19

,,Matilda Rowe,,25,,In county,
,,Matilda Rowe,,4,,In county,
,,Thomas Rowe,2,,,In county,
New Street,1,William Guscott,30,,Statuary,Not in county,
,,Jane Guscott,,20,,In county,
,,Elizabeth Guscott,,2,,In county,
,,Mary Guscott,,8m,,In county,
New Street,1,George Uren,40,,Labourer,In county,
,,Catherine Uren,,40,,In county,
,,Peggy Uren,,20,,In county,
,,Christian Uren,,15,,In county,
,,Thomas Uren,14,,,In county,
,,Isabella Uren,,13,,In county,
,,Ann Uren,,11,,In county,
,,Catherine Uren,,9,,In county,
,,Mary Uren,,5,,In county,
New Street,1,Peter Williams,20,,Labourer,In county,
,,Frances Williams,,25,,In county,
,,John Williams,2,,,In county,
,,Alexander Williams,3m,,,In county,
,,Thomas Sutherland,5,,,In county,
New Street,1,Margaret Wallis,,55,Charwoman,In county,
,,Charles Wallis,15,,Bakers J.,In county,
,,Mary Stevens,,25,,In county,
,,William Stevens,1,,,In county,

Folio 50 Page 20

New Street,1,Esther Ball,,55,Ind.,Not in county,
,,Charles Ball,20,,Ind.,In county,
,,Sarah Moore,,35,Ind.,In county,
,,Georgiana Moore,,25,Ind.,In county,
,,Betsy Beels,,70,F.S.,In county,
,,Esther James,,45,F.S.,In county,
Abbey Street,1,Thomas Bonitto,35,,Shoe M. J.,In county,
,,Elizabeth Bonitto,,35,,In county,
,,Thomas Bonitto,4,,,In county,
,,Henry Cock,65,,Labourer,In county,
,,Grace Cory,,70,,In county,
,,Eliza Cory,,20,,In county,
Abbey Street,u,,,,,,
Abbey Street,1,Edward Trembath,30,,Schoolmaster,In county,
,,Sybella Trembath,,30,Schoolmistress,In county,
,,Edward Trembath,2,,,In county,
,,Harriet Skewes,,15,Schoolmistress,In county,
Chapel Street,1,Joseph Carne,59,,Banker,In county,
,,Caroline Carne,,26,,In county,
,,Elizabeth Carne,,23,,In county,
,,Edward Carne,21,,,In county,
,,Catherine Carne,,18,,In county,
,,Ann Morris,,40,F.S.,In county,
,,Charity Hosking,,35,F.S.,In county,
,,Ann Bodinner,,30,F.S.,In county,
,,William Lock,25,,M.S.,In county,

Folio 50 Page 21

Chapel Street,1,Jane Holbrook,,20,,In county,
,,Mary Phillips,,20,,In county,
,,Edwin Phillips,10,,,In county,
,,John Phillips,7,,,In county,
Chapel Street,1,Henry King,30,,Ship Agent,In county,
,,Mary King,,25,,In county,
,,Elizabeth Kessell,,15,F.S.,In county,
Chapel Street,u,,,,,,
Chapel Street,1,Sarah Ladner,,50,,In county,
,,Thomas Hocking,25,,Plasterer,Not in county,
,,Elizabeth Hocking,,25,,In county,
Chapel Street,1,Frances Pinnock,,80,Ind.,In county,
,,Mary Uren,,45,F.S.,In county,
Chapel Street,1,Margaret Broad,,45,Ind.,In county,
,,John Broad,12,,,In county,
,,William Broad,10,,,In county,
,,James Broad,6,,,In county,
,,Mary Broad,,2,,In county,
,,Maria Tredrea,,35,F.S.,In county,
,,Susan Donnithorne,,14,F.S.,In county,
Chapel Street,1,Jane Millett,,50,Ind.,In county,
,,Emily Millett,,25,,Not in county,
,,Anna Millett,,25,,Not in county,
,,Francis Millett,20,,Medical Student,In county,
,,Eliza Luke,,13,,In county,
,,Elizabeth Mccloud,,25,F.S.,In county,

