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There are now buried in the HIGHER CHURCHYARD up to this date.
72 adults—77 children.

Credit Debit
£14. 3. 6. Ledger £4. 17. 6. Grave diggers
1.18. 6 Petty cash 2. 18. 8 Sundries as per petty cash
£16. 2. 0 Total Credit £7. 16. 2.
7.16. 2 total debit
8. 5.10 cash
2. 1. 6 Vicars Fees
6. 4. 4.
   13. 0 Clerks Fees
5.11. 4 Credit of Yard which was paid into Batten and Carnes Bank

January 1st 1895.


January 5th Elizabeth Rogers called at 9.5am requesting that a grave might be prepared for her grandchild Joseph Semmens Rogers aged 2 years. The funeral to be on Tuesday 3-30 afternoon at the Church.

January 8th Joseph Semmens Rogers was buried in No 16 grave, Section C southside Revd Brown officiated. Funeral very good time 4-20pm But very cold.

Jan 12th 10-30am William Trembath of Joppa called to order a grave be prepared for his late wife Eliza Jane Trembath aged 36. Grave 33. Section A 2nd Row.

Jan 14th 10-am John Thomas of Trevajean called and requested me to have a grave prepared for his late wife Nancy Thomas. Funeral will be at the Churchyard about 4pm. on Wednesday. Grave to be No 34. A Section. 2nd Row. 4-20pm Eliza Jane Trembath was buried in the Section and Grave as above. Mr Hooper officiating.

January 16th Nancy Thomas was buried at 4-20pm Mr Brown officiating for the Vicar. Grave and Section as above.

February 18th Mr Rowe came down at 10o’clock this morning to arrange for a grave for his daughter who died last night and we settled upon No 1 A Section 3rd Row at the foot of the grave of her cousin Elizabeth Rowe. funeral on Monday 11th at 4-15 pm at the Church. Feb Mary Maude Rowe age 26 years was buried in the grave above mentioned. Weds. Feb. 20th. 6pm Messrs. Oats of Sancreed. came to me in regard to the burial of their mother in the Oats vault, in the Churchyard. This Vault now contains their father, his first wife, a son, 2 married daughters, two or three children, and a leg of Oats which was taken off some years since, owing to an accident when young. I told them I was willing to meet them in every way I could, but I was not the only one in the matter, that the law said certain forms and rules must be attended to, that I could not settle the matter, but that we had better meet the vicar tomorrow and see what could be done. They then left me to go to the Vicar, and if the Vicar could not meet us tomorrow, one of the brothers would let me know first thing in the morning. About 1o’clock pm this being settled they left.

21st Feb. About noon Mr Oats called down to say that the Vicar would meet us in the Churchyard at 2-15 at which time I was there with my deputy and sounding bar. The location of the Vault was found by a slate lying flat on the ground with an in memorium to several members of the family. The bar was put in the ground and at about 2ft. from the surface the cap of the Vault was struck—on Mr Hoopers the work at this Vault was discussed, when we found that it must be a great many years since it was last opened and on condition that if on opening up the ground we found that former coffins were not separately entombed, that the work should be at once done. To this the Messrs. Oats agreed at first to save expense they wanted to cover over with wood, but this we would not sanction, so on Mr Brokensha arriving it was arranged that the top burden should be taken off the Vault and that nothing in the way of lifting the cap should be undertaken until I reached there at 9-30 tomorrow. we all then left the Churchyard.

Feb 22 was at the Churchyard at 9-15 by which time Joe had the capstones of Oats vault cleared we lifted the middle one a little and allowed foul air to escape and at 9-50 removed the centre stone—on doing which, what a sight of decayed coffins and bodies met out eyes, there bodies as they were interred, had evidently been placed on cross beams of wood, these in the course of years had given way.(43 years since the last interrment) and the whole of the remains, coffin and all lay at the bottom, a regular mass of bones, wood, metal handles etc. I immediately gave instructions for earth to be thrown over the bones, and dust, for there were no organic remains of any sort, and not the slightest smell perceptible, this was done for over a foot in depth. and levelled so that no one could see anything in the vault. or that there were any remains there. Mr Oats, Mr Brokesha and myself with the vicar arranged what was to be done, when we all left. Mr Oats for home, Mr Brokensha to Penzance for slates, slabs etc. Mr Brokensha’s man and Joe to the Foundry for iron bars for the support of the slates, and I for home. At 2-45 was up again at the Churchyard, saw the bars placed, and everything ready for the slabs and as Mr Brokensha had not returned from Penzance and nothing more could be done I left instructions for the top of the vault to be covered over until morning and at 4-o’clock left for home.

22nd [?] Was up at the vault at 10 o’clock this morning and found the remains covered down with slate slabs, the dividing wall for entombing Mrs Oats in course of being built, remained in Town until 12-30pm when everything necessary was completed except lime washing the sides which was to be directly after dinner. 4-15pm Funeral reached the Church at 4-35. Mrs Grace Oats aged 82 was buried in this vault and entombed as by Law directed, this leaving space for 3 more bodies before this vault is full. At 6pm everything was completed and I left for home.

Feb 25th 5-15pm poor old Nanny Casley breathed her last in our house, was taken for worse about 4-30 and on my reaching the house from Penzance at 5-o’clock I sent for Doctor and M.A. White, but before either came she had passed away. Sent for Joe Rowe and ordered her coffin to be here between 2 and 3 tomorrow, and funeral for Wednesday, he to warn all the bearers.

