Ellis John, Regent place

*Hamilton John, Clarence st

Hoskings Alexander, Regent square

*Matthews Henry, Victoria place

Michell Richard, Marazion

*Pascoe Richard, Marazion

Pellew Thomas, Chyandour

Perkins John, Union st

Read George, North st

Roberts William, Marazion

Rodda William, Marazion

*Rowe Richard, North st

Semmens John, Quay st

Thomas William, Newlyn

*Wallis Josiph, Victoria place

*Wallis Thomas, Victoria place

*Weymouth William, Parade st

Williams John, East st

Williams Richard, New st

Williams Richard, East st


Coulson Richard & Co. Market place

Eva James (and paper hangings), Alverton street

Glasson John, East st


Blee Alfred, East st

Cockram John, Market place

Cornish & Co. Green market

Coulson John, Market place

Harvey John, North st

Harvey William, Market place

Hemmings William C. Market place

Hockin Joseph, Newlyn

Prockter John, Market place

Symons John (& tea dealer) Market pl


Arthur Peter, East st

McAllister John, East st

Nicholls John, North st

Oppenheim Samuel, East st

Selig Benjamin, North st

Simmons Phœbe, East st


Carbis John, Alverton st

Carvosso Samuel, East st, & at Truro

James John, Market place


Phillips Nicholas, Marine terrace

Stephens Thomas, East st

Tyacke William (and iron) Marazion


Dale John, Chapel st

George Richard, East st

Ellis Tabitha, Alverton st

Hampton Alexander, Chapel st

Hawke Nicholas Trevenen, Chapel st

Tresidder James, Market place


America, France, Prussia, Denmark, Brazils, Sweden, Spain, Hanover, Portugal, & Russia—Richard Pearce, Chapel st


Davy William & Sons, East st

Eathorne James (& turner), North st

Knight William (turner), Custom House lane

Stephens William May, East st

Williams John, Voudervor[?] lane


Branwell & Sons, Market pl

Bromley John Marshall, Green market

Coulson John, Market place

Crouch Edward Anson, Chapel st

Higgs Samuel & Son, Green market

Polkinghorne John, Green market

Stephens Thomas, East st


Cunnack John, East st

Edmonds Francis, New st

Lanyon Joseph James, Market place

Paul John, East st

Read John, North st

Sandrey William, Alverton st

Webb William, East st


Card Stephen, Chapel st

Nankervis Thomas, New st


Boney Caleb, East st

Grylls Henry, Norh st

Hallamore Alfred (and poulterer), Chapel st

Peters John, Queen st

Tregiga John, Alverton st

Warren Christian, Alverton st

Wedlock William, East st


Vibert Francis Treleaven (and lithographic printer), Market place


Levin Henry, East st

Vibert John Pope, Market place


Alliance, Richard Edmonds, jun. Chapel st, and Richard Wellington, Marazion

Clerical, Medical & General (life) Wm. Purchase, Park corner

County (fire) Provident (life) Walter Edwards, North parade

Economic (life) Charles Bonython Borlase, Chapel st

Globe, Benjamin Downing, Morrab place

Guardian, John Nicholas Richard Millett, Princes st

Imperial, John B. Merifield, Clarence st

London, James Broad, Clarence st

Norwich Union, Richard Cornish, Clarence terrace

Royal Exchange, Pascoe Grenfell, East st

Royal Farmers’ & Mutual Aid (cattle) P. J. O’Brian, East st

Royal Naval & Military (life), and Star (life) William G. Congdon, Marazion


Batten & Son, Penzance

Bolitho & Co. Penzance

Bullocke Joseph, Penzance

Carter William, Newlyn

Davy & Sons, Penzance

Leah Thomas, Newlyn

Tonkin Michael, Newlyn


Curnow John, Bollogus

Eddy Andrew, Marazion

Hodge —, Lerrigaso

Kneebone William, Newlyn

Lawrence William & Henry, Minnie[?]

Warren Henry, Newlyn


Bossance Benjamin, Alverton st

Hicks Wm. (& fellmongr2) Alverton st


(See also Shopkeepers, &c.)

