[YES] The Cornwall-Legacy publications are available from their own [Off Site] online catalogue (follow the links) for all that they sell but this page is provided as a convenient summary of those of interest to West Penwith researchers. They are very low cost and good value. They are also available via [Off Site] The Parish Chest with a rather better ordering system.

Note that some of these items are contained in the same publication, see the KEY below.

Publications available
Baptisms Marriages Burials
Abbey Street (Penzance) Methodist New Connection Chapel (5) [YES] 1881–1900
St. Buryan Wesleyan Chapel (4) [YES] 1890–1900
Chyangwheal Chapel (3) [YES] 1862–1900
Hayle Wesleyan Circuit—Wall Section [YES] 1862–1900
St. Ives Primitive Methodist Circuit [YES] 1832–1900
(now 2 vols)
St. Ives Wesleyan Circuit [YES] 1818–1900
(now 2 vols)
St. Ives Methodist New Connection Chapel (5 !) [YES] 1860–99
St. Just Bible Christian Circuit [YES] 1860–1900
St. Just Wesleyan Circuit (1) [YES] 1856–77
St. Just Wesleyan Chapel (1) [YES] 1849–64
St. Just Wesleyan Circuit (2) [YES] 1877–1900
St. Just Wesleyan Chapel (2) [YES] 1864–1900
St. Levan Wesleyan Chapel (4) [YES] 1875–1900
Ludgvan Wesleyan Chapel (3) [YES] 1855–1891
Madron Wesleyan Chapel (5) [YES] 1877–1900
Marazion Wesleyan Circuit [YES] 1841–1900
Newlyn Wesleyan Chapel (4) [YES] 1859–79
Penzance Bible Christian Circuit [YES] 1839–1900
Penzance Primitive Methodist Circuit [YES] 1844–1900
Penzance Wesleyan Methodist Circuit (5) [YES] 1837–76
Penzance United Methodist Free Church, Parade Street Chapel (4) [YES] 1866–1900 & 1885–1900
Trewellard Wesleyan Chapel (2) [YES] 1894–1900
Tregavara Wesleyan Chapel (5) [YES] 1892–1900
Wesley Rock Chapel (5) [YES] 1849–1900
Nonconformist records at the PRO before 1837
Quaker records 1609–1837
CDROM KEY (recent editions may be divided differently)
Number Title
(1) St. Just Wesleyan Circuit—Part 1
(2) St. Just Wesleyan Circuit—Part 2
(3) Lelant, Ludgvan, St. Erth Chapels
(4) Penzance Area Baptisms
(5) Penzance Wesleyan Circuit

Other publications