February 26th sent for for Joe Trevorrow to prepare a grave No 35 Second Row. A section.

February 27th Nanny Casley was buried as above at 4-45. Mr Hooper officiating a fair following of neighbours but only two relatives.

March 16th Mr Daniel of Newtown called to arrange for a grave for Mrs Rosina Rowe—aged 34 funeral for Tuesday 19th at about 4-30 Grave No 36 2nd Row Northside next to Nanny Casley.

March 19th Rosina Rowe was buried at 4-45 as above.

April 29th 2-30pm Mr Richards son of the square, came and bespoke a grave for the late Mr Thomas Bennetts of Bosavern, who died at their house this day. Arranged for his grave to be No 37, 2nd Row, Northside.

April 30th Richard Oats of Green Lane, bought a certificate from Dr Nesbitt re a still born child of his, sent him on to Joe Trevorrow who was digging Tommy Bennetts grave with instructions to remove the feotus and bury it in the usual place.

May 1st. Thomas Bennetts was buried in the above numbered grave at 5o’clock by the Rev Sharpe who took the duty for Mr Hooper who is in Northhampton.

May 6th 6-30pm Peter Thomas called to arrange for a grave for his father in law, old Will Eddy, we settled on no 38 2nd Row, Northside—the grave to be 9 feet deep so that old Mrs Eddy could be buried with him in the future. The funeral for Friday at 5o’clock.

May 10th 5-30pm William Eddy age 94 was buried as arranged.

May 21st pm Mr James Roberts, undertaker called to arrange for a grave for the infant child of Col. Maereight of Kenython. Kenidjack. Funeral for Thursday at 3pm in the Churchyard. Grave No 18 Row C Childrens section.

June 11th 2-40pm received notice to prepare a grave for the remains of Sarah Baker aged 84. Funeral for Friday afternoon time not specified. Parish funeral Grave no 39. A Section, 2nd Row.

June 13th 5-40pm Sarah Baker was buried as arranged.

July 19th 2-30pm was up in the Churchyard to see about headstone onto Wilmot Gibsons grave, No 14 A Section 1st Row, all finished completely by 5o’clock. Received 15/6 from Mr Gibson. should have been £1.1.0 more than that or £1 16. 6.

August 2nd. 7-30am Received notice to prepare a grave for James Hall age 41, commonly known as Farmer Hall, one of the escapees of Wheal Owles disaster, and who owing I suppose to fright had done nothing since, but has lived on what was given him at the time of the accident and the Miners Relief Fund in connection with. He will be buried in No 40 Grave A Section, second Row. Northside.

August 5th 1-10pm Received notice from James Andrews, Master of Madron Union, that a grave would be required for George Baker, aged 83 a pauper in that establishment. A very informal document, but set Joe to work to prepare a grave, No 2 A section 3rd row for noon tomorrow. 4-45pm James Hall was buried in grave as arranged Mr Townsend locum officiated.

Aug 6th noon George Baker was buried in above mentioned grave Mr T officiated.

August 23rd. 10-10am Received notice to have a grave prepared for Elizabeth Ann Nicholls aged 4 months. Grave no 19 Section C Southside. Childrens. Funeral 5 pm. Monday Next.

August 26th the above named was buried.

Sept 13th 10am Matthews called and ordered a grave for his child Mary Matthews aged 17 months. No 20 Section C Southside. to be ready for tomorrow afternoon at 4-00.

Sept 14th the child Mary Matthews was buried at 5o’clock in the above grave. Mr Hooper officiated.

Sept 20th John Gibson came at 10-am to request me to open the grave in which his first wife was buried on the 26th December 1891, On looking through book found that this grave was sunk to 9ft. and that I could do what he wished for the remains of his father which will be buried tomorrow soon after 5 o’clock Grave 14 Section A Southside.

Sept 21st 5-30pm Francis Gibson Jn. was buried as arranged he was 72 years of age. Mr Rogers of Sancreed officiated.

Oct 8th Mr Daly met me in the hill field and requested that a grave should be prepared for his child Florence May Daly, age 4 months. Funeral Thursday.

Oct 9th Mr. (Barber) Richards at 9-20am called to say that he would want a grave prepared for his sons child James Richards, age 4 years. I arranged that the child should be laid in No 24 D

Oct 10th 5-15pm funerals arrived well late, because some people reached the house late or the mournings had not come home.Very cold. Mr Hooper took both together. Richards child was laid as arranged. Daly’s no 21 Section C Childrens.

Oct 18th 11am Richard Stevens called to arrange for a grave for his infant son Richard Stevens age 2 months. Funeral for 4 o’clock Monday 21st. Grave no 22 Section C Childrens.

Oct 21st 4-30pm the above named child was buried as arranged Mr Hooper officiated.

Dec 24th 8-15am Rowe Eddy parish undertaker came to order a grave for Mary Williams who was found dead in her house on the 22nd. Wanted it for 4 o’clock this afternoon—had not seen the Vicar in the matter, but I told him pretty sharply that it could not be ready by this afternoon, and asked him why he had not spoken to me on the matter when I met him at 2pm yesterday afternoon when he knew at the time the grave would be required “oh! I had not seen the friends then”—I told him that was no excuse as he knew he would require the grave.

Dec 26th 4-30pm Mary Williams, aged 68 was buried in No 3 A Section 3rd Row. Mr Hooper and Mr Curtice officiated.

End of 1895

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