The following is from [Pigot 1844] and must be read in the context of that date.



PENZANCE is a sea-port, corporate town, and chapelry, in the parish of Madron and hundred of Penwith, 282 miles from London and 109 from Exeter; situated on the north side of Mount’s Bay, in a part of the county remarkably beautiful. Penzance is one of the most thriving towns in Cornwall; its business is generally brisk, and the markets are well attended. Its maritime trade comprises the export of tin, in blocks, ingots and bars, to foreign countries—and coastwise of copper, tin, leather, &c. to London, Liverpool, Bristol and Wales; of oil to Ireland, and pilchards to the Mediterranean. It imports, from Saint Petersburgh, tallow, hemp and iron, and timber from Norway, Prussia and America; and coastwise, iron and coal from Wales—corn and flour from Norfolk, Sussex, Hampshire and London—salt and bale-goods from Liverpool—groceries, bale-goods, wines, spirits and porter, by regular traders, from London, Bristol and Plymouth. Nearly two-thirds of the tin furnished by the mines are exported from hence—it is, therefore, one of the coinage towns.

Certain privileges were conferred upon Penzance by Henry the Eighth, but the charter of incorporation was granted by James the First: this was superseded by the Municipal Act, passed in 1835, which vested the government of the borough in a mayor, six aldermen and eighteen councillors, and styled the corporate body ‘the mayor, aldermen and commonalty of the town of Penzance;’ the same act divided the town into two wards, and bestowed upon it a commission of the peace. For the recovery of sums under fifty pounds a court of requests, at which the mayor, assisted by the town clerk, presides, is held once a fortnight; and a hundred court, under the steward of the lord of the manor; also town sessions, on the Friday following the county sessions. At the top of East-street is the market-house, a spacious and handsome building, comprising the guildhall, the police-office, and a public museum. A dispensary for the relief of the indigent sick, the Royal Geological Society of Cornwall (established in 1813, with a valuable museum), a library, gentlemen’s subscription and commercial news-rooms, and many book clubs, are the principal public institutions here.

The parish church is at Madron: in Penzance is a chapel of ease under that parish, and places of worship for various religious denominations; also a public grammar school, and other schools upon the British & foreign and national plans. The late celebrated Sir Humphry Davy was a native of this place. Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday are the market days. The fairs are held on the Thursday next before Palm Sunday, the Thursday following Trinity Sunday, and the Thursday after Advent Sunday.—The chapelry of Penzance contained, in 1831, 6,563 inhabitants, and in 1811, 8,578. The population of Madron parish (exclusive of Penzance), at the last stated period, was 2,566.

Marazion and St. Michael’s Mount omitted.

Newlyn is a fishing village and parish in the hundred of PyderPenwith1, about two miles from Penzance; situated on the eastern shore of Mount’s Bay, from which are exported large quantities of pilchards, this place taking an active share in the fishery and the process of curing. There are two annual fairs held here; one on the first Tuesday in October and 8th November. The population of the parish, in 1831, was 1,218; and in 1811, 1,151.

1 This and other errors indicate that the editors had confused Newlyn here with Newlyn East.

POST OFFICE, Chapel-street, Penzance, Ellen Catherine Swain, Post Mistress.—Letters from London and various parts arrive every evening at six, and are despatched every morning at a quarter before seven.— Letters from the North, &c. arrive every morning at half-past eight, and are despatched every afternoon at half-past four.