Berriman Nicholas, Market place

Berryman Diana Jane, East st

Bodilly Thomas, Market place

Branwell & Sons, Market place

Bromley John Marshall (and tallow chandler), Green market

Cockram John, Market place

Cornish & Co. Green market

Coulson John, Market place

Davy Richard, East st

Edmonds Francis, Marazion

Glasson John, East st

Grigg James, Marazion

Harvey John, North st

Harvey Wm. (and tallow chandler), Market pl

Hawke Nicholas Trevenen, Chapel st

Higgs Samuel & Son. Green market

Higgs Samuel, jun. Market place

Hockin Joseph, Newlyn

Laity William, Marazion

Miller Peter, Marazion

Oliver Thomas, Adelaide st

Pascoe William, East st

Pengelly William, North st

Pentreath James, Market place

Phillips William, North st

Polkinghorne John, Green market

Rendle George, East st

Rendle Wm. Skinner, Market place

Tregarthen Ann, the Quay

Trehair Thomas, Newlyn

Trembath Margt. (& druggist) Marazion

Tresidder James, Market place

Vibert Chas. Matthew, Market place

Wellington William, Marazion


Hall Robert, Alverton st

May Edward, East st

Matthews William, Chapel st

Nicholls John, North st

Pascoe William, Parade st

Pearce Andrew, East st

Roberts Humphrey, Chapel st

Roberts William, East st

Praed James, Marazion

Williams James, East st


Cock William, Market place

Corin Jacob, East st

Eva John, Green market

Harley William Stopford, New London and Parisian Hat and Cap Manufactory, and Water-proof Coat and Umbrella Depot, Chapel street, corner of Princes st

Michell Wm. & Co. Market place

Thomas William, New st

Tregarthen James, Market place


(See also Taverns & Public Houses.)

Commercial Hotel (and posting), Thomas Treweeke, Marazion

Marazion Hotel, Geo Sealy, Marazion

Mount’s Bay and Western Hotel, Ann Down, Clarence st

Star, Thomas Pool, East st

Temperance Hotel, Edward Thomas, Princess st

Three Tuns (commercial & family), George Hemmings, Green market

Union Hotel (commercial & family), William Ball, Chapel st


Cornish Richard, Market place

Coulson Richard & Co. Market pl

James John, Market place

Lanyon Joseph James, Market place

Laity John, Marazion

Oates Richard, Marazion


Bowden Mary, Eliz. & Sarah, Marazion

Broad John, Market place

Coulson Thomas & William, Market place

Davy Edmd. & Henry, Green market

Dennis James, Green market

Dunning John, Market place

Flamank James, Market st

Job William Henry, Market place

John Sibella, Marazion

Michell William & Co. Market place

Laity William Thomas, Marazion

Walter Edwin, East st

York Samuel, Market place


Cundy William, Chapel st

Hill John, Alverton st

Pollard John, Queen st

Roberts Richard, Queen st


Batten John & Son, Coinage-hall st

Bolitho Thomas & Sons, Chyandour

Coulson Thomas, Clarence st

Davy William & Sons, East st

Gundry William, Marazion

Higgs Samuel & Son, Green market

Lean Thomas & Brother, Marazion


Coulson John, Tolcarne

Poole & Son, Nancothen Mills

Stephens James, East st


Ball Ellen, Chapel st

Bosnston[?] Hannah & Eliz. St. Mary’s terrace

Carbis Phillis, Alverton st

Charles Elizabeth, Chapel st

Cornish Jane, Quay st

George Sarah, East st

Grylls Mary Jane, North st

Hockings Mary Ann & Eliza, Chapel st

James Elizabeth, Chyandour

James Jane, Clarence st

Kinsman Ann, Chyandour

Paddy Emily, Clarence st

Perkins Elizabeth, Union st

Perrow Elizabeth & Grace, Alverton st

Sanderson Elizabeth, Mount st

Tomkin[Tonkin] Jane, Park corner

Tonkin Caroline Victoria, East st

Williams Mary, East st


Crocker Francis Hey, Victoria place

Marsh Henry, Alverton st

O’Brian Patrick Joseph, East st

Viner William, Queen square

Weaver Stephen, New st

Weaver Thomas, Alverton st


Penzance Gazette and West Cornwall Advertiser (Wednesday)—Edward Boase, proprietor, Chapel street