Folio 51 Page 22

Chapel Street,1,Jane Davis,,25,Schoolmistress,In county,
,,Ann Davis,,25,Schoolmistress,Not in county,
,,Hannah Pearce,,30,F.S.,In county,
Chapel Street,1,Martin Matthews,30,,Shipwright,In county,
,,Mary Matthews,,25,,In county,
,,Anne Matthews,,3,,In county,
,,Thomasina Matthews,,5m,,In county,
,,Susanna Rule,,15,F.S.,In county,
,,Ursula Mumford,,13,F.S.,In county,
Chapel Street,1,Catherine Boase,,35,F.S.,In county,
,,Rachel Moyle,,20,F.S.,In county,
,,Mary Truscot,,20,F.S.,In county,
,,Richard Williams,25,,M.S.,In county,
Chapel Street,1,Nicholas Daniel,60,,Watch M,In county,
,,Rachel Daniel,,55,,In county,
,,Elizabeth Daniel,,35,,In county,
,,Adeline Daniel,,20,,In county,
,,Emily Daniel,,20,,In county,
,,Frederick Daniel,13,,,In county,
Chapel Street,1,William Charles,40,,Block M,In county,
,,Catherine Charles,,40,,In county,
,,Louisa Charles,,20,,In county,
,,Elizabeth Charles,,15,Semsstress,In county,
,,George Charles,12,,,In county,
,,John Barns,40,,Mason,In county,

Folio 51 Page 23

,,John Barns,4,,,In county,
,,William Barns,7,,,In county,
Chapel Street,1,Saml Saundry,50,,Master Mariner,In county,
,,Amelia Saundry,,50,,In county,
,,Wilmot Saundry,,15,Dress M.,In county,
,,Horatio Saundry,12,,,In county,
Chapel Street,1,John Wallis,30,,Letter Carrier,In county,
,,Jane Wallis,,30,,In county,
,,James Wallis,9,,,In county,
,,Alfred Wallis,3,,,In county,
,,William Sleep,30,,Carpenter,In county,
,,Jane Sleep,,20,,In county,
,,William Sleep,3,,,In county,
,,Louisa Sleep,,4m,,In county,
,,Elizabeth Brown,,50,,Not in county,
,,Mary Brown,,20,,Not in county,
,,Ann Brown,,12,,Not in county,
,,Maria Joyce,,25,Dress M.,Not in county,
Chapel Street,1,John Millett,40,,Surgeon,In county,
,,Ann Millett,,30,,In county,
,,John Millett,12,,,In county,
,,Mary Millett,,9,,In county,
,,Robert Millett,1,,,In county,
,,Caroline Millett,,15,,In county,
,,Mary Bamfield,,20,F.S.,In county,

Folio 52 Page 24

,,Jane Gilbart,,20,F.S.,In county,
,,Honor Williams,,15,F.S.,In county,
,,Thomas Penrose,15,,M.S.,In county,
Abbey Street,1,John Carne,50,,Ind.,In county,
,,Eleanor Carne,,35,,Not in county,
,,Emma Lane,,15,,Not in county,
,,Catherine Wakefield,,20,,Not in county,
,,Eliza King,,40,F.S.,In county,
,,Elizabeth Allen,,40,F.S.,In county,
,,Jane Foss,,20,F.S.,In county,
Chapel Street,1,Stephen Cara,40,,Dyer,In county,
,,Stephen Cara,7,,,In county,
,,Harriet Cara,,5,,In county,
,,Thomas Cara,2,,,In county,
,,Margaret Varcoe,,20,,In county,
,,Jane Wallis,,15,F.S.,In county,
,,Mary Wallis,,14,F.S.,In county,
Chapel Street,1,George John,45,,Attorney At Law,In county,
,,Julia John,,35,,Not in county,
,,Wilmot John,,20,,In county,
,,Edward John,9,,,In county,
,,Walter John,8,,,In county,
,,Margaret John,,4,,In county,
,,Lewis John,2,,,In county,
,,Gertrude John,,6m,,In county,