Allen Miss Elizabeth, Marazion

Batten Benj. Pidwell, Esq. Chapel st

Batten Rev. Henry, M.A. Chapel st

Batten Mrs. Lydia, Alverton st

Beare Mr. William, Clarence st

Bedford Dell, Esq. Clarence place

Bedford John, Esq. Pendrea

Berryman Mr. —, Cornwall terrace

Birt Mrs Elizabeth, Cornwall terrace

Bishop Rev. John, Madron

Boase Miss Alice, 4 Clarence terrace

Boase Mrs. Ann, Alverton st

Boase Mr. John, Alverton st

Boase John J. H. Esq. Larriggan

Bodilly Mr. Ralph, Alverton st

Bolitho Edward, Esq. the Cliff

Bolitho Richd. Foster, Esq. the Cliff

Bolitho Thomas, Esq. Coombe

Bolitho Thomas, Esq. Alverton st

Bolitho Ths. S. Esq. Penalvearne Hse

Bolitho William, Esq. Pendrea

Borlase Samuel, Esq Castle Horneck

Branwell Mrs. Jane, Chapel st

Branwell Mrs. Mary, Regent square

Brickell Mrs. Mary, Cornwall terrace

Bridgman Mrs. Eliz. Cornwall terrace

Broad Mrs. Wellington place

Bromley Mr. John, North parade

Cambell Captain —, Treneere

Campbell Rev. William, Ludgvan

Carey Capt. Hy. R.N. Regent terrace

Carne Mrs. Ellen, Abbey st

Carne Joseph, Esq. Chapel st

Carne Wm. Thos. Esq. Clarence place

Childs Mr. John, Cornwall terrace

Cock Mr. Francis, North parade

Cock Mr. William, Penrose terrace

Cole Mrs. Catherine, Marazion

Conin Mr. Jacob, the Clif

Cornish Mr. Richard, Clarence terrace

Cornish William, Esq. Marazion

Coulson Thomas, Esq. Clarance st

Cumming Rev. William, Sancred

Curtis Mrs. Catherine, Park corner

Davies Capt. Richard Longland, R.N. Redinnick House

Davy Miss Catherine, East st

Drew Lieutenant —, Russia Cove

Edmonds Mr. Henry, Parade passage

Edwards Mrs. Wilmot, Clarence place

Ferris Richd. Jewell, Esq. Alverton st

Ferris Capt. Thos. R.N. Marine terr

Foxell Rev. John, New town

Giddy Miss Mary, North parade

Gluyas Mr. Oliver St. Michael’s Mount

Grenfell Pascoe, Esq. Gulval

Grenfell William, Esq. Marazion

Grenfell Capt. Wm. Regent terrace

Gurney Rev. Auburn, Paul

Gwennap Mr. John, Parade-Cottage

Hancock Charles, Esq. York House

Harris Mrs. Grace, Penrose terrace

Helley Rev. Thomas, Regent square

Hocking Mrs. Mary, 11 North parade

Hosking Mr. John, Marazion

Hosking Mr. Richard, Cornwall terr

Husband Jas. Esq. Alverton House

Jago Capt. Darell[?], R.A. Clarence st

James Mr. Francis, Alverton st

James the Misses, Marazion

John George, Esq. Chapel st

Johnson Rev. Dr. — Perran Uthnoe

Le Grice Rev. Charles Valentine, Terief House, Madron

Le Grice Day, Esq. Terief House, Madron

Lee Mrs. —, the Cliff

Lee Edwin, Esq. the Cliff

Long Mr. John, Alverton

Longlands the Misses, Clarence st

Luke the Misses, Clarence st

Luke Mr. John, East st

Marks Mr. Richard, Cornwall terr

Matthews Mr. John, Rosecadgel

Michell Mrs. Cath. Wellington terr

Miller Mr. John, Newlyn

Millett the Misses, Chapel st

Millett the Misses, 5 Clarence terr

Millett the Misses, Wellington terr

Millett Mrs. Jane, Chapel st

Mitchell Mrs. Cath. Wellington terr

Moore Rev. Charles, South parade

Moyle Mr. Hugh Mason, East st

New Rev. Charles, St. Mary’s terr

Nicholl miss Mary Ann, Chapel st

Oxenham Mr. Richd. Wellington ter

Pascoe Humphrey, Esq. Tregano

Pascoe Major —, North parade

Pascoe Miss Sarah, Alverton st

Pascoe Rev. Thomas, St. Hilary

Pascoe William, Esq. Tregemble

Paul Miss Mary, Wellington place

Paynter Lieut. Chas, R.N. Alverton st

Paynter John, Esq. Bookenna [Boskenna]