Ceely Henry, North st

Colenso John, Alverton st

Edmonds Walter, North parade

Edmonds Walter, jun. Park corner

Eva James (& paper-hanging warehouse, house decorator, grainer, & ornamental painter), Alverton st

Eva John, Green market

Hamlyn William Henry, Parade st

Kinsman Josiah, Chyandour

Lewin[?] John, Chyandour

Nicholas James Hawken, Quay st

Noy William, East st

Redman William, Alverton st

Richards Thomas, Green market

Scrivens James, East st

Uren John, Chapel st


Joseph Henry, Market st

Richards Joan, Green market


Montgomery James, North parade

Walker George, Clarence st

Willan Leonard Richd. 6 Regent terrace


Carter John, Newlyn

Carter Justinian, Newlyn

Osborne Henry, South place

Tonkin Philip, Newlyn

Tonkin Woodwarth, Newlyn

Richards Thomas, Marazion

Warren John, North st


Ash John Wilton, Green market & Marazion

Colenzo Samuel, Alverton st

Corin Richard, Market place

James John, Market place

Kneebone John, Parade st

Prowse Thomas, Market place

Trythall John, Alverton st


Chappell William, the Quay

Matthews William Davis, Dry Dock


Callenso John, Coinage-hall st

Johns Edward, Quay st

Matthews & Co. Dry Dock

Symons Robert, East st


at penzance.

Batten & Son, Chapel st

Boase William Henry, Newlyn

Broad James, Alverton st

Bryan William, Marine terrace

Bullock Joseph, Morrab place

Can Thomas & Brother, Marazion

Carne Joseph, Chapel st

Coulson Thos. & Wm. Market place

Davy William & Sons, East st

Bolbrook Alfred, Chapel st

Leah Thomas, Newlyn

Lean Thomas & Brother, Marazion

Matthews & Co. Penzance

Nicholas James, Regent square

Pasco William, Quay

Pentreath Benjamin, Marine terrace

Phillips Nicholas, Marine terrace

Purchase William, Park corner

Richards John, Regent square

Sutherland John, Alverton st

Tonkin William, Newlyn

Tonkin William Henry, Newlyn

Tresidder William, Adelaide st

Williams John, Regent square


Benny Henry, Marazion

Berryman Ann, Alverton st

Bridgman William, Chyandour

Carberry John, East st

Carpenter Thomas, Alverton st

Chirgwin Richard, the Folly

Cunnack Mary, East st

Curnow William Frederick, Quay st

Dale Margaret, North st

Daniel John, Queen st

Daniel John, North st

Dash Joseph, Leskinnick st

Davey Sally, Quay st

Ellis Mary Ann, Newlyn

Ellis Tabitha, Alverton st

Fitcher Mary, Chapel st

Friggins Humphrey, Chyandour

Hall William, Chyandour

Hancock Christian, North st

Hancock Mary, North st

Hocking John, Marazion

Hocking Richard, Marazion

Honeychurch John, East st

Jeffery Richard T. Marazion

Jose Benjamin, Adelaide st

Keegan John, Adelaide st

Keigwin Thomas, North st

Kelynack John, Brighton terrace

Kernick John, North st

Lanyon Richard, Alverton st

Martin William, North st

Matthews Mary, Quay st

Necervess[Nankervis] John Vingo, Chyandour

Oliver John, Marine terrace

Parkins Joseph, Mount st

Pascoe Elizabeth, Queen st

Perry John, Madron

Reynolds William, Marazion

Richards William, Madron

Roberts Thomas, Marazion

Semmens Peter, East st

Spargo Stephen, Marazion

Stevens James, Quay st

Stewart Thomas, North st

Thomas Theobald, Marazion

Thompson John, North st

Tonkin Elizabeth, Adelaide st

Tonkin William, Newlyn

Trythall Jon, North st

Veale John, Marazion

Wallis Thomas, Madron

Williams Sarah, North st

Winnan John, New st


(See also Wine & Spirit Merchants.)

