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Jan 10th Mr Joseph Strick called at noon regarding the burial of stillborn child, arranged to have place ready for it tomorrow, in the meantime to put the remains into house next door and gave him the key to do so.

Jan 11th Prepared a place in the N East corner of the Churchyard for stillborn children in which the remains of Joe Stricks child was placed.

Jan 12th Mr Hosking called at 9-45 about a grave for his 3 hour child. Sidney Hosking which he wished buried today and with his child buried before in No 21 Section D Northside, this I have promised to do if possible. Sent Trevorrow to sound on the coffin, and if there is sufficient depth, I have told him to open the gravel. 12-15pm The infant Sidney Hosking was interred as above.

Feb 1st 3pm Mr Addicoat called and will want a grave for his child Jane Hocking Addicoat, aged 6 months for Saturday 3rd. at 4-30 afternoon.

Feb 3rd 5-15 The infant Jane Hocking Addicoat was buried in No12 Grave Section C. Childrens.

Feb 27th 9-50am. Received notice to prepare a grave for the infant Richard Edward Trenbath aged 8 months. Posthumous child of Edward Trembath drowned in Wheal Owles Mine disaster last year.

Feb 28th The above child was buried in No 13 grave Section C Childrens Funeral 40 minutes late.

March 9th 11 am Received notice to prepare a grave in which a brick vault would be built for John Tregear of Miss Saundry’s part of Bosavern. The vault for 2 bodies—funeral on Tuesday afternoon at 4 o’clock set Joe to work directly after dinner.

March 10th 6-45pm—Joe had grave ready and left for home.

March 12th—Richard Marks(mason) pitched at 7-30 to work but brought no tools with him other than his (sething) tools. Lost the best part of the morning borrowing barrow shovel bucket etc.

March 13th 4-45pm John Tregear aged 46 was buried in No 42 grave 1st Row Section A. Grave purchased.

March 19th 4-45pm The son and brother of John Trevorrow came to arrange for a grave for him. Arranged for No 25 Second Row A Section, the funeral for Friday 23rd time to be arranged, when I shall hear again from the Trevorrows.

March 21st 10am The young Trevorrow came to me at the Labour in Vain to say that the funeral of his father would reach the Church at 5 o’clock on Good Friday. On asking him if such was the Vicars arrangement he told me he had not seen the Vicar. Told him that no arrangement could be considered without the Vicar, he left me to see him.

March 23rd 9-45am Met Capt. Ralph Williams in the Carn and arrange for a grave to be sunk for his sisters remains to be place in a brick vault in No 42 Grave Second Row Section A, at the foot of John Tregears Grave. The grave to be ready for the masons on Saturday afternoon—Sam Brokensha to do the work.

March 24th 5-30pm. John Trevorrow aged 56 was buried in No 25 grave Second Row Section A. funeral nearly an hour late.

March 26th 9am Received notice from Mr Thomas Toman Williams thro’ his brother for a grave to be ready for his child John Garfield Williams aged 8 months on Wednesday 28th at 4 0’clock. Ellen Williams aged 53 was buried at 5 o’clock in Grave no 42 A section Brick vault. Grave purchased.

March 28th John Garfield Williams aged 8 months—was buried at 4-45pm in No 14 Section C childrens Southside. Stillborn child of Thomas Hattam buried in NE corner.

April 7th William Holman Vicars Churchwarden died.

April 9th 9-15am Received a letter from Mr John Holman notifying me as Sexton and Magistrate that the family intended opening their Vault for the interrment of their brother William Holman I sent a message in return saying I would meet him in the Lower Churchyard at 10o’clock. At 9-50 I reached there and found Sam Brokensha his man and a man from the foundry and 2 other men from the Foundry with planks arriving, the Iron top frame was removed from the Vault and a start made to remove the top soil, which about 11-30 was completed, when I observed that the top of the vault was covered by 4 cast iron plates—in section ? on lifting the Eastern one I saw the end of a coffin which seemed to be that of Mrs A Holman Senr. That the vault was in no way sealed up, but that I expected to find as the last interrment was in 1876. I arranged with the mason engaged to do the work that plate raised should be replaced until after his dinner when he should bring bricks, cement and seal down according to law, those coffins already placed in the Vault, and that I would come up into the Churchyard again during the afternoon. 4-30pm Again visited the Lower Churchyard, and found the remains of the late Mrs Holman Senr. entombed. The mason fitting the slate top to the tomb and before leaving at 6-10 saw the whole top of covers over those buried cemented down according to law.

April 10th. 4-15pm the remains of William Holman Vicars Churchwarden placed in the Family Vault in the Lower Churchyard. The cover of cast iron was bedded in Portland Cement, and afterwards the edges of joints were well covered with cement and completed according to the Act, about 2 ft 6ins of soil being piled over the iron cover. This vault is now closed forever. All the work was completed before I left the Yard. Paid Clerk for Mr Pike 2/6 fee.

April 11th 10-30 Went to the Vicarage and paid the Vicar the following on a/c. of yesterdays funeral. Vicars Fee £1.1.0d. Churchwarden fees £2.2.0d. Paid Mr Pike for Clerk2/6 fee.