Folio 52 Page 25

,,William Hutchins,45,,M.S.,In county,
,,Mary Jenkin,,25,F.S.,In county,
,,Catherine Mann,,25,F.S.,In county,
,,Ann Bennetts,,20,F.S.,In county,
,,Margaret Eade,,15,F.S.,In county,
,,Elizabeth Veale,,15,F.S.,In county,
Chapel Street,1,Honor Vibert,,65,Stay Maker,In county,
,,Jane Vibert,,25,Stay Maker,Not in county,
,,Elizabeth Harvey,,70,,In county,
,,William Martin,1,,,In county,
Chapel Street,1,Sarah Just,,50,Innkeeper,In county,
,,Elizabeth Just,,10,,In county,
,,John Just,8,,,In county,
,,Elizabeth Harrup,,80,,In county,
,,Grace Simmons,,25,,In county,
,,Francis Jordan,30,,Hawker,Ireland,
,,Lawrence Jordan,30,,Hawker,Ireland,
,,James Rudd,20,,Hawker,Ireland,
,,Neace Mccoy,40,,Hawker,Ireland,
,,Ann Mccoy,,40,Hawker,Ireland,
,,Hugh Barns,45,,Hawker,Ireland,
,,Patrick Barns,30,,Hawker,Ireland,
,,Owen Cassdie,45,,Hawker,Ireland,
,,Barnett Mccavoy,25,,Hawker,Ireland,
Chapel Street,1,Ellen Swain,,35,Postmistress,Not in county,

Folio 53 Page 26

,,Henry Swain,15,,,In county,
,,Sarah Swain,,60,,Not in county,
,,Mary Rutter,,20,,In county,
,,Hanna Bennett,,15,F.S.,In county,
,,Elizabeth Borlase,,65,F.S.,In county,
Chapel Street,1,Eliza Cornish,,40,Ind.,In county,
,,Margaret Cornish,,70,Ind.,In county,
,,Margaret Broad,,14,,In county,
,,Charles Guy,8,,,In county,
,,William Guy,6,,,In county,
,,Elizabeth Trevaskis,,75,F.S.,In county,
,,Mary Glanvill,,25,F.S.,In county,
,,Eliza Waters,,20,F.S.,In county,
,,Jane Runnalls,,60,F.S.,In county,
Chapel Street,1,Elizabeth Evans,,30,Dress M.,In county,
,,Charlott Evans,,25,Dress M.,In county,
,,Jane Evans,,20,Straw Bonnet M.,In county,
,,Francis Ellis,30,,Cabinet M.,In county,
,,Mary Ellis,,15,,In county,
,,Thomas Ellis,13,,,In county,
,,Elizabeth Ellis,,7,,In county,
Chapel Street,1,John Roberts,65,,Farmer,In county,
,,Ann Roberts,,25,,In county,
,,Jane Carter,,60,Nurse,In county,
Chapel Street,1,William Fitcher,50,,Mariner,Not in county,

Folio 53 Page 27

,,Margaret Fitcher,,50,,In county,
,,Emma Fitcher,,4,,In county,
,,Elizabeth Corin,,65,,In county,
Chapel Street,1,Richard Edmonds,65,,Attorney At Law,In county,
,,Richard Edmonds,35,,Attorney At Law,In county,
,,Edwin Edmonds,30,,Surgeon,In county,
,,Honour Barnicoat,,20,F.S.,In county,
,,Elizabeth Trythall,,25,F.S.,In county,
Chapel Street,1,John Batten,35,,Merchant,In county,
,,Helen Batten,,30,,In county,
,,Helen Batten,,2,,In county,Age given as two and three quarters
,,John Batten,18m,,,In county,Age given as one and a half
,,N.K. Batten,2w,,,In county,
,,Anne Childs,,55,,In county,
,,Anne Childs,,25,,In county,
,,Elizabeth Carter,,40,F.S.,In county,
,,Jane Oliver,,40,F.S.,In county,
,,Frances Nitting,,25,F.S.,In county,
,,Mary Harvey,,15,F.S.,In county,
,,Martha Hawke,,35,F.S.,In county,
,,Mary Harris,,25,F.S.,In county,
Chapel Street,u,,,,,,
Chapel Street,u,,,,,,
Chapel Street,u,,,,,,
Chapel Street,u,,,,,,
Chapel Street,u,,,,,,
Chapel Street,1,Elizabeth Charles,,30,Milliner,In county,
,,Ursula Charles,,3,,In county,
,,Mary Charles,,18m,,In county,Age given as one and a half
,,Ursula Oats,,60,,In county,