Peel Mrs. —, Alverton Cottage

Penneck Miss Francis, Chapel st

Penneck Rev. Henry, St. Michael’s ter

Pentreath Mr. Richd. Parade passage

Peters Rev. Michael Noel, Bellair Hse

Pidwell Miss Mary, East st

Pidwell Mr. Samuel, Alverton st

Pidwell Saml. jun. Esq. Morrab fields

Polkinghorne Mr. Gideon, regent sq

Pope Mr. Emanuel, Wellington place

Praed Admiral —, Acton Castle

Ratsey Capt. Thos R.N. Wellington pl

Richards John, Esq. Poltair

Richards Mr. John Regent square

Richards Mr. Robert, Alverton st

Roberts Mrs. Eleanor, North parade

Roberts Miss Elizabeth, North st

Roberts Mrs. Jane, Penrose terrace

Robinson Mr. Alexr. South parade

Robyns Miss Anne, Clarence st

Robyns Col. Jon, Clarence place

Rogers the Misses, Marazion

Rosewall Mrs. Jane, Regent square

Rowe Mr. John, Clarence terrace

Rumbell —, Esq. Treneer

St. Aubyn Mrs. Martha, Alverton st

Scobell John, Esq. Nancealverne

Sharp Capt. —, R.N. St. Mary’s terrace

Shuttleworth Rev. Edwd. Regent ter

Stone the Misses Clarence place

Symons Mr. John, Clarence st

Taylor Capt. William Norton, R.N. St. Clair Cottage

Tom Mr. Daniel, 5 Regent terrace

Townsend Rev. John H. Marazion

Tremewen Mrs. Elizabeth, Clarence st

Veale Mr. Peter, 2 North parade

Veale Mr. William, Wellington place

Veale Rev. William, Trevaylor

Vibert the Misses, East st

Vigurs John, Esq. Rosehill

Vigurs Thomas, Esq. Rosevean

Webber Mr. John, Clarence st

Wingfield Rev. William, Gulval


Not otherwise described are Day Schools. Marked thus * are Boarding and Day.

Ackerman Eliza & Mary, Chapel st

*Barnes Richard, Regent place

*Barwis John, Penare House

*Berryman Mary, Alverton st

*Blight Robert, Jordan House

ACADEMIES, &c.—Continued.

Bramwell Mary Ann and Amelia, Morrab place

British and Foreign School, Queen st

Charity School, Madron — Tobias Read, master

*Cox Lucinda, Clarence st

Grammar School, Queen st—Rev. Henry Batten, M.A. master

Jenkins Grace, Victoria place

*Millett Hannah, Marazion

National School, Abbey street—Edward Giddy Trembath, master; Sybela Henrietta Trembath, mistrss

National School, Madron—Ann Downing, mistress

O’Brien Patrick Joseph, East st

Tresider Elizabeth & Mary, East st

Trounson Francis, North st

Wesleyan School, (day), Chapel street—Alfred Gee, master


(See also Fire, &c. Office Agents.)

Blight William (mine) Marazion

Crouch Edward Anson (commission and mine) Chapel st

Francis Henry (mine) Goldsithney

Hocking John (mine) Marazion

King Henry (ship) Chapel st

Pearce Richard (to Lloyd’s, & to the assurance companies and underwriters in France and Belgium, and the Assurance Co.’s of Copenhagen and Gothenburg) Chapel st


Harvey Edward, Clarence st

Harvey James, North st

Rutger & Paulby (and surveyors) Marazion


Foss Thomas (portrait painter), Alverton street

Pentreath Richard Thomas (portrait and landscape painter), Clarence st


Marked thus * are masters extraordinary in chancery, and thus † commissioners for taking acknowledgements to deeds by married women.

Borlase Charles Bonython, Chapel st

Cornish William, Marazion

*†Edmonds Richard (and notary) Chapel st

Edmonds Richard, jun. Chapel st

*†John & Rodd (& notaries) Parade st

*Millett & Borlase, North parade

Millett John Fortescue, Chancery lane and Marazion

*Millett John Nicholas Richd. Princes st

*Pascoe James, 7 North parade

Paynter Francis, Clarence st

*Tippet Richard Edward (& notary) Marazion


Bellringer George, Alverton lane

Downing Benjamin, Morrab place

Edmonds Walter, jun. Park corner

Marrack Alexander, Regent terrace

Matthews William Davis, Chapel st

Merifield John Benny, Clarence st

Richards William, North parade

Rodd William Henry, Park Cottage

Stevens Vivian, Park corner


Ancell John, back of North parade

Bailey James, the Folly

Beare George, New st

Beckerleg Barzillai, Back lane

Drew Robert, Queen st

Easterbrook Nicholas, East st

Ellacott James, North st

George Richard, East st

Hampton Alexander, Chapel st

Hawke Thomas, North st

Honeychurch William, East st

Jilbert Jane, Leskinnick st

Kemble George, Marazion

Matthews Jane, Chapel st

May Ann, North st

Nicholls Henry, North st

Organ John2, East st

Roberts William, Newlyn

Smith James, Leskinnick st

Tredred Abraham, Leskinnick st

Tresidder James, Market place

Warne Robert, Newlyn

Warne William, North st

Warren Ralph, Newlyn

Williams Ann, North st

Williams John, Vondervor[?] lane


Batten, Carne & Carne (Penzance Bank), Chapel st — (draw on Sir J. W. Lubbock & Co. London)