May 18th Mrs Grace Harvey called to order a grave to be prepared for Mrs Susan Williams aged 76. Was daughter of Dr Hocking of this place, afterwards wife of a Publican was left fairly well off, but died in poverty on the Parish, and buried as a pauper. Received notice at 1o’clock, grave if possible to be ready for tomorrow, if not, on Monday after 4 o’clock. No. 26 grave northside. 5pm Just returned from Town, arranged with Joe to have the grave ready for 5o’clock tomorrow night. 6-30pm Joe commenced sinking the grave.

May 19th 5-30pm Susan Williams was buried as arranged.

May 21st Received notice to prepare a grave for an infant of Three months called Eliza Mercy Rowe Maddern arranged for No 15 Section C . Will give me further notice when the funeral is to take place. does not know whether there will be an inquest or not, as the child was found dead in its bed. Funeral probably on Wednesday. Notice given to me on Monday 4-15pm.

May 23rd 5-15pm E.M.R. Maddern was buried in Section C No. 15 Grave. Rainy and cold.

June 27th Mr James Trembath called on me and proposed to purchase the grave Section No 9 1st row A Block so that no one should in future disturb his mothers remains, we agreed, and he paid me fees as per Burial Committee Ledger. I gave him Certificate and title.

July 17th. 6-pm Mr and Mrs James came to see me and complained that the horse of Revd Eva. B.C. Minister (which had been put to graze in the back part of the Churchyard by William Davy) had jumped the dividing fence in the Churchyard and destroyed a glass cover on their childs grave, and knocked about a great number of graves in his gallops. I went up to the Churchyard at once, and found 20 childrens graves and 12 Adult graves more or less knocked about. Saw William Davy and ordered him to remove the horse at once and never put such a brute in there again. He at the same time agreed on the part of Mr Eva to put the graves in order and replace the broken glass ornament. When he was leaving the yard he asked me to put Joe on to do the work, and if I would pay him he would repay me, this I consented to do.

July 18th 7pm Set Joe on to do the work above, which he completed about 5-30pm Paid him a day 2/6.

August 6th 10am—Received instructions to prepare a grave for Mr Joseph Williams by his son, funeral to take place at 4-30 on Wednesday next.

August 8th 4-50pm. Joseph Williams aged 77 was buried in No 27 A 2nd row Northside.

August 10th A stone was erected over a kerb place around the grave of Johanna Trembath No 9 1st Row A.

August 11th The two Mr Thomas Called this morning to say that they would require a grave dug for their fathers remains, Funeral at 5pm. Thursday next.

August 16th 5-30 William Thomas aged 58 was buried in No 28 A Section 2nd row. Large orderly funeral.

November 19th 10-15am received notice from Mr Hollow of Madderns Court to have a grave ready for the burial of his child Annie Hollow aged 4 months. funeral for Tuesday 20th at 4 o’clock.

Nov 20th Owing to Hollow not having given notice to Mr Hooper of the funeral it was 4-45 before the body reached the Graveyard. The child was buried in No 22 Section C Northside.

November 28th Tom Casley died. Dorcas asked me to have a grave prepared for him to be ready by 4 o’clock on Saturday next, 1st December. Aged 76 they believe.

November 30th 12-15pm James Stone came to me for a grave for his wife Mary Elizabeth Stone aged 20 Funeral on Monday at 4 O’clock at the Church.

December 1st. Tom Casley was buried in No 41 Section A 2nd Row. Funeral half an hour late. Very cold.

December 5th received notice from Tom Matthews to prepare a grave for John Blewett of Bosworlas Moor, arranged for the funeral for 3-30 on Saturday 8th .

December 8th 4-45pm John Blewett was buried in No 30 A Section 2nd row. Funeral late—quite dark when finished.

Dec 14th 1-30 James Stone came to me for a grave for his child Jane Semmens Stone age 16 months. Funeral for tomorrow at 4 pm. arranged with him that the mothers grave should be opened, and the child buried with her. Told him to be at the Church sharp 4-o’clock and not to keep everyone waiting as he did at his wifes funeral.

December 15th the child Jane Semmens Stone was buried on its mothers coffin in No 41 Section A 2nd Row at 4-35pm.

Dec 26th 4pm Mr Daniel called about a grave for a Mrs Elizabeth Carkeek aged 75 who died at Tregeseal on Christmas Day to be buried in No 31 2nd Row A section on Friday afternoon about 3 o’clock.

Dec 28th. Elizabeth Carkeek was buried as above at 3-20pm the Rev Boyden of of Pendeen officiating.

Dec 29th William Henry Roberts stopped me by the Church Schools to ask me to have a grave prepared for his late wife Caroline Roberts who died on Thursday morning last. I told him he might have given me earlier notice, but would do my best for him. Arranged for 3 o’clock on Monday afternoon at the Church. Fee paid at the time 7/6. The order for this grave was given to me at 11-10am

December 31st Caroline Roberts Aged 29 was buried in No 39 Grave space, Section A 2nd Row. a bitter afternoon, snow and hail funeral 40min after the time agreed on.

This finishes the year 1894.

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