Cock William, Market place

Pentreath & Co. Back lane

Richards Peter, the Quay

Stephens James, East st


Vibert Horner, Chapel st

Wallis Elizabeth, North st

Williams Harriet, Chapel st


Berryman Alexander, jun. (and statuary) Clarence st

Carbis Benjamin, Alverton st

Ellis Charles (& plasterer) North st

Gendell Thomas, Madron

James Melchisedec, Madron

Menneer Wm. (and statuary) New st

Mitchell John, Regent square

Morcomb Thomas (and plasterer) Clarence st

Perrow John (& plasterer) Alverton st

Richards William, East st

Rowe John, Regent square

Scott James, Victoria place

Teague Edward (& statuary) East st


Anthony Elizabeth, Queen st

Boyns Jane, Alverton st

Chappell Ann, Quay

Daniel Emily, Chapel st

Drew Rebecca, North st

Ede Elizabeth, East st

James Rebecca, Quay st

Maddison Elizabeth, Alverton st

Martin Jane Ann, Norh st

Pellew Selina, Chyandour

Richards Emma, Mount st

Thomas Caroline, Chapel st

Tippett Mary Ann, North st


Barnard Wm. Albert, 6 North parade

Cornish & Co. Green market

Magor Martin, 21 North parade


Berryman Arthur, Alverton st

Berryman Thomas, Clarence st

Boase Francis, 23 North parade

Congdon William G. Marazion

Couch Richard Quiller, Chapel st

Crozier Henry Acheson, Clarence st

Leah Charles, Newlyn

Leah Edward, East st

Millett John, Chapel st

Moyle Richard, East st

Pidwell Thomas, Chapel st

Thomas Richard, East st

Thompson Mitchell, Clarence st


Billen[?] James, Parade st

Bonner John Cobbett, North st

Childs John, Chapel st

Cook Samuel, East st

Cowley John, East st

Daniel James, East st

Gawn Richard, Alverton st

Hewett Richard, Alverton st

Jenkins John Lawrence, Marazion

Kingston William, East st

Matthews Richard, Queen st

Mitchell Robert Glasson, Marazion

Pascoe Francis, Alverton st

Pascoe William, Marazion

Paul William, North st

Richards Alexander, North st

Rogers Robert, Alverton st

Rogers William, Queen st

Rosewarn Robert, East st

Tonkin Enoch Job, East st

Treweeke Samuel, East st

Truscott John, Marazion

Wearne George, North st


Bolitho Thomas & Sons, Chyandour


Copper, Tin and Fish Tavern, Thomas Warren, Chyandour

Cornish Arms, Henry James, East st

Dolphin, William Pascoe, Quay

Dolphin, William Symons, Newlyn

Duke of Cumberland, John Pollard, North st

Farmers’ Arms, Anthony Jeffery, North st

Fire Engine, Richd. Bodilly, Green market

Fire Engine, James Gilbert, Marazion

Fisherman’s Arms, John Elliot, Newlyn

Fountain, William Wills, North st

Globe, Martin Williams, Chapel st

Golden Lion, Jane Pascoe, Market place

King’s Arms, Ths. Ninnis Rodda, Marazion

London Inn, William Rowe, North st

Navy Inn, John Tonkin, Newlyn

New Inn, Edward Stevens, the Quay

Prince of Wales, David Eddy Stevens, East st

Queen’s Head, Nicholas Pascoe, New st

Red Lion, Jane Carter, Newlyn

Seven Stars, William Hendy, Parade st

Ship, Nicholas Paul, Quay st

Ship & Castle, Samuel Morris, East st

Shoulder of Mutton, Thomas Richards, Alverton st

Star, George Downing, Newlyn

Star, Joseph Toll, Marazion

Three Tuns, William Tredren, Chyandour

Tolcarne Inn, John Adams, Tolcarne

Turk’s Head, Sarah Just, Chapel st

William IV, William Bone, Madron

Retailers of Beer.

