I can help with all resources marked [YES], copyright permitting.

The first three parts are a selection of books with a specific focus on West Penwith, now considerably expanded with help from James Downing [thanks]. Many of these can be found in Cornwall libraries under class number 942.375, see the [Off Site]Online Public Access Catalogue. The remaining two parts are a selection of books with a General Cornwall content but with a bias towards those of interest to the West Penwith researcher. Bill Trenwith has compiled an [Off Site]online surname index [Link Broken 2018] of some of these books which I have marked with [INDEX].

See also Maps, Gazetteers, Trade Directories, Archive CD Books, CFHS, CFS, and Cornwall-Legacy publications.

I do not sell books! The small prices at the end of some listings are there as a guide only. In an effort to improve my library (at modest cost) I am interested in obtaining copies of books marked [WANT]. Please contact me with details if you have these on offer.