I can help with all resources marked [YES], copyright permitting.

For a simple view of parishes, I refer you to my own online map (44K).

See also Bibliography, Gazetteers, Land Records and Aerial & Satellite Views.

I do not sell books! The small prices at the end of some listings are there as a guide only. In an effort to improve my library (at modest cost) I am interested in obtaining copies of books marked [WANT]. Please contact me with details if you have these on offer.

I also have an online Ordnance Survey map (200K). More information regarding this and other current and historical maps can be obtained from the [Off Site]Ordnance Survey.

Published maps of Cornwall have existed since the mid C16th. Good summaries (but much more than included on this page) are provided by

It would be impossible to produce a complete list, particularly of the various editions of the Ordnance Survey, but notable examples are, in date order

I can recommend [Off Site]Lesley Aitchison who has a good selection of maps of Cornwall available for sale by post via a monthly catalogue.

[Off Site]David Archer Maps has a good range of old Ordnance Survey maps available.

See [Off Site]MapPlanet.com for an interesting way to navigate the world.


As an aid to reading 1:25,000 Ordnance Survey maps I offer you this little invention. It consists of a 4cm x 4cm square divided into a 4mm grid printed onto clear plastic. It comes in the form of a downloadable GIF file. Save this as a file and print it onto an acetate intended for overhead projectors then cut it out and you are away. If you can’t print to acetate, then print to paper and get a copy shop to transfer it to acetate for you. the only requirement is that your printer must operate at 300DPI and be reasonably accurate in registration.

BEWARE—DON’T print it from your browser print button, it will come out much too large, save it to a file and use Paint Shop Pro or another gif editor.