Folio 54 Page 28

,,Florence Oats,,35,Sempstress,In county,
,,Henry Oats,30,,Seaman,In county,
,,Jane Oats,,25,Dress M.,In county,
,,Catherine Oats,,20,Shopgirl,In county,
Chapel Street,1,Elizabeth Pearce,,50,Innkeeper,In county,
,,Jane Pearce,,20,,In county,
,,John Pearce,20,,Veterinary Surgeon,In county,
,,Edwin Pearce,15,,,In county,
,,Elizabeth Pearce,,12,,In county,
,,Francis Murray,40,,Comercial Traveller,Not in county,
,,John Binney,40,,Comercial Traveller,Not in county,
,,Benjamin Whitworth,30,,Comercial Traveller,Not in county,
,,Thomas Davies,35,,Comercial Traveller,Not in county,
,,Letitia Smith,,30,,Not in county,
,,Percival Johnson,45,,Assay Master,Not in county,
,,N.K. Johnson,,40,,Not in county,
,,Eliza Manby,,15,,Not in county,
,,William Beaver,20,,M.S.,Not in county,
,,John Garby,25,,Ind.,In county,
,,Mary Pearce,,20,F.S.,In county,
,,Johanna Jennings,,20,F.S.,In county,
,,Elizabeth Richards,,20,F.S.,In county,
,,Elizabeth Notwill,,30,F.S.,In county,
,,Margaret Woolf,,20,F.S.,In county,
,,Elizabeth Kinsman,,20,F.S.,In county,

Folio 54 Page 29

,,Nancy Gift,,35,F.S.,In county,
,,Frederick Boase,20,,M.S.,In county,
Chapel Street,b,,,,,,
Chapel Street,b,,,,,,
Chapel Street,u,,,,,,
Chapel Street,1,Humphry Roberts,55,,Hairdresser,In county,
,,Ann Roberts,,60,,In county,
,,Mary Roberts,,20,,Not in county,
,,William Roberts,8,,,Not in county,
Chapel Street,1,William Matthews,30,,Hair Dresser,Not in county,
,,Richard Kneebone,20,,Ironmongers Sh.,In county,
,,John Kneebone,25,,Saddler,In county,
Chapel Street,1,James Tonkin,70,,Artist,In county,
,,Mary Tonkin,,70,,In county,
,,James Tonkin,30,,Bookbinder,In county,
,,Elizabeth Harvey,,60,,In county,
Market Place,1,Richard Rodda,30,,Bookseller,In county,
,,Betsey Rodda,,25,,In county,
,,Edward John,8,,,In county,
,,Martha Dunn,,20,F.S.,In county,
Market Place,1,Alfred Hallamore,35,,Baker,In county,
,,Jane Hallamore,,35,,In county,
,,Louisa Hallamore,,2,,In county,
,,Alfred Martin,30,,Attorneys Cl,In county,
,,Jane Thomas,,15,F.S.,In county,
Market Place,1,William Coulson,30,,Draper,In county,
,,Jane Coulson,,25,,Not in county,
,,Jane Coulson,,15m,,In county,