Bolithos’, Sons & Co. (Mount’s Bay Bank), East st— (draw on Ransom & Co. London)

Ricketts, Enthoven[?], Turner, Mason & James (Union Bank), Chapel st— (draw on Glyn, Halifax & Co. London)

Savings’ Bank, Parade street—Dell Bedford, actuary


Jewell John, Chyandour

Kingston John, Newlyn

Kingston Thomas, East st

Moon Phillip, East st

Stevens James Kingston, Chyandour

Stevens John, East st

Trezise Thomas, North st


Badge John, Marazion

Bond Stephen, East st

Grose Henry, Quay

Grose Richard, Chyandour

Hitchings John, North st

Jeffery Anthony, North st

Jiggin John, Madron

Laity John, Marazion

Mitchell Thomas, Marazion

Noy Henry, Queen st

Pascoe Fernando, New st

Phillips John, Marazion

Roberts Thomas, Newlyn

Rodda James, Marazion

Rodda Samuel, Alverton st

Rowe & Son, Newlyn

Tonkin William, Newlyn

Trudgen Richard, Madron

Uter Nicholas, Park corner

White Nicholas, Chyandour


Edmonds Thomas, the Quay

Higgs Jonathan, Quay st

Jenkins Richard, Quay st


Marked thus * are also Printers.

*Beare Thomas, Market place

Lavin John (binder), Chapel st

*Paddy Edward, Chapel st

*Rowe Edward, Market place

*Thomas Charles, East st

Vibert Francis Treleaven, Market pl

Vibert John Pope (and circulating library), Market place

*Viner William, Queen square


Basset John, North st

Bramble John, Queen st

Bramble Martin, North st

Brown Elizabeth, East st

Denithorne William, Chyandour

Eddy John, Marazion

Foss Thomas, Quay st

Gendall James, North st

Gendall Richard, North st

Hosking John, Alverton st

Jennings James Reed, Alverton st

Ladner John, the Folly

Maddern John, North st

Martin William, North st

Matthews Thomas, Leskinnick st

Matthews William, East st

Olive Thomas, Newlyn

Pascoe Hodgson, Chapel st

Poole James, Parade st

Read Matthew, North st

Rendall Charles, the Quay

Reynolds Sampson, East st

Roberts Richard, Madron

Robinson, William, Quay st

Rodd William, North st

Rogers William, North st

Rowe John, Madron

Rowe Martin, East st

Thomas Stephen, Marazion

Trenwith Philip Watkins, Adelaide st

Trenwith Richard, Leskinnick place

Trenwith W. Parade st

Trenwith William, East st

Wallis James, North st

Watkins James, Queen st

Way William, Chyandour


Cornish Richard, Market place

Small Peggy & Sons, Market place

Stewart Thomas, North st


Jollow George, East street

Pentreath & Co. Back lane

Stephens James, East st

Woolf Thomas, East st


Crocker John (& undertaker), North parade

Hamilton John, Clarence st

Harvey Edward, Clarence st

Harvey James, North st

Laity John, Marazion

Vingoe Henry & Sons, Morrab place


Cock Solomon, North st

Denithorne James, John’s place

Dugdale John, the Market

Matthews James, the Market

Paul John, John’s place

Richards Peter, East st

Rodda Sampson, the Market

Rodda Thomas, Market place

Sampson Robert, the Market

Soman Benjamin, the Market

Sutherland Joseph, New st


(See also Carpenters, &c.)

Crocker Charles, East st

Crocker John (and paper-hanger), North parade

Fleming John Tad[?], East st

Hamlyn William (& carver), Parade st

Harvey Edward, Clarence st

Harvey James, North st

Kernick William S. (and furniture dealer), East st

Lugg Francis, Alverton st

Maiben William (& paper-hanger), Parade st

Rendle George, East st

Roberts Peter, East st

Simmons Moses Barnett (and carver and gilder), East st

Vingoe Henry & Sons, Morrab place


Marked thus * are also Cabinet Makers.

(See also the preceding list.)

Batten Francis, Madron

Betty Philemon, Madron

Chirgwin John, Newlyn

Curnow John, the Quay

Edmonds Thomas, North st

2 John Organ was great-grandfather to Sir Robert Menzies of Australia.

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