Brewer Richard, North st

Fox Joseph, East st

Friggins Joseph, East st

Houlson Samuel, Queen st

Jollow George, East st

Rowe James, Quay st

Semmens John, Quay st

Tregiga John, Alverton st

Uren James, East st

Weaver Stephen, New st

Weaver Thomas, Alverton st


Harvey Arthur, Parade st

Phillips Nicholas, Marine terrace

Tyacke William (& iron), Marazion


Batten John & Son, Coinage-hall st

Bolitho Thomas & Sons, Chyandour


Rickard Henry, Chapel st


Arthur Peter, East st

Berringer John, Alverton st

Daniel Nicholas, Chapel st

Daniel Richard Thomas, Marazion

Harris Morris Hart, Chapel st

Kistler Matthew, North st

Michell Joseph, Parade st

Pascoe Hodgson, Chapel st

Selig Benjamin, North st

Shortman Samuel, East st

Vibert John Pope, Market place


Daniel John, Queen st

Nicholas Henry, Madron

Peak William, Tolcairne[Tolcarne]

Rickards William, Madron

Rowse George, Marazion

Woodcock James, East st


(See also Spirit Merchants.)

Allen William, North st

Davy William & Sons, East st

Woolf Lemon, East st


Harvey John (and leather dresser), East st

Winnan & George, Alverton


Ball Elizabeth, boarding house, Chapel st

Baths (Public), the Folly—Timothy Burt, proprietor

Colliver Michael, lime burner, the Quay

Congdon William G, registrar of births and deaths, Marazion

Depository of the Society for Promoting Christian Knowledge, Chapel st—Jane Martin, depositary

Edmonds Mary, fur and cloth cap maker, North street

Fagan James Maiden, tea dealer, Adelaide st

Fox John, nursery and seedsman, Rosevale nursery

Gas Works, East st—John Pope Vibert, manager

Geological Society, North parade—Joseph Carne, treasurer

Harbour Master’s Office, the Quay—Thomas Pengelly, master

Harvey Mary, Berlin warehouse and toy dealer, East street

Hick William, tawer3, Alverton terrace

Hosking John, woollen manfr. Alverton st

Lavin John, mineralogist, Chapel st

Maiben William, paper hanger, Parade st

Penzance Library, Chapel st—John Farrant, librarian

Public Dispensary, Chapel st—Jane Eva, matron

Purchase William, inspector of weights and measures, Park corner

Religious Tract Depository, Clarence st—Elizabeth Hill, depositary

Reynolds Henry, bacon factor, East st

Richard Peter, marine store dealer, Quay

Roscorla John, coroner for the borough, North parade

Spry William, earthenware manufacturer, Cornwall terrace

Stamp Office, Marazion—Richd. Wellington, sub-distributer

Sutherland Alexander, inspector of the fisheries, Morrab place

Town Prison, North street—Meredith Bevan, governor

Union Workhouse, Madron—John Roberts, governor

Williams Martin, relieving officer, Cornwall terrace


To EXETER, the Royal North Mail, every evening at four: goes thro’ Truro, St. Columb, &c.—and the London Royal Mail, every morning, through Bodmin.

To HAYLE and TRURO, the Cornubian Omnibus, from the Union Hotel, three times a day — and the Royal Standard Omnibus, from the Market place, daily.

To ST. JUST, the Traveller, Botallic and Sovereign Omnibuses, from the Fire Engine Tavern, daily.


To CAMBORNE and HAYLE, — Bennett, daily,

To FALMOUTH, — Uren, daily.

To HAYLE, — Hitchings, from Jennings lane, daily; and — Mildrew, and — Bryant, every Thursday.

To HELSTON, — Mitchell’s Vans.

To ST. BURYAN and LENNENSENNEN, — Wallis, from the Fire Engine Tavern, every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday.

To ST. IVES and LELANT, Morris and Major, daily.

To TRURO, — Fidock, every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, through Hayle and Redruth.


To LONDON, the Zith, the Racer, the Harold, the Joseph Carne, the Amity, and the Penwith, sail once a week, to Carpenter Smith’s wharf, London—James Rosewall, Regent terrace, agent.

To BRISTOL, the One and All, once a month.

To PLYMOUTH, the Plymouth Packet, the Perseverance, and the Betsy, once a fortnight.

2 Fellmonger—A remover of hair or wool from hides in leather making. Dealer in hides and skins esp. sheep.

3 Tawer—one who makes hides into leather without using tannin.

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