Folio 55 Page 30

,,James Coulson,23,,Drapers Sh,In county,
,,William Thomas,15,,Drapers Ap,In county,
,,Mary Pascoe,,20,F.S.,In county,
,,Frances Oliver,,35,F.S.,In county,
,,Elizabeth Edwards,,20,F.S.,In county,
,,Elizabeth Martin,,20,F.S.,In county,
Market Place,u,,,,,,
Market Place,1,Richard Coulson,70,,China Dealer,In county,
,,Richard Coulson,20,,Sh,In county,
,,Mary Coulson,,40,,In county,
,,Mary Ford,,30,F.S.,In county,
,,Christiana Uren,,15,F.S.,In county,
Market Place,1,John Coulson,35,,Grocer,In county,
,,Mary Coulson,,35,,Not in county,
,,Thomas Coulson,10,,,In county,
,,Walter Coulson,7,,,In county,
,,Hannah Sherris,,35,Sh.,In county,
,,Mary Snell,,20,F.S.,In county,
,,Agnes Morris,,30,F.S.,In county,
,,Grace Williams,,15,F.S.,In county,
Market Place,1,William Michell,20,,Draper,In county,
,,Benjamin Stripp,25,,Drapers Sh.,In county,
,,John Harry,15,,Drapers Ap.,In county,
,,Jane Troon,,20,F.S.,In county,
Market Place,u,,,,,,
Market Place,1,Richard Corin,25,,Saddler,In county,
Market Place,1,William Harvey,25,,Druggist,In county,

Folio 55 Page 31

,,Margaret Harvey,,25,,In county,
,,William Harvey,5m,,,In county,
,,Mary Corin,,13,Shopgirl,In county,
,,Honor Williams,,20,Shopgirl,In county,
,,Mary More,,15,F.S.,In county,
Market Place,1,Thomas Broad,40,,Clothier,In county,
,,Jane Broad,,30,,In county,
,,Grace Broad,,8,,In county,
,,Susan Broad,,7,,In county,
,,Thomas Broad,5m,,,In county,
,,Elizabeth Rowe,,15,F.S.,In county,
Market Place,1,James Tregarthen,25,,Clothier,In county,
,,Hanna Tregarthen,,45,,In county,
,,Hanna Tregarthen,,10,,In county,
,,Samuel Tregarthen,7,,,In county,
,,Elizabeth Grenfield,,15,F.S.,In county,
Market Place,1,Nicholas Berriman,55,,Grocer,In county,
,,Margaret Berriman,,55,,In county,
,,Selena Berriman,,25,,In county,
,,Eliza Berriman,,20,,In county,
,,Nicholas Downing,10,,,In county,
,,Grace Blackwell,,70,F.S.,In county,
Market Place,1,Catherine Nicholas,,60,,In county,
,,Mary Davey,,35,Charwoman,In county,
Market Place,1,John Paul,25,,Butcher,In county,

Folio 56 Page 32

,,Mary Paul,,20,,In county,
,,Catherine Paul,,4,,In county,
,,Emily Paul,,2,,In county,
,,John Paul,1,,,In county,
,,Fanny Reynolds,,14,F.S.,In county,
Market Place,1,John Vibert,50,,Jeweller,In county,
,,Ann Vibert,,40,,In county,
,,John Vibert,20,,,In county,
,,Francis Vibert,15,,Printers Ap,In county,
,,Ethilreda Vibert,,15,,In county,
,,Henry Vibert,14,,,In county,
,,Hereswitha Vibert,,12,,In county,
,,Ada Vibert,,8,,In county,
,,Arabella Vibert,,6,,In county,
,,Anna Vibert,,4,,In county,
,,Phillippa Vibert,,1,,In county,
,,Mary Treleaven,,25,F.S.,In county,
,,Ann Ladner,,25,F.S.,In county,
,,Esther Bramble,,15,F.S.,In county,
Market Place,u,,,,,,
Market Place,1,John Cockram,40,,Chemist,Not in county,
,,Sophia Cockram,,45,,Not in county,
,,Sophia Cockram,,15,,In county,
,,Ann Cockram,,13,,In county,
,,William Cockram,11,,,In county,
,,Margaret Rule,,20,F.S.,In county,

Folio 56 Page 33


Intervening pages not used

Folio 57 Page 80


Folio 57 Page 81

Inhabited Uninhabited Building Males Females
158 31 2 332 468
Total of Persons 800

Folio 58 Page 83

12 June 1841

Fras. Hounson jun., Enumerator